PM Browne to residents: Allow more immigrants in, or have more babies


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  1. Yes, more babies is the answer. Promote marriage and strong family life with a mother and father in the home. This is essential. Values and morals must be taught and promoted, and respected. God will bless Antigua.

  2. Avatar photo Give automatic permanent residence cards to masters/doctrate degree holders from top 100 global universities!

    I used to strongly support PM Browne, but I think the guy is going a bit nuts on this topic (although I do still support him). The national population of Antigua and Barbuda has increased by 10% since 2010 via official statistics, that is massive population growth already! Unfortunately, most of this growth is coming from criminals immigrating to Antigua from Jamaica, Haiti, and DR via CARICOM rules – everybody knows this!

    How about attract highly-educated persons to immigrate to Antigua from the entire world? Why is there this focus by PM Browne to only attract immigrants from Jamaica, Haiti and DR? Seems weird.

    Antigua citizens are having enough babies, but they are being overrun by CARICOM immigrants. UAE/Dubai and Singapore have many great programs to attract diverse, well behaved, intelligent, and wealthy immigrants from the world – why can’t Antigua just copy those immigration programs? If we need more people, then let’s get the world’s best.

    Nowadays, the smart countries in the world are creating fast-track automatic immigration programs to attract people who have masters and doctorate degrees from Harvard, Oxford, and Cambridge (top 100 universities). Yet in Antigua, PM Browne’s idea is to ‘fast-track’ lowly educated persons from Jamaica, DR, and Haiti (many of whom are criminals).

    Anyways, I still like PM Browne but I wish he could see beyond CARICOM (and withdraw Antigua from CARICOM). I wish he could focus more on OECS immigrants, as our fellow OECS folks integrate well into Antigua.

    In summary, I wish our PM could open Antigua immigration to the smartest and most well educated potential immigrants in the world, regardless of their race or geography.

    • All valid points sir / madam.

      I don’t think it is as simple as you say, however. As Elon Musk said “ I hate when people confuse education with intelligence, you can have a bachelor’s degree and still be an idiot”.

      There must be experience interwound with educational baselines.

      Secondly, you can’t compare Antigua to Singapore / UAE. The wealth of these nations is immense and they can afford to offer such programmes. Antigua must internalise as quite simply they can’t afford to be looking to other counties for the personnel to do so. Even if this did happen, what a grave shame it would be, Antigua is all about being a child of the soil and championing that – having senior roles taken up almost completely by foreigners would spoil the soup.

      Lastly, with regard to Jamaicans / Haitians being ‘prioritised’ to come to Antigua. This is just because they’re cheap labour to stimulate bottom end growth and keep the economy flowing. If they didn’t exist who would do the low end labour / construction etc? Antiguans don’t seem to want to get ‘stuck in’ which explains how the shortfall is made up. Did you ever read about the road project on Friars road? Between 2018-2019 not ONE Antiguan was employed in the workforce!

    • The Prime Minister said immigrants he never said from Jamaica, Haiti or Dr. And why they have to be criminals so no where else commit crimes? Have you ever went to court and ask ever person that committed crimes and are being charged where are they from and what are there education back ground like huh???

      The last time I check ANYONE who holds a degree or not can commit crimes so stop being naive

    • Ok Karen, u talk like a karen. You just mad because immigrants coming to your country and doing the jobs the locals don’t want to do and live better then you in your own country, starting businesses in your country, you are welcome btw…

  3. Wait this man going crazy.He always talking foolishness.Our health care system, our education system, and we cant even get water to bathe.Why does he want more people in this country.I am hungry.Where is my stimulus .Gaston you donot help people so stop asking for the population to be increased.Look around Antigua you see poverty.Your best bet is to give your wife a hundred babies.Remember you told the world , how your young wife has so much assets for her age..

    • Go look work fa do talking bout stimutus. Free money you looking? Go find work to do. Lazy minded fool

      • Thats how you describing US and St. Kitts etc. Their governments found some stimulus.

        Not a matter of laziness. It is a matter of compassion and empathy.

        • Give a man a fish and you’ll feed him for one day. Teach him how to fish and you’ll feed him for life.
          You choose which one is better

      • How is this man being lazy? You need to open your eyes and see what’s happenig around you stop calling people names …

  4. More babies with who? Certainly not them lying, cheating, whoring, knuckling, abusive, waste men in Antigua.

  5. “Utter Madness”

    This fool is the biggest retard in the WI. The last thing Antigua needs is more immigrants. We have a bloated civil service where over 50% of the government workers are not needed and the private sector is stagnant and dying a slow death. Why would we want to import more uneducated low-class foreigners into the country? Utter madness!

  6. The PM don’t have to say Guyana, Jamaica or Haiti & Dr. but those are where the largest influx of immigrants are coming from into Antigua. The PM is looking cheaper labor to help build the country infrastructure because the natives are too expensive to employ. He don’t care if they bring their culture with them and diminished our culture once their labor is cheaper that’s all he cares about.

  7. The people coming into Antigua from other Caribbean countries are neither middle class or highly educated for the most part. Middle class and highly educated people are not leaving big Jamaica or their country to come to little Antigua. Where are these people going to live when they come to Antigua? The ghettos are bursting at the seams. There was a non national a few weeks ago saying that she makes $300 a week and has 3 children to support. How can she live?
    Antiguans graduating from school can’t even find jobs.
    Yes Gaston encourage more criminals, low class, uneducated beggars to come because they will run behind him and the other politicians for handouts, and election time they will vote to keep labour in power so they can continue the beginning. While the country is overrun with crime.
    Why are no other Caribbean countries begging for immigrants?

    • Give her max ten years. She rich. Are you say she pretty. See if she na move on from the old goat.

  8. Well my fellow anntiguns we all know that we have put a 100% jackass to run this country so y r we always so surprised about what comes out of that asses mouth? Gaston brown is a educated fool and a world ass as we all know stop being surprised about all the shit he spits out for a living….

  9. Mr. PM you embarrass me more and more daily. As an Antiguan I wonder what stimulates you. I remember the marshmallow over Social Security made a similar comment that the men here need to become village rams. Your own people is your greatest asset, so rather than entertaining more foreign personnel who work here but send their monies back to their birth countries, maybe you should be trying to encourage Antiguans living abroad to return home. That way the salaries and wages would be circulating, rather than have the foreign exchange come on through tourism but go roght back out. You declare to be so bright but……………

  10. Wake up people. This is the kind of shit you want to represent you and our nation?

    Gaston Browne and his septic tank gang only practice creative self enrichment while making us his personal financial slaves. This is the kind of shit that spews from his mouth but I am not surprised at all.

    All of them need to be removed from office and be brought to justice.

    All of the people in high positions need to be brought to justice for Nigel Christian. Their hands are dirty, that includes Telemaque. He found out the truth behind the “forged” signatures and for that, he was murdered. Notice the fat ugly Cutie Benjamin had nothing to say about any of that nor the Mehul Choksi debacle. That’s because Gaston Browne tells him when to speak and what to say. Gaston Browne is an international criminal that needs to be brought to justice. I wonder how much more banging up Maria will take from him.

    And to no surprise, his dingleberried lips ass kissing surfs back him all the way. When Gaston Browne and the rest of the septic tank gang are removed from office, their lips will dry out and drop off.

  11. Gaston Browne, you speak about people as if they were commodities.
    No Mr. PM, people are from God. If they are less then you would like, it is because you have never taken the time to lift them up. You do realize that is your responsibility?

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