PM Browne to address Investment Migration Forum in Geneva and hold bilateral meetings in Moscow


Prime Minister the Hon. Gaston Browne is today in Geneva, Switzerland where he delivered the feature address atthe Investment Migration Council Forum (IMC) where he outlined that his government has embarked on a number of economic diversification programmes that will make the country’s economy more resilient and further enhance growth prospects.

The IMC is the worldwide association for investor immigration and citizenship-by-investment, bringing together the leading stakeholders in the field and giving the industry a voice. The IMC sets the standards on a global level and interacts with other professional associations, governments and international organisations in relation to investment migration. The IMC helps to improve public understanding of the issues faced by clients and governments in this area and promotes education and high professional standards among its members.

“Our government has created the environment for technology, business and entrepreneurship to flourish in a well regulated environment.  This bold and strategically innovative approach resulted in our country’s  transition to the investor immigration, (CIP) program.  We have decriminalized the possession and use of cannabis and have also legalized the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes.  There are significant investment opportunities available in this emerging  cannabis industry under the CIP business option.  We have drafted legislation and regulations to govern a few emerging industries and are only a few weeks away from completing the legislative framework, for block chain technology, digital and crypto currencies, real estate investment trusts and non-embryonic stem cell therapy,” the Prime Minister stated.

He outlined that the first stem cell treatment facility has been established and will open within the next 30 days on Friars Hill Road in Antigua.  He also said that the government will facilitate the establishment of a digital currency exchange, with all secondary trades purchased using fiat currencies later this year.

“We have recently inaugurated an innovation center to facilitate the development of science and technology, especially information communication technologies.  A number of international businesses are operating in the park, brining cutting edge technology to our shores and the manufacture of globally competitive export products, including drones,” the country’s leader pointed out.

In September of this year, the government will establish the fourth landed campus of the University of the West Indies, at Five Islands in Antigua, which it says is a critical component of the country’s business ecosystem.

“This university is being established to facilitate the human resource development of our people, to include the citizens and residents of the other OECS countries, our resident CIP citizens and their children,” PM Browne stated.

Prime Minister Browne also outlined that during the last five years, Antigua and Barbuda’s economy has been among the fastest growing in the Western Hemisphere, with an average annual growth rate of five percent per annum, and a per capita income that ranks among the highest in the hemisphere.

“Notwithstanding the small size of our nation, we  refuse to be  products of circumstances but, instead continue to be products of bold, innovative and strategic decisions, in our pursuit of transforming Antigua & Barbuda into an economic powerhouse in the Caribbean,” PM Browne concluded.

During today’s session Prime Minister Browne also held meetings with the CEO of the Investment Migration Council, Bruno L’ecuyer and participated in a panel discussion on the importance of Robust Due Diligence in the Investment Migration industry.

Ambassador Colin Murdoch, who is accompanying Prime Minister Browne on his visit to Geneva, also participated in two panel discussions on the current state of play in the Caribbean jurisdictions and shaping the future of residence and citizenship by investment.

On Thursday, Prime Minister Browne will travel to Moscow where he will participate in a Latin America-Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) Non-protectionist and restrictions-free interregional cooperation forum, attend a reception hosted by the Governor of St. Petersburg  and hold discussions with Russian government officials on visa-free arrangements.

Prime Minister Browne returns to Antigua and Barbuda over the weekend.

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  1. By well regulated business environment does the PM mean confiscating assigned 850 spectrum allocation from Telecoms service providers, compulsory acquisition of private financial institutions or refusing to issue vesting orders unless private banks sell their assets to local interests.

    Potential investors needs to know also that they need to bring their electricity and water with them and a helicopter to get around Antigua.

    Lawd help us.

    • It is amazing to me that you would find anything negative in PM Browne’s pro-Antigua speech. In any case, PM Browne’s party has a super-majority in Parliament because the Antigua and Barbuda people voted for him; he has a complete mandate. And yes, the telecom companies and banks in Antigua have been screwing the country for decades and PM Browne is finally putting a stop to it.

      • You think he doesn’t know that? He just cannot hide his bitterness. Just have to pray for him, that one day he will be set free. Cause the bitterness will eventually cause his death

  2. You are a real sad and pathetic case. Your bitterness doesn’t allow you to give the man his praise when it is due. It is not everyone that get selected to deliver the feature address at an international forum like this. Who is this man from which country is he coming from? And what is it that he has to say to us? What is his qualification? What is his title? Is he a professor at some university? All these questions and more the people will be asking. And we know our PM will deliver and we know now that he has delivered. But like the saying goes a king gets no honor in his own country. Meanwhile he keeps on making our country proud.

  3. Seriously people, we should be very proud to have PM Browne. In just one speech, he touched on all the things that will help Antigua continue to be a cool country in 2019 and beyond, for example:

    1. New stem cell facility for medical treatment – this is likely one of the first in the Caribbean.
    2. Legalized cannabis and decriminalization of cannabis – and focus on welcoming business in the sector.
    3. Being proud of our CIP program and the way it welcomes new quality immigrants to make a new life here.
    4. Cryptocurrency legislation and framework for digital exchanges in crypto – awesome idea.
    5. Focusing on opening a real doctoral-level granting university campus in our nation – the time has come.
    6. Letting other countries know that even though Antigua is a small-nation, we will not be bullied, ever.
    7. Focusing on getting a visa-free travel agreement with Russia, which would be great for all Antiguans.

  4. Still a third world country,high tech my Ass
    You have no infra structure ( WATER, ELECTRIC, ROADS )
    The roads in Antigua are the worst I have seen in the islands
    The only time they were worked on was when the new 5 star hotel
    That paid PM a lot of pocket MONEY
    Worst paving job I have ever seen.

    • Careful your own negativity doesn’t affect your health. You must be a joy to be around….said no one ever!

  5. Hes gone out selling green manure again to those who think they will be growing big fat pumpkins on the citizens backs.

  6. Oh Mr. PM…..those who do not like you/the party you lead will always have negative response to your policies and planning EVEN if they have to bad talk our little bit of Paradise. Most Antiguan’s and some Barbudan’s are proud of your delivery on the international/global stage which is always well received by your peers. Talk you peace!

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