PM Browne Threatens To Have Trevor Walker Jailed If He Interferes With The PLH Project

PM Gaston Browne and Barbuda MP Trevor Walker

Prime Minister Gaston Browne has made threats against Barbuda Member of Parliament, Trevor Walker, and the Barbuda Council warning them against interfering with the Peace Love and Happiness (PLH) project.

“If it’s one time a government is going to put its foot down and to deal with them when they break the law, it is this time around, and my word is my bond. I don’t want anybody coming to me to beg no pardon.

“If Trevor Walker and them continue to break the law over there, is jail they going. Because, at the end of the day we are gonna insist that the police must do their work, and when they bring charges and they are found guilty, they will end up in jail,” he remarked.

Recently, the Council confirmed its intention to file an injunction against the group.

Also two weeks ago, Barbuda Council Secretary, Paul Nedd, was arrested for obstructing a police officer by blocking passage to a public road with a motor vehicle.

He was also charged with disorderly conduct at the project’s Palmetto Point site.

Browne added that he is willing to take the matter to parliament to have legislative changes.

“And if we have to go to parliament to change the law to facilitate the project, we will do so,” he stated.

The multimillion-dollar project has been severely criticised by residents of Barbuda who are concerned about the environmental impact that the project will have on the area but according to Browne it will be the saving grace of Antigua’s economy.

Browne predicted that without PLH and other investors, it would take about four years for the country to recover.

“But if indeed we are able to attract and implement those investments, then potentially, we can reduce the time to maybe 18 months,” he revealed.

The Prime Minister also disclosed that the country’s debt to Gross Domestic Product (GDP) ratio is expected to increase to 110 percent.





  1. Gaston now has the power to decide who goes to jail? I thought that was the remit of the Police and the courts? So, Gaston is saying he will order the police to jail Trevor? Only dictators with puppet Police have the power to do that. Seems that Gaston wants that type of Police Force and court system. One that bends to his dictates. Is that where we are in Antigua now?

    • He said he would ask the police to do their work…. Read and represent exactly what people say… You and your Observer Radio attitude should stay over there….

  2. I’m feeling really happy that the P M is Standing firm with these Barbudans, they are most ungrateful bunch of Lazy people, always want to be on free ride and always want to stop any project on Barbuda,, well it’s Over, like the PM said you break the LAW you go to Jail , when people break the law anywhere in this world they go to jail,the Majority is supporting you Mr P M

  3. Antigua, WAKE UP!! You already have a dictator that styles his appearance on another dictator. Once Antigua and Barbuda has sold its soul and land to big business in the short term, it is nearly impossible to recover long term, from the negative impacts.

    I am not political, but Gaston Browne and his associates are like thieves in the night. They are stealing what little wealth Antigua has from the young ones who would stand to benefit. THEY ARE STEALING ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA’S FUTURE.

    • If Antiguans looking for a job in their own country What’s so wrong with that? What are you looking for? You Upp bunch of theives, Antiguans don’t want guys so you. Go around with a bunch of lies thinking that Antiguans would shake, Just make out with your half of seat until we come next election 2023

  4. Politicians have been playing with each other for too long while some citizens curse and fight each other in the mean you guys are just fighting to see who has/can gain more wealth than the other. Two multi millionaires fighting to see who have the last say of what goes on in Barbuda. Why not put them in the ring with boxing gloves “no holds bared” knock out match…..who ever wins control what goes on in our sister island.

  5. The People of Barbuda not afraid to raise they voice for compassion against injustice and lying and GREED.

  6. Careful, Gaston. You are sounding very desperate. That could make you say things on your radio station that, when you listen back, you would wish you never said. ONe little aside: you cannot, or you SHOULD NOT order the police to put people in jail. This sounds like confirmation of what some people have been thinking for a long time. The mouth-stache is a dead giveaway.
    I have a suggestion. Why not ask the investor for another tranche to encourage you to lean a bit harder on the Barbudans? Can’t guarantee anything because the Barbudans are cornered and might come out swinging, jail or no jail.
    BTW, will you resign for real? I need to see this in writing before I join the fight.

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