PM Browne: Teachers remain the most significant contributors to our society

Digital photo compliments Office of the Prime Minister

Browne: Teachers have always been our heroes and heroines. However, during the COVID-19 pandemic, teachers have gone above and beyond to ensure that the education of our children is not hampered.


Teachers remain the most significant contributors to our society. Your tutelage, mentorship, instruction and inspiration have guided us to be the resilient, creative and hardworking adult citizens we are today.


Your hard work and efforts displayed during the pandemic show your dedication to and passion for education.


Teachers, we thank you. We cherish you. We are grateful to you and we are here for you.

Happy International Teachers Day!

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  1. Oh please! Actions speak louder than words. Teachers are out there at risk daily and being exposed to a whole cross section of students from many different households. There is no COVID protocol for teachers and students who may be exposed. Cleaners are not getting sufficient supplies to clean up classrooms as often as COVID dictates. Teachers salaries do not match the work and demands of the job. Teachers have not gotten any special deals on internet service, but they are still expected to engage in online Sessions and post work for students. Remuneration takes forever to come and teachers are like dogs to get an upgrade. I will just stop there.

  2. Well said Prime minister Gaston Browne,

    Antigua, you are fortunate to have a leader that respects teachers.

    Here in the UK, our so called leaders – including Boris Johnson – has shown time and time again, his dislike for our commitment and dedication to our profession and our pupils.

    We’ve seen pay cuts, union bashing, longer hours (due to breakfast and after-school clubs); and in addition, qualified staff being replaced by unqualified ones to save money to the detriment to the future of our children and long term to the country; and worst of all, bad behaviour is continually rewarded with drinks, sweets, biscuits etc …, just to keep the peace in our classrooms.

    This is one of the reasons why our youths are now so out of control … THEY DON’T KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN RIGHT AND WRONG ANYMORE!!!

  3. Well said my P.M. I am just wondering why it is so darn hard for some teachers to get a scholardhip from the B.O.E. especially after applying several times. Why should the M.O.E. call and tell you that you got the scholarship and then nothing really came through. “Teachers remain the most significant contributors to our society.” I really believe this…and teachers make all other professions possible

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