PM Browne: Serpent is sick physically and mentally


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  1. PM Brown is so insipid. I can’t imagine he could be saying what he is saying. Well sah, politics is not for everyone

  2. most of you politicians can’t get it up so the pills you’re taking affecting your brains! all a you crazy😆

  3. Have you looked at yourself in the mirror lately DAWG? Looks like it hurts to smile from the photo I saw with Clive Lloyd. Reminds me of the book,”A Picture of Dorian Grey.” His face reflecting the evil he perpetrated.
    Don’t forget sir, we know what Risperdal is for. Sad really that a PM can stoop this low, but what do we expect? A man can only be what he truly is

  4. Not even TWO weeks pass when Prime Minister Gaston Browne said he was going to stop denigrating people; and here we have this NASTY vindictive man reverting back to his antagonistic and pugnacious self.

    I commented at the time that I didn’t believe him and said “can a leopard 🐆 change their spots?”


    Antigua & Barbuda deserves better than this


    When Serpent, Knight and UPP Operatives call for the demise of Sir Robin and call Hon. Gaston Browne mother crazy was that OK ? BRIXTONIAN , you are a DAMN HYPOCRITE. Hon. Gaston Browne you are correct. Call Them out.

  6. Gaston Browne,I do hope no illnesses at all comes your way and that of your family members.Reminder,when you all spit into the air it would fall back into your faces.In order to eat that PIG MEAT,one would have to cook it with papaya,to soften it. It is so old and tough.LOL. Welcome to PIG MEAT CITY,BILTMORE HOTEL NIGHT WORKER.

  7. No one should make fun of anyone’s illness. Whether it is coming from UPP members or ABLP members , it is wrong and unfortunate. No one intentionally brings sickness on themselves and nobody, I mean nobody should use anyone’s sickness as a talking point. We all need to stop this nonesense once and for all.

  8. Come on @Giles! You have to be Gaston Browne,the pathological liar. They say you can’t teach a DAWG new tricks and the one here sings the same tired old tune. UPP operatives, blame UPP, after ten years. Just a pathetic excuse for a man.
    Never have I heard Knight or Serpent wish Pussy Salad anything but the best,so you’re the dirty liar you’ve perfected.
    The plot thickness Gasssy. Your days are numbered. You’ve been weighed in the balance and found wanting and when you’re resigned to a normal citizen, we’ll see where your wealth came from.

  9. @ GILES, please stop the WHATABOUTERY and stick to who is the main protagonist, which is Gaston Browne.

    He’s the Prime Minister and should know better and act like someone who leads instead ridicule. Time and time again he resorts to juvenile behaviour.

    His character is base and uncouth, and is not beholding of such High Office; and I cannot imagine for one moment that the Prime Minister of Barbados 🇧🇧 would conduct herself in the same disingenuous manner towards her former political colleagues or opponents.

    But then again, I’m not really surprised that you enjoy his bad behaviour GILES. Tarl!

  10. Feel free to believe your lies and misinformation. No one was ridiculing Serpent or anyone in the UPP over any illness. Sickness does not discriminate.

    To the contrary, we were ridiculing members of the UPP including Serpent, who has heart and other diseases over their insensitive wish for the demise of Sir Robin to force a bi-election in St Phillips North. I went on to say that despite Serpent’s publicly known health conditions, we wish him no ill. To the contrary, we wish him the best of health. We do not need to pray for his demise to depose him at the next general elections.

    Some of the bloggers on this site are evidently part of the UPP clown show. Consequently, I seldom participate in their circus by responding.

  11. Time is always longer than rope Werl Boss!! Today is whomever you cuss and tomorrow ah you!!! Gwarn wid ya choopitniss, time soon come for you or someone so close to you that you will sit and wonder wha really happen. God nuh sleep!

  12. It’s wrong to ever mock Gaston mother over health mentally or anyone physical health as Gaston is also doing, I don’t believe in identity politics, oh boy those white handlers just be probably laughing over fine wine as black people cut each others throats to come serve them, whether by giving them land in Barbuda with buffer zone and on and on, the upp and ALP have to see beyond this Westminster politics which is a functionary of white hegemony, there white people we fight to have do something here for us as if we don’t possess the brains or that the resources are not tangible to us, it’s like only the white man can unlock the wealth of our white sandy beach and do to us what they think is ordained, that wealth must be accrue from black labor. It need some new young brains because these old one are colonized.

  13. @Gaston Browne. For all of us who you heartlessly send home without pay for refusing to take the vaccine, we are still alive and in good health. Had we taken the vaccine, woe would have been to most of us. We did the right thing because so many people who took the vax were affected healthwise and some died so kindly show us that you still have a heart and give us back our 2 months salary.

  14. If you can’t handle the heat, get you arse out the kitchen.
    This is politics and it can be very nasty especially if you carry personal feelings easily and yes the truth hurts too. Bottom line, if you a likkle chicken Sh*t then leave politics alone.

  15. Well, well, well, even Prime Minister Browne responds to Brixtonian!

    For balance, all I ask is that fellow ANR readers read what I have said, and then read Gaston Browne’s reply – his last paragraph actually makes my point perfectly!

    Something has definitely discomposed his demeanour in what I’ve communicated.


  16. Well,well,well. The Browne DAWG was drawn out of his kennel.
    He who has made light of people over and over again thinks we have forgotten.
    @WaitingForMyPay, isn’t it Ironic? This idiot and his hoodlums mandated a now defunct, defective, jab,for which he denied hundreds their pay, school children their education and is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Antiguans and Barbudans. People, young people, are dying suddenly, cancers have exploded off the charts,young healthy people are getting strokes,because of this ‘clot shot.” Oh, they’re trying to act as if nothing’s happening,but this government is culpable.
    You were behind the mandate Gassy and I hope people hold you fully responsible for most of the deaths in the last 3 years,and vote your a$$ out of power then find out how the “vaccine ” story go. Which politician, preacher or medical personnel had a hand in arguably the world’s greatest deception.


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