PM Browne says Tabor confirms his suspicion about sabotage in APUA


Prime Minister Gaston Browne has responded to a statement from Opposition Senator Damani Tabor.

Browne says the statement confirms his fear of Sabotage in the Antigua Public Utilities Authority.

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  1. Desperate means and desperate tactics using smears and defamation – poor Gassy!

    Just call the election nah man … YOU MAKING YOURSELF LOOK ‘TUPID!

  2. Prime Minister what does sabotage mean? I know you appear to be a man of words. Basically, sabotage means to damage or destroy. Now tell me Sir, is the information that APUA does not have the cartridge filters to go with the membranes to allow the RO plants to function at optimum capacity either damage or sabotage? Just yesterday on your Pointe FM program you said a UPP member told you that the Party has no money for its election campaign. Was that sabotage? An APUA patriotic employee providing information that required components for the RO plant are not available is not sabotage. I am available if you want to get into a battle of semantics and lexicology with me.

  3. Mr PM, is Tabor the one working at the RO Plants to be sabotaging the inventory par level of filters that should be on hand at all times?

  4. PM I applaud you for calling them out. The reality though is both parties have people aligned that play the politics when it comes to states resources that are under their control. This is your turn to feel the heat.

    • JUST SAYING for the first time you are making a bit of sense. The issue is however when employees make such information public through leaks (and the information does not affect public security etc), they are doing a service for the country’s benefit and it is not SABOTAGE. You listen to Pointe FM on a Saturday religiously. Didn’t Gaston say on Saturday that a UPP supporter told that the UPP has run out of campaign funds and their is a backlash against the political leader? Tell your icon Gaston to stop whining.

  5. yeah Damani was chatting too fast and too much sh!t that the admission SLIPPED OUT! Thank you Darren Matthew Ward for exposing the whipper snapper and the DESPERATION of the UPP.

  6. Young Tabor talks too damn much. It is like he is on a stage performing and just loves to hear himself talking. That was not something for him to say on radio, whether true or not. He was chatting so much that he did not realize that Darren trapped him into admitting what he did. He just sounds like a braggart trying to show how nice he could talk. Lovell needs to keep him off the radio. What he did is not helping the party.

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