PM Browne says no evidence of human trafficking on Antigua Airways

Antigua Airways

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    • … Browne says there’s no evidence of human trafficking in Antigua.

      I hope you are right, for your own sake, because the world’s aviation authorities have now been alerted to this potentially criminal activity.


    • Even if at the moment there is no evidence of human trafficking and that is doubtful, there is indeed evidence of the movement of huge sums of money from Nigeria to Antigua on Antigua Airways. Do you want to talk about that Gaston?

  1. First, we get rid of you on the 18th,then we let the authorities swoop in to deal with the serious implications here. What was unloaded from the hole of the plane,Gaston Browne? How come these Africans had no checked luggage and are now saying that Antigua was not their final destination? The whole thing stinks and you are right in the middle of it. Just like the Chuksi matter, the Saab Moran issue, the Global Bank issue, the FTX issue, the list is long. You are greedy and dumb, thinking you can run roughshod over people, but you time will come. The Chinese proverb is fitting: Greed will imprison us all. Keep throwing your tantrums and denying, there will be a reckoning.

  2. Gaston first said Antigua Airways was bringing rich African tourists and now we have hundreds of Africans stuck here with no means of supporting themselves. We don’t have evidence YET of human trafficking but believe me the evidence will be forthcoming. The interview yesterday is just the start of the full revelation of Gaston’s crookish ways.
    Gaston stick to local crime. You’re a big crook in a small pond.

    • It was a distraction from the real dealings of that flight on 01/11/2022. While the population was watching the contingent of Africanas deplaning and given a warm welcome. Where was the PM and GG at such an important occasion?

      What was offloaded in those silver containers? It damn sure was not princely luggage.

      • Very very true @ Freetownson. I’ve recently listened to an audio saying exactly the same thing about the contents of the airplanes containers.

        By the way has anyone heard from any of those Ministers in that infamous Nigerian photo shoot on that very same day?

        Whey Colin and Max dey?

  3. I do not know what the true intention was of this venture since I was not in the negotiating meetings. And I would say that the intention proposed at those meetings may not have been what is actually happening now. However, what I would say, is that even if it is hard to prove that it is human trafficing, it most like looks I persons are exploiting the desperation of others looking for a better life, and these persons are being brought here to eventually go to suriname or another country in south america so that they can continue on the treck through the tracherous jungles of central america to their final destination of crossing over to the USA illegally. Though this happens all the time with maybe direct flights from africa to some south or central american countries, the Antiguan Gov’t cannot and should not be directly connected to the facilitation of persons illegally entering the USA. Therefore, this venture should be stopoed right away.

  4. The opposition dunce elements are promoting xenophobia against our African brothers and sisters. Antigua airways is an opportunity to stimulate the economy, and facilitate investment. Don’t be fooled by the naysayers. 5 more years

    • @ Patriot. Are these dunces you refer to, are you hey Antiguans and Barbudans like you? So, you love and respect the Africans more than them? Your comment is strange.

  5. The RAG-TAG HYPOCRITE and LEE are the 2 queenpins behind these VICIOUS LIES being spread on Facebook.

    Plenty people had to call them out for their LIES & PROPAGANDA. Posting pictures of LOCAL PEOPLE and labeling them as “Africans” from the flight.

    Jackie Quinn moomah and poopah haffu a GROOT OUT DEM GRAVE FU SEE HOW SHE TUN OUT INNA LIFE

    Parstah pickney just DEVILISH and LUB UGLY!!!

    SMH!!!! Good thing Antigua people have sense.

    To this day she never say if she pay back TAXPAYERS MONIES TO MEDICAL BENEFITS for her medical treatment funding.

    Meanwhile Andre Simon and others have to resort to FUND RAISING. Not a sound from the RAG-TAG HYPOCRITE to advocate for them.

  6. What the Cameroonian “DeVine” said in his interview suggests Human trafficking. If Antigua was only a pit stop for two day why are they still here? They have laid out a lot of money in hopes of reaching the USA and it seems they’ve been lied to. They don’t want to be in Antigua but they can’t return home so they are stuck.

    If the arraignments that were made was for them to eventually get to the US using Antigua as a hub that is Human Trafficking.

    It is despicable for the leader of Antigua to have assisted someone in the taking advantage of these poor and desperate people.

    Stop trying to berate us with your racial talk. You helped to facilitate them being here, now you don’t seem to be concerned about how they’re feeling in regards to being stuck here.
    We don’t have a problem with them because they are black. We have a problem with the lies you told about them being tourist and entrepreneurs.
    You LIED to the country! And, the so called “Agent” handling their travel arraignments lied to them as well. Shame. Shame. Shame on YOU and ALL the politicians who assisted with what appears to be the scamming of these desperate Africans.

  7. People of Antigua and Barbuda. Do you remembered a US Congressman sitting on the Homeland Security Committee. He did say,Antigua is a human trafficking destination. It had to do with a boat load of Syrians being intercepted by the Coast Guard in the USVI waters coming from Antigua. Then that Portfolio of Immigration was taken away from that Minister and given to another. So this matter of the Africans being trafficked using Antigua to get to America is nothing new.

  8. Gaston Browne and his team are promoting #MIGRANT #TOURISM which is similar to Indentured Servitude, which is A Ligtger Shade of HUEman Slavery!


  10. Gaston Browne will be your name for a little while longer. Time will soon come when Gaston will be replaced by “INMATE.” Don’t worry. The “BOP” have some very well kept Facilities. Much better accommodations that you would find on island presently. Lots of recreational facilities, counselors, GREAT restaurants, housing, beds, blankets…you name it. It’s a great vacation. Just one advice. No BORROW NUTTEN TARL!!! Me a warn you!!!

    You’ve been “DUPED” by the biggest Counter Intelligence Agency in the WORLD. They got the dots on you connected. All dem “RESORTS” and CIP investments that you were bragging about. Where do you think that money was coming from? Legitimate businesses individuals. Let me remind you of Calaloo Cay! Remember that big time Arabian Prince? I’m sure you do. Guess who he work for? I’m sure you do by now.

    Not one of the 26 projects that you purported to have procured. Have come to fruition. I’m sure you know why. Once you have taken a bite of the apple. It gets sweeter every time. You just couldn’t understand that you were on a slippery slope.

    Now the Antigua Airways movement of cargo. Human or otherwise is the finality of your endeavors. Good RIDDANCE and give Sir Allen our blessings.

  11. By the way. If you are only labeled a supporter of a terroristic organization. The SUPERMAX FACILITY THAT Houses fellas like El Chapo and the Boston Marathon Bomber will be your home. ADX in Florence, Colorado.

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