PM Browne says Nigerian investors behind Antigua Airways have the financial resources


Prime Minister Hon. Gaston Browne has assured that the Nigerian investors behind Antigua Airways have the financial resources to bankroll the carrier.

Prime Minister Browne told his audience on Pointe FM on Saturday the success of the venture will see the opening up of a corridor between Antigua and Barbuda and the African continent which will redound to the benefit of LIAT.


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  1. Riiiiite! That’s why they need 10 CIP passports to get going, yh?
    Dumb a** RH Grabston clown
    We do hope a new airline will not be moving conflict gold from Congo to the west via Nigeria and Antigua (Runway 10)

  2. There’s money and there’s money. Where is the evidence of this money? Why is a printing shop fronting for an airline? Same thing Gaston said about YIDA and Western Imperial. We already know how this is going to end. Don’t tell us they have money. Show us the money.

  3. Windbag. Keep living in Lala Fantasy Land. You won’t catch us with that crap. Chupzzzzz. We won’t know either because we are voting Harold Lovell and the Redeem Team on Election Day. So please pack your bags and don’t bother with the Nigerian Airline pepper pot.

  4. We happy that Nigerian Airlines have money. We hope that you get the airline get running soon because you will be boarding it on a one way ticket. We going to vote you out and skate you out of town. Never to return.

  5. Nigeria ranks around no. 3 for the most corruption in Africa. It is also full of scammers who are busy every day trying to scam people around the world. Many thousands (70k) are murdered in Nigeria every year (many being Christians). Terrorism is rampant and so the list goes on making one wonder why on earth would GB (besides possible dirty pay off and rip off money) be associating, and by extension risking our lives and livelihood, with a country such as Nigeria? It is highly unlikely that Africans would want to come here to sit on the beach basking in the sun!! It is also unlikely that many Antiguans would want to travel to such a corrupt and crime ridden country!
    Why is it that the only investors we seem to get in the last decade (including invasive noncontributing Chinese) are trying to scam Antigua and Barbuda for whatever they can get?

  6. Here we go Again. All these are public statements to let the investor feel confident enough to let off some campaign funding while he wait on his approval… .And Gaston Jolly well know notten nah happen… smh…

    A bet you the man want Citizenship too.. A bet you it’s the PM preferred Agent doing the Citizenship..

  7. What has happen to the AIR PEACE NIGERIA DEAL? They also had a lot of money according to you Ass-ton Browne. You surely like those Nigerians. All others are running from them,not you. Why did UAE tell AIR PEACE they could not fly into that Country. Gaston Browne,where is your rich Nigerian friend,Allen Onyema of Air Peace Nigeria.

  8. Gaston,you say,Nigerian Investors have the financial resources. You did say that man for Western Imperial Economic Zone also had money. You did say Yida was going to spend $200,000,000 per year for ten years. That did not happen. Then you met a man from the United Arab Emirates. He got 30 Acres of prime real estate at Morris Bay,Old Road for free. Please tell me,who got kick backs from that deal. You did say you could smell those with money. I do believe you need to go back for training. Perhaps you should get a DAWG to do the smelling for you. For there is something wrong with your sense of smells. Lately you cannot even smell “dung” when it is under your nose.

  9. I’ve heard this record before. Playing loudly in the community. Antigua Airways is not a new idea. A former Prime Minister had the same grandiose idea in the 1990s.

    I’ll leave it there!

  10. Some stooges are going to be heavily reprimanded for not defending this article before this post is archived. Keep monitoring, they are proof-reading now.

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