PM Browne says Lovell’s promises on fuel meant to “con” the people


Prime Minister Gaston Browne has responded to a promise by UPP leader Harold Lovell not to pass on fuel price increases to consumers.

Browne said:

“The government practically was getting free petroleum products from Venezuela during Lovell’s tenure as Finance Minister.


What did he do when there were increases in oil prices ?


He passed on the increase by elevating the price at the pump.


Yet another promise above to CON our people.”

Meantime Lovell has also pledged to seek a fuel subsidy arrangement from Venezuela or Trinidad and Tobago if elected.

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  1. yup. We already know that Lovell is desperate. He will promise the moon and a gold-paved road to attempt to fulfill his little princess dream of becoming PM. Anthony Stuart already let us know.

  2. Y’all notice how the prime minister 🥸 is now using words like petroleum, petrol ⛽ and oil 🛢 instead of GAS, like he use the other day – I WONDER WHY?

    Could it be because of the link with his NICKNAME?


  3. Well, well Stone a telling you. Nobody can spread propaganda more than you! You spread in the morning , in the night time too. All you do is blame UPP for anything that they constructively come up with that is better than you!!!

    Tick Tock!!!! The election clock is ticking!

  4. Only, a #Con-Artist recognises a #CON when they see one, since, the rules are the same in any CON-GAME. The #MARKS are usually different!
    The PM knows the Rules to the PoliTRICK CON-GAME…

  5. Gaston has conned the country CON-sistently for the past 8 years. Water in 14 days and ground fakings were my favorite cons. Barbuda Airways was a close third.
    Gaston Browne is a clown and con in one!

  6. Some yall are some bunch of idiots. Like i say yall kiss Gaston ass and nyam he shit. Wake tf up people. Where yall brain at yo? Is nothing about promises. Is what you see going on in real life here in Antigua. Sufferation. Never in Upp time did i hear complaints like that with Social Security. Never have I hear Government workers not getting paid. Never have I heard using tear has on the public. Never have I seen dirty murdees related to Customs officers. Wha yall ddrinking or even eatting???? Come on….the worst Antigua have ever been.

    • Spouting ignorance and nonsense as well as calling others idiots show that you must look into the mirror and what did you see a classic Nincompoop. The PM is absolutely correct in his assessment of Harry. Harry have a history of deception and lies. You hypocrites are free to believe him but they don’t others don’t. Why do all UPPITES are so bitter and angry? Anyone who disagree with you’ll foolishness, you’ll call them all kinda filthy names. Idiotic comments and behaviors will not win too many supporters to win an election. The lips of the wise spread knowledge not so the hearts of fools.

      • Hello bullee nice to see you again. Your bottom ready another riding session from me? I am loaded up with oil and more in reserves for your mangina. And when your mangina get filled up and overflowing, you can orally finish me up.

        It’s been a long time since I felt your scrotum banging against my thighs as I ram your love tunnel.

        Speaking of lips, I have missed your lips sliding up and down my shaft and I know you miss my shaft immensely. I remember you telling me you prefer running your lips up and down my business over your PM.

        Don’t stress out Colombo when I have you bent over, all your worries will go away.


    • Smh you still looking to get raped again but I told you after you get raped the 1st time no one want you again. You have better chances with the stripper pole in your hole but I heard not even the stripper pole want to enter your hole. I wish I had a solution for your lonely desperate hole but I am out of suggestions.

    • same goes for the CONVICTED PEDOPHILE and UPP frontman IAN MAGIC HUGHES! That is why Lovell have MAGIC and SHERFIELD BOWEN on his team. a real “decent” bunch.

      • The ABLP Minister. The couch. The blood stain.

        Yes, the ABLP Minister was acquitted. But what really happened on the BACK seat of the car.

        Which ABLP Minister plucked his wife from the school sand box. Was she underage.

  8. More crimes
    Less water and when we get it, its brown
    More lies
    More self enrichment while the people suffer

    This 🤡 only care about staying in power get him out any body else .

    He messed up our party with his greed

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