PM Browne says Lovell and D. Giselle may be trying to destroy Pringle


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  1. Unfortunately, the PM could be right on this one. The fact remains that the Hon. Jamal Prngle is the best they’ve got. It seems there may be some jealousy going on. Pringle won his seat and they were kicked aside. The truth is the truth.

      • Only a Dunce fails to recognize Dunceness, Jamal is allowing them to make a Jackass for their benefit someday maybe someday he will learn. Hopefully

  2. Hon. Gaston Browne you are so correct. Jamale Pringle is not learning.Anytime this Guy speaks in Parliament I get very upset. His Research Person is.not helping. I would like to ask UPP Executives and Charlesworth Tabor the following questions.

    Are you happy with Jamale Performance in Parliament ?
    The New slate for the UPP for election 2023 .Is this the best UPP ?

    Jamale Pringle represents All Saints East and St.Lukes.Can You tell me why Jamale Pringle could not. find Someone from His Constituency to be His Research Officer. Also Someone from His Constituency to be a Member of the Boundaries Commission ?

    This Guy does not like His Constituency
    Jamale will lose in 2023.

    • And is that newsworthy? We haven’t had water flowing through our pipes throughout the past four days. Anyway, it seems like it’s the norm to be without water in Antigua while you people commenting on frivolous ramblings.

  3. This is an open secret. It has been said that Giselle didn’t even acknowledge Pringle at the church service right after Pringle was sworn in as Leader of Her Majestys Loyal Opposition.

    As his PAID research officer, she does a dismal job of prepping him for parliamentary debates.


    Waiting to hear your response to Hon.Gaston Browne statement

    Just for the record. I totally in agreement with Hon. Gaston Browne.

  5. Boy you’re cranking up the big red machine. Insulting the man’s intelligence. Doing your best to split the UPP party. A desperate man is an unstable man. Will do anything to save his seat at the head of the table. The voters not buying your rhetoric. Call the convention and see if you survive the challenge to your leadership position.

  6. ERIC (THE RED) I am not in the least surprised that you agree with the nonsense spouted by Gaston. On to the contrary I would be very amazed if you did not agree with your INFALLIBLE ICON. A question for you though. Why would Harold or Gisele try to destroy Pringle? Is Pringle a threat to either of them in the UPP?

      Because He is a COUNTRY BOY . ABLP loves everyone. Hon.Gaston Browne EMPOWERS everyone.

  7. PM Browne is correct on this one. The high-ups in UPP have no use for Jamal Pringle. He is squandering a golden opportunity to lead his country, by blindly following. He is not strategic – how can he be when he is forced to make bad appointments.


    Please answer my questions …Why Jamale Pringle could not find Someone in ALL SAINTS EAST AND ST.LUKES to fill the POSTS of RESEARCH OFFICER . ALSO Someone in ALL SAINTS EAST AND ST.LUKES to fill the post on the BOUNDARIES COMMISSION. There are INTELLIGENT PERSONS in His Constituency but He does care about His People. Shame.on.Jamale. Tabor stop running away from the questions as usual.

  9. @ ERIC ( THE RED )

    Move to the head of the class. This is the best question on ANR for a long time .I hope the MEDIA read this question. DO NOT look out for a response from TABOR. I shall repeat the question to Tabor …( WHY JAMALE PRINGLE COULD NOT FIND PERSONS IN HIS CONSTITUENCY to fill the POSITIONS mentioned by ERIC ( THE RED). TABOR will never answer….Where is DESERT ROSE? Bunch.of losers. ERIC I thank you for posing these Questions.

  10. Instead or regurgitating Gaston bile every week, why don’t you all at ANR repeat the things he say about your benefactor Asot Michael Instead?

  11. SAM.B did ERIC (THE RED) answer my questions. Anyway, I will answer his. What does the function of research officer to the Leader of the Opposition requires? This position requires a person who is very knowledgeable, well read, grounded in the operations of government and in particular parliamentary procedures and writes very well. Now SAM.B and ERIC (THE RED) I ask both of you to name two people in Antigua and Barbuda, not just All Saints East and St. Luke’s, who are more qualified than Gisele Issac to fill that position. Lest you forget she is a trained journalist and former Speaker of the House. To put the icing on the cake, she is one of the finest writers in Antigua and can be put up there with the late Tim Hector. Need I say more.

  12. This is low even for the PM. I observe this recent tactic to try and fuel in-fighting in the upp party. If the PM was convinced that there is trouble in his enemy camp him wudda neva say so. Any smart person would leave dem fu self destruct. Stay focused on the majors Antiguans, we are bigger than UPP and ALP.

  13. ERIC (THE RED) I just realized I missed your question on the Boundaries Commission and I do not want you or SAM.B to think I am evading the question. Now in anything in life I am sure you would agree that QUALITY should trump EXPEDIENCY. Could you find anyone more qualified within the ranks if the UPP to be appointed a member of the Boundaries Commission than attorney Chaku Symister. Apart from the fact of being an attorney it is an issue that Chaku has devoted many years of study on. Although he will be outnumbered on the Boundaries Commission 3 to 2, I can assure you that none of the other members can match him with the intellectual rigour that he will bring to the table, not even the so called constitutional expert Ivor Ford. You guys must stop trying to create controversy when none exist.


    If Gisel Isaac is all what you mentioned. I totally DISAGREE with You . It really does not show. Jamale Pringle has COMPETENT persons in His Constituency. The Hierarchy of the UPP does not want any Country Person. Are You telling me that for the TWO Positions Noone in the ALL SAINTS EAST AND ST.LUKES can fill these positions????. Something is wrong with the UPP. UPP does not like COUNTRY PEOPLE and FOREIGNERS.

  15. Every week Gaston gets on pointe fm and all he talks about is UPP. I guess this week is Pringle’s turn because he exposed in parliament the corruption between pointe fm, his wife’s charity Share Inc and crown lands in pointe.

  16. ERIC (THE RED) I will ask you to please assist Pringle by providing him with the names of at least three persons from his constituency to replace Gisele Isaac. You may wish to also produce the names of people to replace Chaku on the Boundaries Commission. We will also benefit from your knowledge and insight if you publish the names here. I am waiting anxiously for those names. Don’t let us down ERIC (THE RED). We are depending on you.


      I AM not here to assist the UPP. IT is Up to Your Research Office and Jamale Pringle to find Someone in the Constituency to fill the POSTS. It shows that Pringle and Gisel Isaac are not doing Their job.I can mention at least five names in the ALL SAINTS EAST AND SAINT LUKES to fill these POSTS. The Hierarchy of the UPP does NOT want any Country Persons. SHAME. SHAME.

      • @Eric
        You sound so childish. First UPP doesn’t like foreigners. Now UPP doesn’t like country people. What’s next? UPP doesn’t Like poor people and retards like you? You are a real labourite. Always trying to stir up do do.

  17. Here we go again.
    Once again, Gaston Brown is being allowed to change the narrative. So now you are hating the messenger and ignoring the message. Many of you commenting now, refrained from posting a comment on that article when it was printed in this same ANR.
    So be reminded that you should be commenting on the questions Mr Pringle posed to Gaston Browne about government lands and buildings in pointe that are now occupied by his wife’s charitable org, Share Inc, and their other family members. It was also noted that Maria Browne is Landlord and Shareholder of Pointe FM.
    Of course in his response the PM refused to mention his wife name and referred to their other family members as private individuals.
    Things to make you scratch your head!

  18. ERIC (THE RED) now let’s be logically. By giving the names of people from Jamal’s constituency that can do the job Gisele is doing is not helping the UPP, in fact it would be supporting your point and make the UPP look bad. Your reasoning is so illogical ii is astounding. You have no response to my comment to you so you duck out and resort to evasion. Prove your point by providing qualified people from the constituency. Stop running and evading. Act like a big man and back your chat with evidence.

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