PM Browne says his son earning a little $30K or $40K a month is not a sin


Prime Minister Gaston Browne has told the opposition United Progressive Party that his son’s wealth is not is own.

Browne says the opposition is constantly making his success as a businessman an issue on the political campaign.

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  1. Gaston knows everybody qualifications and training. What qualifies this this bway fu make all this money on the backs of Antiguans and Barbudans. God nar sleep!

    • When you say “on the backs of Antiguans and Barbudans” exactly what do you mean? The treasury not paying him the 30-40 thousand monthly- YOU JUST TOO BAD-MINDED

      • Tamed wolf, who is paying him? Don’t be stupid and that’s not the only contract he has with the government. He probably collecting over 100K a month from the government. That’s taxpayers money and that is corruption and maybe criminal. Open your eyes fool.

  2. But is he who says he name dog. Dog is too good a name for people like them who treat others who study for years and work in the service like DIRT.

  3. Meanwhile 95% of the country earns that in a year!!! One man can’t so wicked to the people in this country yah!!!

    • Gaston referred to himself as the “top dog”. He said this in a meeting he had with his constituents in the Point area. He must have forgotten.


        Yvette …I believe that the BLUE KOOLAID has affected your BRAIN in a negative way.Your are JEALOUS , BADMINDED and IGNORANT Person. Yvette believes that Black People should be poor.
        Hon. Gaston Browne worked hard for His wealth. You decided to hate our Prime Minister. Yvette you should study your UPP that attracted SCHOOL DROP OUTS , MURDERER and the list goes.on. Shame on you Yvette.

        • @DALE….non a dem(UPP/ABLP) bettah dan none. All a dem, a tiefing Ratta dat breed together innah de Catacombs of Hyram Abiff Tombs…

          Translation from Garrat…

          The whole damned lot of Politicians from both camps(UPP and ABLP) are all rats, bred and trained in the Catacombs of Hyram Abiff their master(Ben like the Master Rat in the Movie Ben), again they all come through the same indoctrination’s which produces pedophiles, rapists, murderers, con-artists, thieves etc.

          As my 93 year young mother says, “Sungoo no betta dan Lungoo. All a dem a de DAMN same, and de blood 🐕 hounds 🅰️🅱️🆎🅾️🩸🩸🩸🐕🐕🐕 de a CrassRoad a wait patiently pan dem rass.

  4. All ah unnu (both parties) ah get rich out ah de GOVERNMENT AGENCIES. Who narh get rich outta gee dem self 100% salary increase, dem dat dem pickney ah get government contract, dem dat minda get above normal rate for bailiff, dem dat hab interest inna utility company while it anda dem ministry, dem dat dem wife get cush cush jab an nah know notten bout de jab. Why are some people defending these type of corrupted practices while in OPPOSITION, and then support it while in governance? Politicians laughing their asses of to see so many fooled while they runaway with the loot. Government after Government same SHIT just coming out of a different cooka hole.

  5. People remember this the government we elect is a direct reflection of the society we live in. So if we elect greedy, none caring, self serving persons to high office, it’s because we ourselves( majority) are like that also. We the People must be better.

  6. He’s right because some of you fools keep putting you’ll trust in this fool like he’s some kind of savior meanwhile he and his family laughing all the way to the bank . You get what you pay for.

    • You know how much young people was able to own a house, own a piece of land get a local University Education because of this man’s policies and attitude?
      Answer: COUNTLESS

      • You need to be quite, only the selected few get the benefits. Only his supports which you sound like one. Some y’all are so low minded and self centered y’all only think about y’all selves and what y’all can get. If we all start to vote in the interest of the country and not ourself then we would be better off.

  7. His base salary minus the #perks?
    Yet, pensioners three times his age who put in their time cannot get a measly $400.00 on time per month!

  8. His base salary minus the #perks?
    Yet, pensioners three times his age who put in their time cannot get a measly $400.00 on time per month!

    Pure unadulterated #phuckery!

  9. An de bwoy dunce like shit. Goes to show that one doesn’t have to be smart (or excel at anything) to make money. U just need a daddy in the right position.

    I went to ABIIT with that idiot and he is definitely not the sharpest knife in the draw

  10. If he was Bill Gates, Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos pickney no body would say anything.
    Mek the dogs bark as the wagon roll.

    • @Aloensa: Beef Joseph is that you? That last line about DAWGS BARK AS THE WAGON ROLL,WAS ONLY ONLY USE BY YOU BEEF JOSEPH OF GASTON’S FAME.


  11. Here is my concern. This son of Gaston Browne went to Monroe College in New Rochelle,New York. The College is ranked as Below Quality. He never worked any where before that. How did he accumulate all of that wealth in such a short time in Antigua. By covering for his father’s wealth/assets. Even Maria Browne,what did she do before going into Politics? What contributions did she made before entering Politics? Where and how did she accumulate all of that wealth,Gaston Browne attributed to her. I personally cannot wait to see thiefing Politicians in Antigua and Barbuda going to 1735 walking in ankle chains and handcuffs. By the way,I do not envy anyone.I have my damn hard earned pennies.Note,I did say,Pennies.

    • Red Kool Aid, you are correct. Gaston is Trump #2. The bwoy never worked for anything in his life. Gaston turn over things in his son and wife name and acting like they earned it. Nobody stupid. He too greedy.

  12. Beef all these comments using different names you really need two pickney fuh play wid. Lol waste ah time. Time longer Dan rope though. Yes he ready

  13. The question is did he only start making 30 40 k when you became prime Minister? That is the litmus test and I dare say 30k 40k is conservative based on other side deal arrangements…

  14. Listening to Gaston, I am convinced he has no soul. His God is money. That’s all he lives for and he will use any means to get it. Ok maybe not murder. You can give your son money, but you can’t give him brains. What will you and your family do with all the money? Will your sons drive around in sports cars and fly around the world in private jets? How do a lot of rich kids end up? They say karma.

  15. What does his son do for a living? Can he show business records going back 7 years ? Can he show his accounting books? Payment of taxes .. day to day entry ?? As long as I know their kid he was in college then spent time running around Miami bragging about spending his daddy’s money… I know intelligent business people who are well established and they DONT make 40K a year…. And even if he did by some miracle, the callousness with which the prime minister and his son brags about how much money they have, when his wife is collecting a salary for
    DOING NOTHING and the country has no running water is disrespectful and despicable

    • @Skyewill…”Hmmmmmmmmmmmm, Sly Jay,” style. That’s cool, if his salary’s are on the books of Gaston’s businesses.
      However, if any part of this amount is being paid by the government treasury directly(salary) or indirectly (perks/concessions which you keep begging for as a local investor), then it’s pure unadulterated fuckery.

      De #Big #Boarsness in Antigua wus dan de COVID virus.

  16. Gaston Browne you are so out of touch with the suffering of 98% 0f the population. You are insensitive, callous and greedy. You give away concessions, money that could go to pay pensions, LIAT workers, Solid Waste workers so that you can benefit.

    You have no heart, you have no soul, you have no feelings.

    You are rotten inside and out. You give Lucifer classes on how to be evil.

    You are a wicked, wicked man.

    You are going straight to hell

    • Look silly person. With all that judgementalism and stupid talk YOU are the one headed for the fires of hell. Stop calling a curse upon yourself! Stop the nonsense. Why are you so jealous of the PM???? THAT is SIN!!!!

      • CLARION CALL: Jealous you say: not at all. I pity him.
        You know why, no matter how much he uses his position to enrich himself and his family he will never feel good enough. His massive inferiority complex will always haunt him.
        POOR GASTON! He has to use money to fill the emptiness is his soul. Not his heart because he does not have one.

  17. This is beautiful Forum. Thank you ANR. My good people. Keep up the PRESSURE. Keep shining HOT LIGHT on ills of our society. The heartlessness, untruths, half truths and all that keeps this Nation of Antigua and Barbuda from becoming the beacon of hope and prosperity for all.

    It is that hope that we love our live for. A better day, a better opportunity, a better society where all can share in nation building.

    Stop watching, barking or keeping silent.We the people have the POWER. Not the elected. DIP your finger in the ink and vote these Deplorables out. They are cancerous. Not all. But damn near all.

    Gaston was given an opportunity to bring Antigua and Barbuda forward. He has set this nation back 100 years. It will take a lot of hard decisions to set Antigua and Barbuda back on track. Who fall, fall. So be it.

  18. Look silly person. With all that judgementalism and stupid talk YOU are the one headed for the fires of hell. Stop calling a curse upon yourself! Stop the nonsense. Why are you so jealous of the PM???? THAT is SIN!!!!

  19. They are accumulating , them and them children. Point FM freedom of speech radio with be his downfall. Well his new radio competition is gathering up the wealth in the name of the community CPChetgreen. Ya do so córner transformed. Could not even pay for a bag of flower for YASOSO , now in a few short years see the palace, the office complex . Caribbean and African politicians are thieves .

  20. What I agree with Gaston Browne about js that he isnt doing anything that another Politician would not do. They all doing it.

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