PM Browne says he was exposed to people with COVID-19 several times

Prime Minister Gaston Browne with supporters in the 2018 general elections (file photo)
Prime Minister Gaston Browne said he came close to becoming infected with COVID-19 on several occasions.
“I’ve had so many exposures. Two members of my security team had to be quarantined for COVID exposure. I would have seen at least two individuals at the office who tested subsequently for COVID,” Browne revealed Saturday on Pointe Fm.
“In fact, they were infected when they met with me but because I was following those protocols to the T and subsequently got vaccinated, I mean, I was evidently protected, ” he added.
The Prime Minister said if he had not been vaccinated, “maybe I would have been at Mount St. John on a ventilator, potentially could have even died. So, for me, you know, it was a risk management exercise and people need to assess their risk and to manage their risk by getting vaccinated.”
Prime Minister Browne took the Moderna vaccine several weeks before the country launched its official vaccination programme using AstraZeneca doses.
“I was perhaps, maybe, the first person to have gotten vaccinated on Antiguan soil and I can speak definitively that these vaccines work, they help to protect us, ” he insisted.
“I didn’t even recognize that the individual had already administered the vaccination. It was so seamless and I had absolutely no symptoms, you know, there was no side effects,” the Prime Minister said.

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  1. Talk about add insult to injury! Now he’s boasting about the fact that he has had his vaccination before all of the other vulnerable people in A&B! Sounding like a real drama queen, talking about how he MIGHT have caught it, and he MIGHT have died… Is this really the person running the country!? Take note!

  2. So you were exposed to someone who was infected with covid before the time when your vaccination had time to induce an immune response and you didn’t go into quarantine?????!!!!!

    • and, we don’t know yet, even if you were protected from symptoms, being vaccinated doesn’t mean you can’t still carry the virus and spread it to others. the PM seems to have no idea how public health measures work, in addition to having secretly gotten the vaccine and now trying to justify it in such a ham-fisted manner

  3. Mr. Prime Minister I hope you are not saying this to still try to justify and rationalize your unstatesmanlike and deceitful behaviour in taking the vaccine in secret. Even one of your biggest apologists in the person of Peter Wickham said you were wrong and ill-advised to have done so. What you need to do is to stop the justification and rationalization and apologize to the Nation. You were wrong and nothing you can now do or say will change that. Your behaviour was pathetic and infradig to say the least.

    • @ TABOR

      I know that you jump on anything that You believe is against the Prime Minister. Election is Two years away. Start your campaign early because ABLP 17 UPP 00

      • @clauston
        Are you really trying to justify what the pm did? Wrong is wrong. Get your head out of the political clouds. Smdh

        • What exactly did the PM do wrong? How many persons you see per day because of work? How many front-line workers you have to deal with both meetings and otherwise? How many business persons, Government technicians, Police heads, Customs heads, Hoteliers, Tour Company owners and other business owners you have to deal with on a weekly basis? The PM has that on his plate …. the reality is just the Reality.

  4. One lie to cover another lie, he sit down and think up a lying story to justify. I havent seen he take no vaccine, anything done in darkness is worth questioning

  5. He said he was exposed before he was vaccinated and NEVER QURANTINED Always on the Clown and Clown show you learn Cattle Dung about this guy.

  6. Gaston Browne,are you now trying to do damage control.Sometimes it is best to say absolutely nothing.Keep your damn mouth shut.For what you say could come back and bite you where you sit.Are you now saying this to get attention.That Radio Station of yours in Point could become your downfall.It could become your Waterloo.Because you go on there and your brains and mouth do not seem to connect.It would appear you are thinking one thing and your mouth utters something completely different to your thought processes.Shut the heck up and managed the darn Country.

  7. So, does the vaccine now prevent infection? I listened to Dr Courtney Lewis on a Zoom session this past Thursday, and he said the vaccine does not prevent infection. The vaccine minimises the effects of the virus.

    • @dadliman. Hold Dr Lewis & Dr. Belizaire in your head kind sir & ignore FAKE NEWS coming from PM & Leknocks.

  8. He and Donald Trump sound exactly alike. The same rhetoric, bravado, inconsiderate…all about self. The Donald is now former President. Will the same fate meet the Prime Minister. Time will tell.

  9. @ Freetownson Donald Trump is more for the people of United States than he is for the people of Antigua a huge difference

  10. @Freetownson: Gaston Browne is not Donald Trump.Donald Trump unlike Gaston Browne cares about his Country and its People.Gaston Browne cares about Gaston Browne and Gaston Browne and no one else.That is why he got the Moderna weeks ago.While you the people were suffering tremendously. That in my opinion is a betrayal.You betrayed the people.You got the Moderna Vaccine in the darkness of night.What next would he do.See a Bullet Train coming down tracks and throw all of the people under it.

  11. Awaiting responses from the Laborites or Gastonites.Tenman,CErmle,Sidelines,and others.To defend this bull dung.

  12. @Wakeup. You missed my whole observation. Plain English: they behave the same way and operate from the exact same political playbook. Now you get me?

  13. What is the BIG HOOP LA ????? Antiguans take the VACCINE and STOP the RHETORIC. Do not follow Charles Tabor. Tabor has a DISLIKE FOR Hon . Gaston Browne. I have not heard Tabor encouraging Antiguans to take the vaccine.

    • Boy, you people have a serious problem. Stop playing politics with everything. What does table not liking Gaston have to do with how dishonest the pm was in what he dis? Anyone who sees nothing wrong with what he did needs to get their brain checked. You kind of people sick my stomach

      • People like you sick even dog’s stomach…
        The United States has 3 different vaccines being distributed and the President of the US took one of the 3, not all 3.
        The PM did video himself taking the vaccine but the PR choose not to distribute the video until the General population had the vaccine available so that it(the video) would encourage persons to followsuit

  14. Ok. Glad u were vaccinated. Making up stories to justify your pathetic act makes you look like Ted Cruz though

  15. KNIGHT jump high jump low you will be SUED. Hope you have lots of money. Knight of SNAKE PIT (OBSERVER RADIO) you will be sued.

    • Woman. Wake up! Open your eyes.
      Listen to gaston and asot convo in parliament. They are accusing each other of stealing millions of dollars from Antigua people and you are ok with it.
      Did you get some of the money?

  16. Yo antigua dis man we havin here need to go he sell all a awe out we can’t go no more dis pa py show wake up black people stand up for each endeverin all archivein not one man a mad man sick feed up

  17. Lie ,you hear lie. If lie did see Gaston Browne.It would run like hell to Redonda.Because Gaston Browne could out lie,LIE.

  18. Woman. Wake up! Open your eyes.
    Listen to gaston and asot convo in parliament. They are accusing each other of stealing millions of dollars from Antigua people and you are ok with it.
    Did you get some of the money?

  19. Yet the dictator and traitor Gaston didn’t feel he should quarantine himself. Keep on voting for this imbecile who continues to show us he only cares about himself. That’s why he got the Moderna vaccine for him and the shit one for us.

    Where are Nigel Christian’s murderers?
    Where are Nigel Christian’s murderers?
    Where are Nigel Christian’s murderers?
    Where are Nigel Christian’s murderers?

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