PM Browne says he received Moderna vaccine


Prime Minister Gaston Browne has apparently been vaccinated against COVID-19.

The Prime Minister said on his radio show on Saturday that he has been vaccinated. He also posted on Facebook on Monday that he has received the Moderna vaccine.

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  1. No wonder why the world leaders seems like they were immune to this virus, its a possibility alot of them took it long time, because i find it very strange they have so many countries and not one of them got the virus and succumbed to this deadly virus but the citizens that get the virus more likely to succumbed to the deadly virus. How is it possible if the virus have no respect of persons. It look like the virus respects the world leaders, all of them still alive. They are hiding alot of things from the people

      • The virus is killing approximately 3000 Americans a day and has killed over 2 million worldwide

        That’s pretty fricken deadly.


        • If you believe everything the American media puts out too bad for u. I suggest you compare the figures for the H1N1 second strain and Covid

      • Survival rate worldwide is actually 97%. World Death rate is actually 2.65% as of sat 7th Feb. No country even has more than a 3 % death rate. It’s found simply by # of supposed deaths, divided by number of supposed positive tests. The u.s death rate is astoundingly low at 1.72%, 460,582 deaths ÷ 26,761,047 positive tested as of sat 7th Feb, survival rate of 98.28%. antigua was 7 supposed deaths ÷ 285 supposed cases most asymptomatic gives death rate of a lowly 2.46% or survival rate of 97.54%.

  2. Did Antigua and Barbuda get the 20,000 doses of the vaccines? If not,why did you get your vaccine in the darkness of the night. Behind the backs of your citizenry. Why did you Gaston Browne get that vaccine and none of your citizens are vaccinated. Why you did not arrange for the front line workers to be a priority. From the same source that you got yours from. In my opinion you should quit now. Before you are thrown out of Office by your moustache.

  3. If the prime minister announcement is truthful, then it is definitely a huge betrayal and slap in the face of all Antiguans & Barbudans. Most leaders decide to take the vaccine live on public media as a means of alleviating the fear accepting of the jab.
    If indeed, the prime minister got the Moderna vaccine…again that is another huge betrayal. The Caribbean nations are supposed to acquire the Oxford Astrazeneca vaccine. This one is under serious scrutiny at the present because it is reported to be less effective against mild forms of the South African variant of the virus. To this effect, the South African government has suspended the use of the Astrazeneca vaccine.

    If indeed, the prime minister of Antigua has gotten vaccinated with the Moderna vaccine, then it a really callous act.
    I agree that a leader should in the front line to obtain the vaccine, but it should not be done in the dark of the night. The entire nation should be able to witness its leader being vaccinated. That would indeed be good leadership. Otherwise, it is a shameful disrespect and betrayal.

    So come clean, Mr. prime minister. …let the nation know the truth. If indeed, what you have said on your radio station is truth; then you REALLY NEED TO RESIGN NOW !

    This act, if true, should be clearly seen by all Antiguans & Barbudans as a massive betrayal. Plain and pellucid.

    Truth needs to be told.


    • @CARSON. Did you get? Your family? Nurses? Police? PM Browne could serve you sh..t and you would thank him for the delicious ground beef.

      • @ ZACKIE
        Zackie you’re a real ASS. You are in Love with our Prime Minister.You love to call His name. With was nice not yo see Zackie contributions for while. Now you’re back. CLOWN.

  4. His deceitfulness does not even require a discussion. It requires action. That action is removal from office. When the Labor Party gets the balls to call a vote of no confidence they will cast his ass to the grass he ate to get some nutrition to go to school. Gaston need to go. Gaston needn’t go. The cabinet has a responsibility to restore confidence in the people. The Prime Minister has gone rogue. All for self and only self. Kick his behind to the curb. Time to audit his accounts. Time to stand up to his bully tactics and call him out for what he is. The worst Prime Minister ever to be elected in Antigua and a reluctant Barbuda. I’ll add also the worst finance Minister since independence.

  5. I didn’t realize that the Moderna or any other vaccine had been licensed to import into Antigua.

    But I guess there’s some laws that don’t apply to some people.

    • @rule of law. Excellent point. Worth a call to CMO to learn which vaccines have been approved. I seem to recall she mentioned WHO approved would be recognized here.

      I also recall a statement last week stating anyone wishing to bring in vaccine had to go through a rigorous approval process with Min of Health & CMO. I wonder what the process is, and what the importer/medical person has to ‘give’ to receive approval?Curious who mister PM’s supplier was…maybe the owner of the new private medical facility the PM, Sir Health & other cabinet members turned soil for?

    • I don’t know either, but the law MUST be the same for everybody, no exceptions for anybody. We need a fuller explanation. Where did he get it?

  6. Knight. Pearl Quinn and Cleon Athill are chatting crap on Observer Radio. They are bunch of IDIOTS . UPP done !!!!

    • @on the move
      It appears the only person in the labour government who understands government is Gaston. Do you notice he is the only who speaks freely. The other ministers are not considered intelligent enough by him and just shut their mouths and get rich. Until he is ready to get rid of them and expose them.
      You should pay more attention to how your prime minister is accumulating more wealth for himself and sons. He has entered farming to compete with the poor farmers. He said he is developing agro business to develop livestock. I am sure I heard him on his show say that he got a loan from ECAB of $100,000 to invest in his agro business. Can the average farmer get this kind of loan? It is only his son also that can access this kind of money. I guess the government invest in banks so cash will be available for them to borrow.
      Gaston also said on his radio station that he builds houses and can make about $100,000 per house. Why would he be competing with local contractors? I tell you why, because he is greedy and all for self and family.
      Have you heard Gaston saying he is going to develop the Pointe waterfront?
      He will spend government money to do it rather than put in infrastructure for the people of Antigua. Do you know his son owns lands down there.
      You see you may think Pearl Quinn does not understand government, but Gaston surely understands how to use the power given to him by the position he holds to to enrich himself and family.
      Gaston can do what he wants and get away with it because there are a lot of people like you who do not care to know how this man is using his position to enrich himself and do nothing for the country. He knows that a lot of you lack intelligence and can only bash the opposition.

  7. The Barbadian prime minister did revealed that herself, the attorney general and three other officials were administered the covid vaccine jab. This disclosure was made at a press conference on January 14.

    I think that the Barbados prime minister should have allowed the administration of the jab to be done on live public media. However, her revelation was not done on a private radio station as is the case of the prime minister of Antigua & Barbuda. Mia Motley made her revelation during a press conference, addressing the nation of Barbados.

    • Mia Motley did not do it in secret, it was discussed before as to who was going to get vaccinated from the few doses they got. Who else besides Greedy Gaston got the Moderna vaccine.

  8. Now that is what you call good LEADERSHIP. LEADERSHIP at its best.

    Our PM should be protected.

    Cc: Tenman / From The Sideline / laborites

    • Don’t worry no pun intended but you might get your wish if you keep following his mad Covid policys

    • LMAO….I voted ABLP from since 2009 and I don’t think that’s what u call leadership…..It’s been a clown show from since the ports opened up….

    • ABLP UNTIL I DIE are you really calling the Prime Minister clandestinely taking a covid 19 vaccine good leadership? His action is one of the best examples you can get of POOR LEADERSHIP. While he is making himself and perhaps family safe, the rest of Antigua and Barbuda can go to help. The thinking of all you ALP supporters are really upside down. His action was wrong, deceitful and unstatesmanlike.

      • The new US President was vaccinated on national TV. The comrade PM of St. Vincent told us IN ADVANCE he is going to get the vaccination.


        Tabor you’re an OPPORTUNIST. You will complain for the next 30 years. You should find a good OPPOSITION before uour mouth.

      • Who????
        Was just uttering the foolishness I expected to hear from the Red kool-aid drinkers.
        A lot of them are remaining quiet on this one.

  9. Gaston is hypocritical to the oath he took before the Governor General that he swear to conscientiously, impartiality and to the best of his ability discharge his duties as and do right to all manner of people without fear or favour, affection or ill- will.

    The GG needs to step in and find him in contravention of his duties and the oath he took as Prime Minister

    The cabinet needs to step up with 7 members join the 2 opposition members and call a for a vote of no confidence in the prime minister.

    Get his behind out. He has betrayed the confidence of the people they elected him.

    Imagine he has been inoculated against COVID-19 without notifying the electorate. Gaston needs to be held accountable.

    The essential workers: no vaccine.
    The Prime Minister: Vaccinated.

    Explain that!

  10. Why am I not shocked at the smugness & deceitfulness of this person claiming to be our ‘leader’?
    A) information teased out on your own media house not state media – really? So disrespectful.
    B) Moderna??? 94% efficacy but not the vaccine we the people have been advised is coming, sometime, for us. So disrespectful.
    C) Who else in the Browne family & extended family received their first dose? Please be truthful & answer
    D) Who in cabinet, government, labour party has received or is in line, to receive their first dose. Please be truthful & answer.
    E) we the people look forward to observing your second dose, which should be administered any day now, as due at 28-days, being broadcast live on state tv, ABS & streamed on their Facebook page and the OFFICE OF THE PRIME MINISTER official Facebook page. Please be respectful and advise the date & time in advance.
    F) Please stop looking smug in photos… The countries cases are rising, more & more businesses closed for contact tracing and you have the gall to not only berate & blame we the people for the mess we are in, but like a thief in the night, you fix yourself up with a vaccine,so you good & to hell with ‘your subjects’.
    G) WHEN WILL FRONTLINE HEALTHCARE PROCESSIONALS RECEIVE THEIR VACCINE? we the people all know THEY are the saviours in this mess; they are frightened, they are not being paid their danger money, their mental stress is not being fully recognized & fully supported, they deserve better from YOU….
    And from each of us masking, using 6′ distance & sanitizing.

    Mister so-called-leader

  11. One more thing Antiguans and Barbudans. Reject the term national if you were born in the state. Your a citizen. Tell them that . Read your constitution. Chapter VIII that addresses who are citizens specifically Belonger Status.

    The disrespect must stop. We voted them in. Time to vote the labor out.

    Look up the noun meaning of national and see if it applies to you. Tell me who you are. A national or citizen. The rhetoric has to come to a stop.

    Tik Tok. Gaston time up!

  12. Avatar photo He's supposedly protected"because he's never seen a lie that he doesn't like " and still allowing tourists with no qurantine to come in to risk potentially killing you FOOLS THAT SUPPORT HiS PROTOCOL AND YOUR FAMILY .TALK ABOUT RIDE AND DIE .

    Remember you supported that protocol when your love ones LUNGS IS FILLED OF WATER AND THEY CAN’T OR JUST STRUGGLING TO TAKE ONE BREATH AND YOUR NOT THERE TO HOLD THEIR HANDS AND AND COMFORT THEM AS THEY TAKE THEIR LAST BREATH How do I know ? because I’ve seen it many times over and it’s haunting . Prime Minister should be protected ? Yeah you’re right just not you . Follow his silly protocols because , when his family or his health is threatened no stone will be left unturned the question is will your family get the same . I think you already know the answer.

  13. To be affiliated with dishonesty, greed until you die is like a zombie walking around in the country. Alot of dead people walking in this country with a one track mind, thirsty vampires all they see is blood

    • Am with you juju.
      Was calling out the laborites. Uttering the nonsense expected from them.0
      From the Sidelines et al.

  14. We need to have leaders that lead by example not lead by deception because they always want to win an election.

    Probably he said that he got it because he want the population to get vaccinated and knowingly he is not going to get it, if the population is vaccinated he wont need vaccination .

    I dont see why he will be vaccinated in secret if he wants to encourage the people to get theirs.

    Maybe he did along with the other members to protect themselves, since they only care about themselves and pretend to care about others.

    How transparent are you doing things in secret? Him that hide simple things hide greater things, something that is so small you are hiding what else are you hiding?

    A little lie becomes a great lie , a little thief becomes a great thief

  15. From what I’ve read and viewed via news media, most heads of government and their immediate families received their vaccines first, then plans for mass distribution. I guess it’s like the demo on the plane. Put on your breathing mask first, then help your minor/others. Stay safe.

  16. @ALP until. If you get the COVID and just before they take you off the respirator, please utter those words for the rest of the minions.

  17. What? I mean – that’s great. But why didn’t we know? What about healthcare workers? How are they not the first ones to be vaccinated?

  18. This can be likened to an aircraft pilot jumping from a plane with a parachute knowing that the aircraft is going down with 300 souls on board.

    My people are truly lost if they cannot see through the nonsense!

  19. Is not that I don’t believe, it’s the secrecy of it all. You better believe that his family was also vaccinated which is probably why his son is all over the place not caring. I mean by all means get the vaccine, but if you want us to believe, then show us the vaccination record. It’s the same way Joey John shipped in Ventilators for his family’s use just in case they needed them.

    A lot of people in Antigua have already said that they have no desire for the vaccine either because of fear or religion. It’s a personal choice. As leader you are held to a higher standard. Who else was vaccinated? When? Did you get both doses? Who administered? Any side effects? I am pro-vaccine and all these details could’ve assisted others who are afraid of getting the jab.

    My disappointment is not just with the PM, but all those in our society who have that sense of entitlement because they might have a little $. Don’t forget that we all go 6 ft in the cold, dark earth and we all stand before our Maker and account for our actions. Live right people. We are all brothers and sisters they say. I used to believe that to be honest, but if Covid has taught me anything is that we are selfish to the core and this makes me sad. There are many people out there who are dismayed, depressed, and at their wits end..both young and old.

    • But you are right COVID has exposed corruption and greed and depravity in every society.

      I would say especially in the US and in Antigua. Those are the places I’m most familiar with and a truly ugly picture has been painted of both governments who refused to help the least amongst us during this terrible time.

      Both governments put $$$ over lives.

  20. Today is the PM’s Birthday folks before getting upset and sharing opinions please don’t forget to wish our protected from Covid PM a Happy Birthday :D….. Happy Birthday Sir wishing u a blessed day and wishing u many more to come….


    Did he take the vaccine? or is he saying so that we the citizens feel comfortable about taking it????

    hmmmm. Cant trust them

  22. Can someone with the skills and capability do a meme of Gaston Browne as Captain of the Titanic, speeding past the women and children and knocking them down, just to get a seat on the first lifeboat off the ship?
    Thank you

  23. There are over 60 comments on this article and I am downright surprised and disappointed that there is not a word from FROM THE SIDELINE, TENMAN and ANON THE 1ST. It appears only CARSON was brave enough to put something “bigging up” the leader as usual.

    • Charles perhaps you have nothing better to do with your life, but I certainly do not have time to always respond to nonsensicle comments. It brings me down to their level if I had to respond. Just look at their comment when the PM announced he will be the first to take the vaccine. And now that he did they are all up in arms. Why? Because they had hoped to see him taking it live on tv. Sorry no photo op for your guys.

    • By the way how come you didn’t say something when contrary to the PM I’m calling for him to shut down the country. I guess you missed that one.

      • FROM THE SIDELINE you are absolutely correct, I did miss your call for a shut down which runs contrary to the government’s position. Kudos to you for taking a position which is different to that of the great leader.

        • I do so when necessary. But don’t fool yourself. As I also stated my position is purely based on the information out in the public. I have no clue what other conditions the Cabinet has to consider when making decissions. Its easy to offer your opinion when you are not in the driving seat.

  24. 🇦🇬🇦🇬🇦🇬🆘️🆘️🆘️🆘️🆘️🆘️🆘️🆘️🇦🇬🇦🇬🇦🇬🇦🇬…..I need twenty(24) hours plus/minus ten seconds to laugh😀😀😀😀😁all these comments off.
    Keep ’em coming! As the saying goes, “laughter is food for the soul.

  25. Where are Nigel Christian’s killers?
    Where are Nigel Christian’s killers?
    Where are Nigel Christian’s killers?

    The dictator and traitor Gaston doing his usual selfish bullshit yet again and now trying to twist shit around. He took it in secrecy with a different manufacturer and no one can verify or confirm he did it.

    This imbecile as usual only looking out for Number 1, himself and screw the rest of us.

    Yes people keep voting this piece of garbage in and watch how it will only get worse.

    Where are Nigel Christian’s killers?
    Where are Nigel Christian’s killers?
    Where are Nigel Christian’s killers?

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