PM Browne says he is not his rapist half-brother and his half-brother is not him


Listen to Prime Minister Gaston Browne here:

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  1. Gaston Browne you are saying. You are not your brother and your brother is not you. You are trying to put a huge distance between yourself and your Brother convicted of Rape.What really amazes me.You would not be saying that. If those shoes were on someone else feet.You would have lumped all family members together with the Rapist. Do not care what you say and or do. He is your BROTHER,a Convicted Rapist.

    • @RED KOOL AID… So a person’s brother is convicted of a crime, the person distances themselves and that somehow makes the person what? Please note that the PM’s brother was never a politician nor in anyway associated with the ABLP.

      The UPP, on the other hand, has embraced a CONVICTED PEDOPHILE, a suspected RAPIST, and another who KILLED a young woman. Yet, folks like you see nothing wrong with it. The party you support embraces criminal elements. The PM distances himself and condemns criminals. THAT is the difference!

      • @Washing Basin: I do not think you did Comprehension in School.You would need to read my comments again,and again,until you Comprehend.

  2. We now need to make prostitution legal so that when man especially the married ones buy the “likkle nook” they don’t feel like they are purchasing an illegal product.

  3. I heard Jonás of the Baptist Academy threatening Clare Browne for just saying that you cannot judge public and private school together. In the public schools a child can not show up for days and return. If for example an 8 year old because of delinquent parents don’t show up for an entire term, and then come the next they must be accepted. In the private schools for failing a subject and not badly a child can be thrown out. I made this pond to say Clare Browne was speaking the truth and being legally threatened by the Baptiste Academy/ Jonás . So can the UPP as a registered organization take PM Gaston Brown to count . Now if he is speaking the truth he will have to say it to get off. If it’s not he will be in trouble. So UPP why not do as Jonás ? Unless you are aware that he is speaking the truth. The PM keep on repeating this allegation and not even a weak response we hear from your weak organization.

    • All the PM has to do is report the matter to the police. Why don’t you get him to do that as you are enthralled.

      Are you enthralled when not a word is uttered by the PM concerning the customs broker who took $3,000,000 of tax payers hard earned monies. How I don’t hear you asking the PM to respond…..there are a million and one instance I COULD QUOTE WHERE THE PM REMAINED SILENT AND FOR WHICH YOU DID NOT SPEAK UP.
      USEFUL IDIOT!!!!

    • Let the PM name the suspected rapist and see where it goes from there. If he is so right with what he says, name names.

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