PM Browne says he got a call from the mother of the child his half-brother raped


Prime Minister Gaston Browne says his rapist half-brother continues to profess his innocence.

PM Browne revealed moments ago that he spoke to the mother of the victim.

Listen to Browne here:

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  1. Gaston Browne,

    You claimed you only wanted two terms. You got it. NOW GALANG. The sound of your voice annoys me to the umpteenth.

    • Me ah say ah me one the sound of he voice ANNOY… I keep saying I have to limit newsroom on the weekends na bcus me na want hear NUTTEN he haffu say. This is so classless, why constantly rehashing this case. Doesn’t this child have feelings, her parents or relatives have feelings?? Why make reference of it just to prove that “ it’s my HALF BROTHER (straight like some rass) and if I can show my disdain for his actions so too can anyone else”. Sick dawg tummuck

    • Lol I only read the print of any statement he makes.
      Listening to tear gas Gassy voice is nauseating and one which my brain and stomach can’t take shuups

  2. That should have been confidential geez. Gaston, don’t you think before you talk? Enquiring minds would like to know.

  3. The man is either your brother or not your brother. Your father or mother didn’t have half a child. This criminal is your brother. Period. And Harold Lovell has nothing to do with your brother’s criminal behaviour. Further your brother is serving time in prison for an act that a jury of his peers decided that he is guilty of. Fulls stop and stop. Please have some consideration for the child and her mother’s emotional and mental wellbeing. You keep harping on acts perpetrated against our women and girls but you constantly talking on your radio station about this said issue, what the mother did and what you said to theother is not helping one bit. As a big brother that care so much about our women and girls the least you can do is get some councelling for both mother and child so that they can get past this and get on with some semblance of a decent life. Come on Gaston get a little class and dignify the office you were entrusted with

  4. Mr Brown, all I can say is that most of the comment writers are the supporters of the opposition party who will continue to tarnish your name. These are the same persons who will criticize you, your family or your party takes regardless of good or bad.
    All they’re hoping for is that your party loose the election. Their nonsensical comments are intended to influence some of the readers hence getting them to vote for the UPP.
    I wouldn’t forget that it was the UPP that took this country to the IMF after they’ve mismanaged and steal the funds then finally ran out of ideas.
    With this being said, this will be the first election that my household wouldn’t be voting.

    • UPP took the country to the IMF which charged an interest rate of 1.5% on the amount borrowed, then GASTON and ABLP paid it off and borrowed at between 6 and 10%…..use your common sense if you have any: which deal is more profitable for the country? Y’all just listen to the chit ALP tell y’all without thinking……they have you guys like clowns or useful idiots.
      Barbados used an IMF programmed and came out the better for it…….there is absolutely nothing wrong with the IMF.

  5. All I am asking it that the parliament includes molestation of boys. We have men that do prey on boys. Especially in the religious denominations where they don’t get married. Secondly women too do sexually assault boys. Also lesbian women are sexually assaulting girls, they love young girls.

  6. The worst thing in the history of Antigua is thing we call carnival. Starting with the fetes and the behavior, the promiscuity that comes with the use of alcohol. Heard i guy said at AOL a young lady came and just fell in his arms and passed out drunk. He said the guys next to him said just take her and put some seed on her. He said he did not. They said you know who she be? She ah so and so pickney. Them got money and behave like them better then people. He said he actually had to protect this this beautiful, educated, upper class, young lady until someone came looking for her. There is a video out with a girl drunk kneeling and man standing, while she preforming sex act on guy. She was not his woman. She was drunk …
    Next do you see how they behave at T’shirt mass. This started with really nice innovations. I had like to see if the first time. Now it’s the worst behavior. It is a burning shame. It’s not cultural. It’s all about alcohol and sex. So all the rapist are encouraged my what they are seeing and yes we allow our girls to participate. Help , help , heaven help us all !

    • @Frankly Speaking….

      …nothing, as in #No #Thing!
      …‘tis, the only thing
      …which happens by mistake.
      …all others, are by
      …as, TIME is left in its own wake!

      There are no surprises when it comes to the CARNIVAL and BACCHANAL.
      The etymology of these words are not only ROOTED in the CULTURE of DIONYSIUS(festival of wine, orgy, drunkardness), the BACCHANAL(mayhem, disorder), they are the #spirits/energy which controls the CULTURE, rather than those of OUR EMANCIPATED fore parents.

      The CARNIVAL will soon morph into a LQGBATP – ALPHABET SOUP PARADE…

  7. Your half and his half makes a whole. He Keep talking about half brother trying to justify everything.

  8. Lying Gaston Browne was quick to point fingers at UPP when the news 1st broke about a rapist being caught. And it turned out to be his brother.

    They both from the same gene pool. I know plenty woman who went to Gaston for concessions on certain items and he asked them for a piece on the side in return. That’s a fact.

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