PM Browne says he donated 100k of his own money to A&B’s vaccination effort


Prime Minister Gaston Browne said that he had donated $100,000 towards the government’s vaccination programme.


Browne disclosed his donation on Monday following the ceremony to mark the arrival of India’s contribution to Antigua & Barbuda of 40,000 doses of the Oxford/AstraZeneca Vaccine.


The prime minister responded to a reporter’s question regarding the possibility of setting up a fund for private individuals to contribute to the vaccine effort.


“We have not launched a formal program of solicitations, but we’ve had a number of citizens who have generously contributed funds towards acquiring vaccines,” the Prime Minister said.


“So, for example, the Hadeed Group of Companies, they have donated $270,000. We’ve had another $270,000 from a group, which was coordinated by Fosto Faderelli and several other individuals who contributed,” he added.


“In fact, I will now formally disclose too that I would have made a contribution of EC $100,000 on behalf of my family. So, so far, we have collected in excess of $1,000,000 that will go toward vaccine purchases,” Browne revealed.

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS…Hon.Gaston Browne. You’re a real LEADER. Hon.Gaston Browne leads from the front. Would like to hear CHARLES TABOR spin on this GRAND donation from Hon.Gaston Browne. The best Prime Minister in the WORLD.

    • And I shall quote what the Hon. Member for St.Peter’s said to the PM in parliament “I will get to the source of your income one day…prior to 2014 you had nothing”. Food for thought. Nonetheless whether or it is our hard earned tax dollars or CIP monies being donated back to us I say thanks.

        • Pete, you sound like a fool. Do you think Asot does not know what he is talking about? Don’t forget they were business partners who now have falling out. This is when the real story comes out.

        • I implore you to do your own research into the matter. I for one can only shake my head in disappointment at the level of corrution that is allowed to go on (past and present, by the ALP and UPP) and the people are none the wiser to accept it as the norm. @Pete I might sound silly to some, however to those persons I only hope that they seek out the knowledge that will allow that see this farce for what it is.


    Charles Tabor would NOT dare say anything negative of this BIG BIG donation by our Hon.Gaston Browne .Hope Lovell will donate some money also.
    I was reading a contribution by ERIC CARDEN yesterday and He predicted that the election slated for 2023 will be as follows
    ABLP 17. UPP 00. I shall endorse this PREDICTION.

  3. This is the man the haters like for us to see as the demon that they want to paint him. But time and time again he has shown to be a man of the people who gives from his heart each time to the community. Especially during hurricane Irma. But God doesn’t sleep. And who God Bless no man curse.
    God Bless you Mr. Browne.
    Many in this country have far much more money than you but they are so greedy they will never give from the heart. All of self.
    One should put togther a list of ALL the personal donoation the PM has made, because he is to humble to do this himself.

    • Nothing wrong with giving back to the people some of what is theirs. You are a sick puppy.

  4. Listening to the back and forth between Asot and himself in parliament recently about money, one has to wonder

  5. I “would” have made a contribution of EC $100,000 on behalf of my family. Did he make the contribution or is it a typo? Politicians have a way with words.

  6. @ COOL+ RULER

    Cool Ruler and Charles Tabor drink the same BLUE KOOLAID. Hon.Gaston Browne was a MILLIONAIRE before politics.I am at a loss to inderstand why COOL RULER , CHARLES TABOR ,SERPENT, KNIGHT are so jealous of Hon.Gaston Browne. You Guys should work hard and stop your jealousy of the Hon.Gaston Browne…BEST and most INTELLIGENT Prime Minister EVER.

  7. @ ALEX
    I wish ALEX knew how to show GRATITUDE instead of being a SMART ASS. You will never be successful in life because of you STINKING / RUDE attitude.Hon.Gaston Browne is a man with.a BIG heart. He loves to help.People. ALEX , I hope some day you will SMARTEN UP.

    • “I would have made a contribution” if you did make a contribution, just say I made a contribution. You can contribute more than this considering is probably coming out of…

  8. LYNDA.G., FROM THE SIDELINE, RUPERT MANN, FREDERIC LAMPTON and all the other Gaston Browne apologists, I am not afraid to comment on Gaston’s contribution of $1000,000 to assist with the procurement of vaccines. First of all, a country that is an ECONOMIC POWERHOUSE should not have to resort to assistance from rich individuals to help us buy vaccines. Second, if Gaston was a millionaire before entering politics and his son was a millionaire at 17 years old, why the HELL did he and his son collected a paltry $13,500 from the Board of Education to allow his son to attend Monroe College in the USA. With all their money he should have gotten his son into an Ivy League University in the USA such as Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Brown or Princeton. Perhaps for the latter to have happened it required not just money but also BRAINS. Yes, Gaston acquired wealth in politics and can afford to give away $100,000. Do you recall the land he acquired in the National Park in English Harbour at a pepper corn price and then turned around a sold a small piece for an exorbitant profit? Anyway, I do not want to go on and on. I will leave the rest to Asot Michael to disclose to us the source of the acquisition of Gaston’s wealth. Finally, I do not know what gratitude that I or anyone else should be showing to Gaston for his contribution to the State. If the country was managed properly no individual would have to bail us out now.

    • You are right about the facts. There are people on here that don’t care or getting paid to kiss the dictator and traitor Gaston’s ass.

      With so-called leaders like the current ones, Antigua will continue to go down into the dumps.

      Where are Nigel Christian’s murderers? In this small country it’s an embarrassment they can’t find them. This stinks of nefarious people at the top involved.
      Where are Nigel Christian’s murderers? In this small country it’s an embarrassment they can’t find them. This stinks of nefarious people at the top involved.
      Where are Nigel Christian’s murderers? In this small country it’s an embarrassment they can’t find them. This stinks of nefarious people at the top involved.


    TABOR…You have shown your true colour ( BLUE ). Hon.Gaston Browne donated to our VACCINATION program and all TABOR can do is to talk all ILLS of our Prime Minister. I do not know what our Prime Minister has done Charles Tabor. Hon Gaston Browne will continue to serve Antiguans. Tabor must learn to show GRATITUDE. God bless Hon.Gaston Browne.

  10. In respect of how the PM arrived at his financial panicle, the fact that he has personally made a hug contribution to the cause is something to be celebrated and not marred. The ugliness of politics always seems to cloud good deeds and not allow for people to enjoy the sunshine even when it is raining.

  11. Gaston Browne surely knows,how to become the story.Did he give the funds to become more popular.I see all the Gastonites are coming out.Now he would be able to walk on water. Maybe divide the Red Sea.

  12. Is that a real check.Fakes could be made to look real.If it smells like fish.It usually is just that.Why did he give money to the Government.When Antigua is so rich.It is an economic POWERHOUSE.LIE,You hear LIE.

  13. Black Man….If you see success you would not recognize it. You stay in New York and chat CRAP. You have not been to Antigua in DECADES. You are just a BIG mouth to be IGNORED. No substance.You sure NOT a BLACK MAN.

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