PM Browne says government might discontinue curfew soon


Prime Minister Gaston Browne said the government might discontinue the curfew if there is a significant reduction in new cases and an excellent response to the government’s vaccination programme.


The curfew has been in force continually, in varying lengths, since March last year.


“We know that some of the measures, including the curfew, which we had to expand, that they are creating difficulties for our people. I know that, in some instances, livelihoods have been affected but based on the trend that we’re seeing now, it’s possible that, you know, those measures will come to an end soon”, he said on Point FM on Saturday.


“This is assuming that individuals remain responsible, and we’re able to reduce the spread of COVID and possibly get the spread down to maybe single digits, maybe less than three,” he said.


“As soon as we’re able to get it under control through the existing measures plus the vaccination that we’re promoting, then evidently, we’ll move towards reopening.”


The Prime Minister said this would perhaps include “eliminating the curfew and reopening the country fully”, which he said was “very important.”

“So, yes, we know that people are hurting, but those individuals who have been displaced temporarily, the bar owners and so on and even restaurant operators, they must understand that the government is prioritizing protecting lives.”


The Prime Minister said the measures were working and “already we have seen a reduction in the amount of individuals who visit the hospital for, at least COVID patients who visit the hospital.”


According to Browne, “There has been a 50% or more reduction in the rate of individuals who are infected with COVID and is seeking medical treatment.”


He said the government was “asking for some patience from our people.”


“I believe that very shorty especially if the vaccinations go well and we have the kind of take-up that we have seen and the kind of enthusiasm that we’re seeing within the last few days and the urgency in which a number of nationals are treating the vaccination process, I can say that we probably would be in far better space within the next 30 to 60 days,” the Prime Minister said.

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    • Why, so you and the upp can do exactly what danold trump was doing in the USA? You that badly want to have a political rally that everything else means nothing to you and the UPP?
      If the UPP or any organisation have a political rally, lots of people will get covid and in turn die…
      That’s what important to UPP….
      Power at any cost….

  1. “a 50% reduction” what planet is this guy on? The people who are hurting the most are those who are getting sick and dying. Unfortunately they are not the ones with money, so the PM is not going to listen to them

  2. Lift the State of Emergency.That is what needs to be done,now.By keeping that Emergency in place.You are keeping your feet on the necks of the people.One day they would be awaken from their slumbers. See what happens then.

  3. You might open up soon. U had better. People are tired being held hostage. Our lives have been displaced. Our livelihood has been seriously compromised. Many have suffererd unbearably. You can’t just lock down people’s bars, clubs, restaurants etc in a high handed and arbitrarily manner like you have! Every one is owed a living. You want the places to lock down? No problem. Has the government extended any kind of help or relief concessions to these person’s who have been displaced? Have you waived their utilities for the period they were inoperable? No! So stop telling us that u know…knowing is not enough. An active participation by the government to assist these businesses which have been locked down would have garnered you more points.
    Come on! There are a lot of dormant and unused millions laying around in private coffers!

  4. Draconian laws to be implemented to get a successful vaccination program. People will get vaccinated if they choose to, it’s a choice. Stop all the rhetoric just to say YOU achieved something. If 70% of the adult population becomes vaccinated it is by CHOICE, put that in your CRANIUM.

  5. Greed knows no bounds. People are dispensable. Some people are making money and do not care. When they have no “staff” to pick up their laundry they might start regretting open borders.

    • Excuse u but some people have not work for almost a year now and they have families to feed and mountains of bills to pay. So while u who proberly work for government and get pay every month can live good work half day and still get full pay some of us are struggling and would like to go back to work. This curfew lockdown shit has been pure hell for some people.

    • You’re such a fool…. if you go to work then go home instead of driving to a bar or by a friends home in the evening, wouldn’t that contribute to less exposure for you and the other persons than would do the same?

      I really wonder whats really happening to people here in this land

  6. Step by step
    Let us not rush into freedom only to suffer a spike and get locked down all over again…please.

    BTW 4 new cases? Funny how that low magic number appeared just before PM’s pronouncement.

  7. All am seeing here is a go take the vaccination speech, with alot of lies and deception. The heart of men has become cold, dark and wicked through greed and selfishness. Honestly you cant fool ppl that pay attention to details. If u wanted this vaccination process to go smoothly you should have came publicly and take it. Plenty of u guys in office taking water for vaccine to comfort people minds to mislead them.

  8. I think all this is being said to force persons to take the vaccine. So its like you want country open and curfew lift then take the vaccine or ELSE.

  9. After taking the vaccine will people continue to wear mask? Will social distancing continue? Can the virus spread even if a person is vaccinated to another vaccinated individual?
    They still promote wearing of mask,social distance and fear to get the population vaccinated .

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