PM Browne says four Fiennes Institute residents were “taken out” by an irresponsible person


Prime Minister Gaston Browne said that a woman caused COVID-19 to spread among residents at the Fiennes Institute.


Browne revealed this on Pointe FM on Saturday after saying sometimes, “they accuse us of covering up.”


The Prime Minister said he was aware of the information a week prior but “decided not to touch it.”


“The reality is we had about four residents of the Fiennes Institute who were literally taken out from an irresponsible person who inadvertently spread the virus within the institution,” he said.


Browne added, “we are pretty confident as to who that person may have been, but I don’t want to mention the name to create any unnecessary controversy.”


The Prime Minister further revealed that the woman “knew that she could have been COVID positive but didn’t take the necessary precautions.”


He said in these situations, “we need to look after each other and be our brother’s keeper and our sister’s protector.”


The Prime Minister cautioned, “we cannot allow complacency and negligence to take over or even ignorance, for that matter”, adding, “the best allies of COVID are complacency and ignorance.”


“When you state these things, you know people become deviant, they become defensive, and they feel that you’re trying to shame them. We’re not trying to shame them. What we’re trying to do is explain the risk to the population so that people can avoid making those mistakes”, Browne insisted.

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  1. PM Browne without naming names but revealing the manner in which, especially our most vulnerable, become compromised is important. It is a mechanism by which to educate and inform the general public.
    I have always held that the ‘means’ of the spread of non-imported cases is important to disseminate that information. Perhaps that would deter some careless people from perpetuating the stupid mistakes again and again.

    • The means of spread of a highly contagious airborne virus is not “nonimported” cases or even imported cases.

      Anyone can get infected and anyone can spread COVID

      Only quarantining a small fraction of people (returning citizens) but letting in a large fraction of other people (tourists, yachties, white dual citizens) without restriction never made any sense and is the root cause of the current crisis.

      Of course the failure to adequately quarantine and monitor even returning nationals didn’t help either

      Then you couple all of that with a lack of a public health campaign to express the seriousness of the disease, a year of nonenforcement with masks on chins and bellow noses, the MOH and PM continuously stating the island is Covid-19 free when it wasn’t, hiding cases and deaths from the disease making the public think matters are under control and not a serious concern

      And oh yeah, not testing tourists unless absolutely necessary so the imported case numbers remain low

      A recipe for disaster from an incompetent leader with a lot of blood on his hands

      And to add insult to injury the guy responsible for the mess blames his victims at every opportunity

      • Àmen .
        Totally agree .
        Simple method bof putting neon color wristband like Dominica for anyone arriving to the island ( air and sea) show who is moving around before the quarantine period over .
        Mandatory testing at least once a week for healthcare workers should be in place .
        Yes very incompetent irresponsible ignorant ànd ego manic and power hungry leader has alot of blood on his hand.
        God not sleep.
        I will leave it there .

  2. And his constant blaming of citizens but failure to take responsibility for his actions that are the root cause of this outbreak.

    He left the borders wide open to any and all visitors with no testing or quarantining.

    Doing so guaranteed that the island would eventually be overrun with disease

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