PM Browne says former manager of State Insurance was encouraged to “take a package”


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  1. This man has some nerve. Look at the fire today. Gaston Browne continues to demonstrate that he cannot deliver basic services to protect the people. What is the status of the new fire trucks? Six months after the fire in Point and we have made no progress. Bunch of jokers.

  2. Gaston, I guess what you are saying is you are the only smart person in Antigua that can run this country. Are your ministers allowed to have any input or you think they are not smart enough? When God was giving out intelligence, he waited for you to give you all. Drop dead and see what happens to Antigua. You think so big that’s why the country is so stink with all the broken infrastructure.

  3. PM is not about who’s the most competent team to lead the country. It’s who makes the most noise and promises the most givaways. PM harold lovell and team UPP for the win. UPP 17-0!! Leadership doesnt matter. We Ready to disappoint and mismanage!!!

  4. Did I hear right: ‘she was offered a package because it was put to her that it might be best to accept a package if she knows she is not capable of taking the entity to the next level’?

    We will hear the other side soon.

    Enquiring minds want to know if the present Board of Directors (with emphasis on the Deputy Chairman) is QUALIFIED to take the entity to the next level.

    • Beef a you that? Is this the same State Insurance that them kicked in the door, saying UPP want to privatized? Did I just hear Gaston say they are going to privatize State Insurance? Beef please tell me if I am hearing right. Beef the only qualification them have is kissing ass to get by with four pay check for supporting the dawg and he wife. Dam hypocrites!

    • @ BEEF

      Beef deserved to be kicked off of POINTE FM. Beef is a HYPOCRITE. Beef please go with your Friend Knight on Observer Radio. Beef does not support ABLP. Mr Lee should fire Beef. Beef is the most DISGRUNTLED person I have ever met. He needs a woman in His life.

      • Send your mother or your sister or your aunt or your daughter (once to age) since you know what I want.

        • @ BEEF

          Thought you have more class than that…..I would never mentioned your mother. Please control yourself.

      • I am sick and tired of the likes of you Since you want to take up the fight let’s go. Since you know what I want bring them come. You do not know what I know and you running up you damn mouth. The likes of you need to know your darn place. You come across as an ass-kisser too. Get some balls and think for your damn self. Then again, you might have just been wound up and released like a toy.

  5. Gaston please take your own advice and just leave. But wait, you have already taken your self enrichment package, so just pack up and go.

  6. Gaston Browne:

    “… Can the UPP take the country to the next level?”

    Well Prime Minister, call the General Election and let the people decide.

    If the ABLP had completed all the tasks (and pledges) that they promised in their manifestos, I would have supported them again.

    But like many citizens of Antigua, we haven’t seen ANY improvement in our standards of living, the crime rate and gun crimes increases – and with no address or guidance from you about this -; the infrastructure is an embarrassment, and water is only READILY available to the rich elites and the political classes.


    Gaston Browne knows he can rely on this blind support to keep him in power, but if it collapses. Watch out boss man!




      UPP 00 SEAT ( 10 candidates will lose deposits )

      DNA 00 SEAT ( ALL Candidates will lose deposits )


      All women will vote ABLP after what DANANI TABOR said about Antigua Women. Damani should wash His mouth with SALY WATER. VERY RUDE.


        • @ KNIGHT

          Knight, You remember the DRIVE-IN. Knight and BRIXTONIAN are the same….Very limited VOCABULARY. Bunch of IGNORANT People. ABLP all the way.

      • Hi @ ERIC (THE RED),

        I note with – very little – interest, that your vocabulary doesn’t stretch too far.

        However, I challenge you to debate with me.

        To help give you a SMALL chance of winning, you can choose the topic … ANY TOPIC OF YOUR CHOICE BOSS, I DARE YOU, I DOUBLE DARE YOU!!!

        Whether it’s about the neutrons in hydrogen, or the faeces of the Antiguan bat 🦇, just let me know.

        Come on Eric, take the bait.

        • Hon. Gaston Browne , Let’s IGNORE those UPP Operatives. They are fighting for Their POLITICAL LIVES. I like ERIC ( THE RED ) polling ABLP will win ALL 17 seats. UPP are confused. UPP DONE / DEAD / FINISHED.

  7. @ Brixtonia well said I concur.
    Even the fools that try mightily to defend this self enricher understand but …..
    These bag of Dinosaur bones must be put back in a museum where they can be view from behind the glass

  8. That stache man knows it all. However,it is rumored that a Landscaper found a Billy eating into the garden. I am wondering,how he did not know that. When the garden is owned by him and not fenced properly,farmer Browne.

  9. Gaston u asking if the Manager at State Insurance can take the Company to the next level but can you take Antigua to the next level ? U Gaston believe that you a brighter than sun. We waiting to bowl you out for nought. This ALP Government will fall the horizon is on the wall.

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