PM Browne Says Faithful Nationals’ Protest Against Global Port Deal Was Pointless


There was a protest by members of the faithful nationals group on Wednesday morning while the Global port handing over ceremony took place and Prime Minister Gaston Browne remarked that he saw no practical reason for the industrial action because their issues have been addressed.

“Initially, they had raised a number of issues in the memorandum understanding and we listened to them. For example, there was an exclusivity clause and we accepted that there should be no exclusivity. So by the time we got to the stage of signing off to the agreement that was expound from the agreement.” explained Browne.

The Prime Minister also said that several of the other issues were also addressed.

According to Browne, his government has no difficulty with an opposition providing critical assessment on any deal it strikes but not a continuation of ‘useless pickets’.

“And I believe we now have a win-win outcome, one in which all stakeholders will benefit. But at the end of the day, they probably see it as a way to keep their base active and to gain some form of recognition that they are doing something. But I don’t see their protestation bringing any real value to the people of Antigua and Barbuda.” said Browne.

The ceremony held on Wednesday saw the culmination of an 18-month negotiation between the Government of Antigua and Barbuda and Global Port Holding.

The Quays in St John’s as Global Ports Holding (GBH) has officially taken the reins of management of the St John’s cruise port terminal from the Antigua Pier Group.

Tourism Minister Charles “Max” Fernandez outlined nine key benefits that the government will realize as per the GPH deal: paying off a US $21 million ACB 20-year-old debt; head tax of US $1 per passenger for the first three years and environment tax of US $1.50 per passenger; financing the fifth pier berth of up to US $30 million; a US $2 million investment into Heritage Quay; adding a new commercial area on lower Newgate Street, to include shops and cafes by investing over US $25 million; providing US $5 million to the Prime Minister’s Entrepreneurship Development Fund; the adaptation of the GPH management culture; staff training; and the benefit derived from the global marketing effort of GPH.

Prime Minister Gaston Browne added that the port’s expected yield to the government should be a total of $2.5 million per year, conversely ($1 million from the head tax and $1.5 million from the environmental tax).




  1. These people are neither “Faithful” or “National”. They are a tiny pressure group with their roots in Lovell-ism. These are Harry’s people. It’s all political.

  2. I’m really happy about this deal, really good business decision by PM. Hopefully GPH will build shops that look classy and are well maintained.

  3. The FAITHFUL NATIONALS are BIGGEST joke that ever form in Antigua. It was an embarrassment yesterday to witnessed approximately 50 Persons on the street so called DEMONSTRATING against the GOODWILL of ANTIGUANS and BARBUDANS. It was a burning shame to this small group trying to disrupt progress . When would They realize that Antiguans DO NOT want to hear nor see Them. Listening to the SNAKEPIT last evening and I could hear the FRUSTRATION In Their voices because of the FAILED demonstration. Cannot wait to hear DAMANI TABOR RHETORIC this evening….UPP is completely FINISHED. SERPENT , KNIGHT , GLADYS POTTER ,CLEON ATHILL are BIGGEST waste of time in Antigua. God bless the Antigua Labour Party and Hon. Gaston Browne.

    • Some years ago the opposition formed LUMP ….. They died a natural death…… POWA came on the scene but it appears as though they have dwindled into thin air……They eventually formed THE MOVEMENTS but sadly they are failing miserably and now they are trying to doguise themselves as the FAITHFUL NATIONALS….. Smh….. According to their programs & policies it is clear that they are beating a dead horse and soon they will be ending into the dust bins of Antigua’s history…. PM GASTON BROWNE AND THE ABLP IS A FORCE THAT THE DETRACTORS ( the oppositions)CANNOT STOP. THE TRUE FAITHFUL ANTIGUANS ARE NO FOOLS!!!

  4. There is a Serpent among us.” Those were the words uttered by an Adventist pastor, when a young man from Potters, a server, decided to pilfer the church offering.
    When you are cursed; nothing good shall follow thee. I am from Potters and I would like to know that Person.

    I found the above on Our Prime Minister facebook page


  5. What a BIG BIG DISGRACE listening to Knight and Damani Tabor this evening December 12 2019.
    Who will really vote for Damani Tabor and the UPP. Too many positive things happening under the Gaston Browne Administration that Damani Tabor agree and Knight disagree with all the investments happening in Antigua. It is a SHAME to listen to Damani and Knight.

  6. ALL the GB toilet papers came to hide back here it seems. Old people say “wet your hand and wait for me” and I KNOW plenty of you ass wipes gonna ban yu belly and BAWL over this Global Ports giveaway. You imbeciles think there isn’t a REAL reason why a non disclosure on ALL these deals exists. What you uncultured idiots need to do is go RESEARCH what happens when these cruise entities TAKE OVER ports and NOT worry about Serpent et al. Waiting for the mourning of the nation in account of GPU because BELIEVE IT OR NOT IT IS COMING.

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