PM Browne says directors of ECAB continue to frustrate the government

Craig J. Walter Chairman Board of Directors

Prime Minister Gaston Browne us yet again calling out the Directors of the Eastern Caribbean Amalgamated Bank over their delay in converting the government’s shares into ordinary shares.

Browne says the government invested a lot in ECAB.

Listen to him here:

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    • @ Former Labourite

      Happy to see you remember he get caught with his hands in the money bag teefing. Now he gone from small time teefing to big time teefing. Look all the prime lands he done teef up and all the hotels. Same thing with Barnacle Point. Yet nincompoops neargas still voting this stinking feces dump in.

  1. Oh the irony, and yet this foolish leader can’t see it.

    He crying about Mr Walter withholding payment to the government; and yet this same said government has been holding Antiguan workers hostage – for years – regarding delays in paying wages and overtime.

    please please please, call the election!

    HOW DID THIS MAN EVER GET TO LEAD OUR COUNTRY, AND DARE I SAY THE ABLP (mind you, to be fair, Bird wasn’t difficult to replace)?


    • So sad. He is only trying to correct a stupidity that Harold and the UPP did, by letting Bank of St. Lucia control the majority of Shares in ECAB. The same stupidity they did in LIAT to let Barbados get majority control of the shares. But you and your type have no clue about these things. Lovel and the UPP and its followers cannot think outside the box. They are always taken for a ride by much smarter ones in the region and developers. Look how they give away the lands at the Rising Grounds, The lands at Valley Church, The lands at Crabbs to Bau Pannel. The lands at Dry Hill to Dr. Lake.

      • If I were ECAB, I would redeem the government shares and pay them out. Gaston wants common shares so he can bully and control the bank. Money hawks like Gaston must be kept at bay and from the people’s money.

        • In case you don’t understand the shares are for the people of Antigua and Barbuda, not for Gaston personally. And all he is doing is standing up for Antigua and Barbuda. Not many are doing this lately. Thank God for Gaston.

      • Sideline, you either don’t know what you are talking about or are being disingenuous when you talk about giving away lands at Dry Hill to Dr. Lake. Dr. lake was awarded damages, and the government couldn’t pay so they gave the lands in settlement. Anyway, at least Dr. Lake has Antiguan Children. You hate for Antiguans to own lands? What about all the Antiguan and Barbudan lands given away to foreigners especially in Barbuda? Do you have issues with that?

        • “… at least Dr Lake has Antiguan children. You hate for Antiguans to own lands?”

          @ Jackie … Great riposte 👏

          Dem “generational” ABLP supporters nah easy, they are blinded by misplaced loyalty!

        • Everyone knows the rotten deal that led to this landgrab. The value of the land exchanged for the monies owed is like 5 to 1. That’ why there was no valuation done. But the UPP likes to talk about the ABLP enriching themselves and their cronies. You took Gaston to court for legally purchasing land at English Harbour at Cabinet’s approved concessional rate. And you lost that in court. Land in Barbuda cannot be given away to anyone since it is not for sale. And as I stated it is the UPP that gave away our lands to foreigners and I list them above. But you cannot refute that. Bau Panel never paid a dime for the many acres they got at Crabbs. The so-called investor at Valley Church never paid a dime for the acres he got, and this government had to give him One Million Dollars to get it back. The Car Park Developer were given our Prime Land in town to use as collateral, so they could get financed. And when they defaulted the bank seized the land. It’s this Gaston Browne government had to go and buy back the land. So many UPP failures. Inept set of people.

      • @Sidelines: Doctor Lake earned those lands at Dry Hill. That man came to Antigua from Anguilla and worked for years at Holberton Hospital as the Chief Surgeon. His late sister Bernice Lake came to Antigua also and made her contributions. Why you do not tell us the amount of lands the Labor Party gave away. Let us begin with the late Lester Bird to now Gaston Browne. Remember Dato Tan and the Sheikh with the lands at Morris Bay,Old Road. Were those lands returned as Lying Gaston said last week.

        • Does anyone who this person going as From the Sideline? This person seems like a non national who knows nothing but kissing Gaston’s behind for favours.

        • The majority of land that Dato Tan bought was bought from the Fullers. The government acted as a mediator. Former Prime Minister took the government and Dato Tan to court, and he lost big time. The court instructed him to pay the government one million dollars. To date this amount has allegedly not been paid into the Treasury. And sad but true politicians seem to be protecting one another. Cause Gaston never went after those monies. And if you don’t think the Moris Bay lands are not returned, that is your business. It’s quite easy to find out. Just go to the land registry and do a search on who the title of the land is in.

  2. The directors are doing their job by protecting the bank from Gaston Browne. It is clear that Gaston just wants them to do whatever he directs them to do but that is not how directors operate. Antiguans do not want Gaston intermeddling with this bank. Gaston, STAY OUT OF THE BANK and let the directors run the bank.

  3. @From the dunce line
    You will always kiss 💋 ass. Don’t the government owe overtime for workers and frustrating them also. No word unless protest and still they have to be waiting

  4. Gaston wants more shares so that he can have more voting rights and hence more control over the appointment of directors. Then he will appointment his goons and ass-lickers to the board of ECAB so they will do his bidding. He will then run the bank directly by decree. We do not want that at all.

  5. I have a few pennies in that Bank,ECAB.Directors stand your damn ground. Do not back down from that wanna bee,Bully. He thinks,because he has a moustache like Hitler. We the people of Antigua and Barbuda should be afraid and bow down to him. Stand your damn ground and protect your customers finances.

    • Cannot believe so called lovers of their country, stand against someone that stands up for the country. Just like when Gaston went after Sandals to pay in the ABST they have been withholding. They stood with Sandals rather than to stand with their country. All because of their hate for the man Gaston Browne. All this can be considered to be Treason. They don’t stand up for Antigua. But they claim to love this country.

  6. Well Mr. Craig J. Walter (seen in the picture) seems like he has a whole lot of shit going on in his head🤯🥥🌏 so he’s probably more frustrated with you Grabston 🤣😂

  7. Carry dem a COURT! You sound like a whining puss! You lub fu sue. See if the courts can force ECAB management and board to do what you want.

  8. The foreign owned road contractor that doing all the election roads , not hiring a single local equipment getting the rest of the lands plus money.

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