PM Browne says Antigua and Barbuda economy to grow by 9.4 percent in 2023


Antigua and Barbuda’s economy is projected to achieve a 9.4 percent growth during this budgetary year despite the challenges encountered during the period of COVID-19 and the ongoing Russian war on Ukraine.

“The Eastern Caribbean Central Bank has forecast that Antigua and Barbuda experienced an impressive 8.5 per cent rate of growth in 2022, and has projected a whopping 9.4 percent growth in real GDP for 2023,” said the Prime Minister.

The country’s leader said that Antigua and Barbuda’s average rate of growth for the three-year period, since the COVID-19 pandemic, will be an unprecedented 8.2 per cent per annum.

“This performance was achieved notwithstanding the closure of Jolly Beach, Halcyon and Sugar Ridge hotels for most of this three-year period.  By any objective measurement, this is a remarkable achievement that distinguishes the effective management of our economy and that is cause for national pride, national satisfaction, and national praise,” he said.

Prime Minister Browne pointed out that this is a demonstration that the ABLP administration has already significantly progressed the economy along the road of resetting, recovering, and revitalising. 

“We did not waste time, nor did we spare energy.  And we are geared to strengthening, accelerating, and intensifying our efforts over this financial year for the good of all,” PM Browne stated.

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  1. To grow by 9.4 % this year 2023? Does Gaston Browne know this for a fact? I am forecasting that it would be raining $$$ from the skies over Antigua for the next 10 days. So folks be ready with your buckets,slab pales,drums,bath pans and tanks to catch all of that cash falling from the skies. I would like to see an Economy. Where by the majority of the people benefits from such. Not an economy where only a handful see such growth.While the majority are financially suffering daily.The Budget Speech sounds like a Paradise on Earth,pie in the sky. Sweet,Sounding,Nothings.

  2. Can Gaston Browne also send me the lottery numbers as well with the help of Maria’s Crystal ball 🔮 … 😁

  3. I saw the snake 🐍 in a suit he look like when dead in stiff jackets

  4. Give thanks for our Great and blessed Leader who has and is demonstrating the capacity and wisdom to lead our Country to prosperity inspite of the redicule, the lies and propaganda he continues to build his Country and those that are doing it could never put the foot in his shoes just a bunch of blabber mouths .

    • So @ Political, tell me something. If as YOU say that Gaston Browne is such a great leader and blessed with wisdom.

      Can you please explain to the rest of Antiguans why YOUR great leader doesn’t address our concerns regarding the illegals strolling around the country; the accountability of the country’s finances regarding NAMCO and CIP that runs into the $billions of Dollars?

      Instead of resorting to SUPERFLUOUS soundbites that means absolutely nothing to sensible minded Antiguans who have been calling out for answers for the longest while now.

      Over to you Political; I don’t expect an answer by the way, because ABLP supporters have a distinct lack cohesion, comprehension and clarity in their responses to valid questions …

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