PM Browne rubbishes the view that Antigua has too many hotel rooms


Prime Minister Gaston Browne has addressed concerns about the number of hotel rooms in Antigua, asserting that the current capacity is far from sufficient.

He emphasized that Antigua is still at the early stages of its tourism industry and that significantly more rooms are needed to achieve sustained economic growth and improved living standards for its people.

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  1. Supply and Demand,
    The right product at the right price will provide the international finances through people arriving in Antigua.
    Fail and they will go somewhere else.

  2. I am in full agreement with the Prime Minister – Antigua actually needs more hotel rooms. There is a domino effect with Rooms, airlift and tourism by-products. We have to attract more people to the island, which may involve opening up new markets and air routes. When we attract more, we will need more airlifts and rooms.

    The recent SIDs Conference is a testimony that we do not have enough rooms. We saw the government scambling to find room for 4000 attendees. We have bit hotels in Antigua and none of them even have 500 rooms.

    On the other hand, I believe we really need to pay attention to the amount of land that we give to Hotels. The MGM Grand in Las Vegas has nearly 7000 rooms and sits on a smaller land space than some of the hotels in Antigua and Barbuda – yet more rooms than all combined. We should try to put several hotels along the same beach, they could even use shared resources like tennis courts, etc. Soon, we will run out of because and still don’t have rooms.

  3. You cannot and should not put all of your fowl eggs into one basket.We need to have leaders with broader visions.The need to diversify our economy broader,starts now.All of the Caribbean Nations are into Tourism big time.The competition is very strict and tough.In my opinion,we do not need more Hotel Rooms on the Island.We need to upgrade and upkeep the ones we have at this time.For some of those properties need a facelift among other amenities.

  4. Again, did we not learn from the plandemic? Weeks after the clown was showcasing in parliament about “growth” the country was broke and in the height of covid had to open our boarders. We have to live and work with covid running rampant. Hotels were closed, hundreds were out of jobs, Antigua and Barbuda was on the brink.
    Any idiot with a 3rd grade education could see the need for diversity, except this guy.
    Was he not running his mouth not long ago about importing workers, as if we are not overrun with them already, because folks are no longer running after hotel jobs?
    After 30 plus hotel project failures, you would think he’d get the picture. Obviously, he didn’t.

  5. “Early stages” after 60 years? This PM is a lunatic. Are all these hotels full to capacity and do we have to turn away tourists? Even during peak season, most of the hotels are not full. We don’t need any more hotels. We need economic diversification. We’ve taken tourism as far as it can go. It’s time to pivot.

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