PM Browne responds to rumour that he was picked up by agents at Miami airport


Prime Minister Gaston Browne told Pointe FM:

:At the end of day. I mean, it’ll be like water off a duck’s back. I mean, there’s no way they can hurt me. After all what they’ve said about me.

I mean, when you look at lead up to the last elections there about I’m wanted by FBI. I brought in 4.5 billion USD.

I was even told to cash that when I was at the airport when I returned from the Bahamas.

They would pick you up in Miami. Now, I was told that they pick me up.

So my security detail was answering his phone, talking to an individual, saying to the person, know the prime minister is here.  Because they had some kind of WhatsApp saying that they picked me up  in Miami. They leNGHT that these people will go to, you know.

Browne added: Our people have to be very careful that, you know, I mean they may find it funny and I’m not quibbling over it in the sense that, you know, I’m tough like nails, so there is nothing they can say or do that could really hurt me.

But if our people do not hold our politicians and even the public discourse of these people to a certain level, they’re going to destroy this country because at the end of the day, they are prepared to, you know, to lie, to cheat. And what will happen is a continuum.

You know, if you notice, they’re getting more and more rabid, they’re getting more outlandish with their lies.

And if you’re not winning, which is what happened in the case, notwithstanding all the outlandish lies that they propagated and you would have lost. What do you think would happen next?

Let me tell you this much. I hate to say this, and I know there’s some who may say I should not say it, but when a man lies consistently believe himself and he doesn’t get results. The next thing is to kill.

That’s right. That’s one of the people either. But maybe they feel okay. You know, boy, it’s politics and I get involved if you don’t hold these people to some standard of accountability for their conduct because they’re in opposition and especially those who are now elected, they part of the governance of the country. I totally agree. So if you don’t hold them accountable.”

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  1. Ha ha ha. What an idiot you are Gaston Browne! Give it time. Anybody more liard than you? So what? You are going to resort to crime? Time. Just give it time. What a man sews he shall surely reap.

    • @ Watching: When a man is blessed no one regardless whoever they are cannot to stop him.
      Gaston Browne has done so much for the people especially poor people of this country that he will continue to prosper. On the other hand those who are jealous of him, envy him and tell lies on him will soon be damned. It’s just a matter of time!!

      Lovell dun wid. Pringle is the nation’s puppet. The others in parliament will soon be seen as clowns trying to turn our sacred parliament into a circus….. Overall UPP is an embarrassment to our nation!!

      Gaston will continue to run things…… The UPP jokers can’t stop him!!

    • No you’re the idiot Gaston is the Prime Minister and nothing you can do or say the can CHANGE THAT – SO MOVE ON YOUR RH!!!!

      • Soundbites is that all you got @ Hacker, you bigger RH.

        While you clowns keep on shooting the messengers, your idol Gaston Browne is not being held accountable … no wonder ABLP win again with dunces like you!

        Antigua & Barbuda deserves better – and you know it. Simple really boss!

  2. What was just said, besides, “you know…”
    Could you please tell us, what “you know…?”
    It seems like, the PM was channelling King Bowl Face, who reminded him, “wen u no kno, U jus no kno!”

  3. Wow wow wow wow PM I don’t believe these kind of gossip you no that a sitting member of parliament especially sitting in the highest office it has to be as such grave crime that international agencies will arrest you I think that it is an agreement by UN . Extreme circumstances have happened in the past like Libya during the Arab Spring removal of Comrades and the murdering of khadafi Sadam Hussain you also have the Egyptian President who was replaced by the late Comrade Maussy he was duly elected overwhelmingly by all section of society. He was removed by the Western world because he was a Muslim and replace by the head of the Army Seisa . You are a small potato boiled with dry sticks remember this you have a lot to answer 1.Oderbrech when was the money returned and to who why Cosroy James is still in restricted custody of the US what are they wanting on for him to be protected are they wanting on you.2.Choski to me I’m looking at Kidnapping Humans trafficking and Human Smuggling let me remind you about the comments you made when the news report that Choski was missing and was in Cuba PM you know his where about you do have questions to answer 3.Was the report from Antigua and Barbuda was sent to Argentina on oderbretch as requested in 2017 not Brasil in 2015 . Imagine Nine Billion Dollars channel though the Bank in Antigua and you are not concerned the future of this country is at stake

  4. Well, well, well what ah predicament. As they say there’s no SMOKE 💨 without FIRE! 🔥

    You may be able to fool your acolytes and party members, but the FBI – that is something else!

    Antiguans were only asking for accountability; and look dey now!!!


    • @Brix… U have such hatred… Be careful it doesn’t consume you. You are really living a sad life when all u are on this earth to do is cuss … Use you time left and teach Pringle to read. In the next 5 year u will be crazy .. at this pace u are going with .. u can’t be married or have a partner … Is like u are in love with the top dog. Old people does say when a woman cuss a man is love she love he .. be careful bro.

      • @ Curious, it’s called FREEDOM OF SPEECH, something you know absolutely nothing about.

        You can call it hate, but right-minded and critical thinkers want accountability from the Prime Minister.

        By the way, have you signed the above petition for a full public inquiry into the airline fiasco?

        Oh, I forgot, you can’t read or write … 🤣🤣🤣

    • @Brixtonian, you’re absolutely correct. The clock is ticking for Browne. The FBI has him under their radar and he is too pompous to read the writings that are clearly displayed before him.

      He can rest assured that the next time he is detained by them his detention will be in a US detention cell wiill be where he will hangi is red beret.

      The US and other part of the world is watching to see how his administration resolved the West African fiasco. The US will not stand idle by and allow ALP, led by Dundee United (Yoruba for complete idot) to jeopardise the region safety and security.
      He should wake up and smell the coffee, he should reflect on the Reagan’s action against Grenada and learn from that. Keep in mind Maurice Bishop had not engaged in human trafficking, but that didn’t stopped Reagan…Shine your eyes Dundee United.

  5. Watching, you sounds like the idiot, one liar ha fu no the next cause you’re a bigger liar. Are you trying to imply that he’s resorting to crime? My my. When you hear people ah talk you just suck on an egg. IDIOT

  6. A corrupt man will one day talk on himself?
    Accountability? Lies? The speaker live in fantasy need to honest with himself and stop trying to fool the gullible ones

  7. I should imagine the man in the red epaulette jacket and red beret waiting for his suitcase might grab the attention of the FBI when he passing through Miami Airport….

    • Wait What the hell is going on here? People cant talk. Well, I dont care what you cool aid drinking, incapable of logical thought, Labourites say. Sling your dirt and profanities in defence of this clown, it will only make the inevitable sweeter. Our country is on the brink but of course, you have not the deductive capabilities of ordinary folks.i-man is back I see. Keep spouting you lies. The popular vote rejected you and there are echoes of disatisfaction in your camp, rejecting you as leader.
      Blessed man? Blasphemy. Pure blasphemy to call this greedy, naccistic, pathological liar, blessed.

      • Mek dem Gaston Browne acolytes carry on with their profanities and ignorance @ Watching, because that’s all they’ve got.

        There’s a well known saying that goes:


        Respect to you boss 🤜🤛

  8. America the most corrupt! Regardless of how corrupt Browne why should we allow or encourage America(slaver), to dictate to us the direction we should follow. If Browne is corrupt as the rumors imply then it is Antigua’s problem…

  9. I read the article and cannot believe it was written by Gaston Browne. If he wrote it he must be loosing it. It is so full of bad grammar and bad spelling. Is the pressure really on him?

  10. Oh by the way, @ cry baby, I am simply borrowing a phrase from words in the article? Perhaps you should read it?
    “Let me tell you this much. I hate to say this, and I know there’s some who may say I should not say it, but when a man lies consistently believe himself and he doesn’t get results. The next thing is to kill”
    The words of Gaston Browne himself. Who in Antigua liard than Gaston Browne? He has some stiff competition, but he’s the king. Ask him if he believes himself? Lol.

  11. One thing come to my mind. How is it the PM is not talking about suing this time around , when these are his favorite words? Just curious.

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