PM Browne Responds To Criticism After Changing Pants In Public


Prime Minister Gaston Browne responded to the backlash from changing his pants in public, saying his critics wanted to achieve partisan political gain.

Browne also shared that, “the evil minds and dirty hearts of the serpents of this country, could not resist the temptation of fabricating a salacious fallacy”.

Video footage on social media showed the Prime Minister removing his pants and handing them to someone in a white pick-up truck. He stands in his underwear before receiving another pair of pants, which he then puts on.

Residents were expressing feelings of shock and disappointment at the conduct of PM Browne.

One resident said the Prime Minister owes the nation an apology for undressing in public, while another said she expected no better.

On the other hand, a woman, who claims the footage was shot in her backyard by a boy, came forward on social media to offer an apology to the Prime Minister.

“I apologize publicly to the Prime Minister which I hope he accepts and hope y’all could stop bashing the man for doing absolutely nothing wrong” she wrote on her Facebook post.

Browne responded to the woman’s post thanking her for the unsolicited apology.


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  1. Hon. Gaston Browne (Prime Minister) You have nothing to apologize for……..You statement is correct……All the Serpents trying to gain political footage but this would NOT help Them. You have not done ANYTHING wrong. Let Us forget about these Hypocrites Who are trying very hard to gain POLITICAL POINTS. I am still surprised this was a NEWS item. Shows that the Opposition is sucking at straws . They should be concentrating on ALL the WONDERFUL things that are taking place in Antigua. They are a bunch of HYPOCRITES.

  2. What is really the problem here ?….This situation should NOT be mentioned in the MEDIA. Reporters find something of substance to report. So many positive things are happening in Antigua and this is what you can find to report ? Let Us be more cautious what We bring to the general public to read.

  3. WOW… This is what Antigua Reporters are reporting…Something is DEFINITELY wrong. Our Prime Minister did not UNDRESS in Public.He took off one layer of clothing in a secured area and a MALICIOUS Person find it funny to take a photo. Come on Guys Smarten UP. Be more selective with your reporting !!!!!!

  4. The PM is absolutely right. The serpents in this country (and they are many) are full of evil thoughts and simply need to be ignored, and kicked to the curb when they run for office. PM Brown makes Antigua proud. Thank you. Besides, you always looking good.

  5. PM, you can’t win with the negative ones. If you had gone into a constituents house, they would have have found some negative way to spin that including infidelity. If you had driven home, they would attack you for being tardy. If you used the car to change, they would have still labelled it public. Brethren just keep doing your best. Kudos an another successful year as we made further progress in becoming a economic powerhouse

  6. Nothing about etiquette and standards but, that is what Antigua has now become. No wonder we cannot deal with the problem of young men wearing their pants below their bottom or young women scantily dressed. By accepting this as common behaviour, we are also culpable in taking Antigua to the dogs.

    • hmm watch you speak on such. How come you did not see fit to tell such to the former PM BS? Recall him attending events and pigging out on the foods. During picture taking he usually had the remnants of the food on his face. Then there was Harold giving the finger and shouting some bad words, while leaving the ministry of finance to VCBIII (he deserved it). But oh yes, you were oblivious to such. Luxury train days

  7. Just Listening to Observer Radio….Serpent is a REAL Clown. I hope that Hon. Gaston Browne will listen to the Tape for today and SUE Serpent for implicating Him in certain situation. Prime Minister please have your Lawyers go over the recording for the SNAKE PIT for December 28 2019. Serpent believes that He owns Antigua. Some day He would end up at 1735. He just have a BIG mouth and do not care what He utters from His mouth. I also hope that He will pay a lot of money for His case with Hon.Michael Browne. Serpent is a BIG DISGRACE.

  8. When the detractors have nothing to say fhen they will find petite things to report on….. It shows clearly how small minded they are….. If they think that those cheap political shots will get them somewhere, they are making a big big mistake…. PM Browne is tower of strength for Antigua & Barbuda and he will be a force to reckon with in order to be replaced.


  10. Hon. Prime Minister…Please keep on doing GREAT work for Antigua and Barbuda . Do Not bother with SERPENT , KNIGHT and The OBSERVER CLOWNS. They are trying to destroy Antigua but this will never happen.

  11. @ZACKIE

    Zackie , I am quite sure that you are just displaying what you are NOT. The Prime Minister cannot please you in any way. I have read most of your comments in this medium and you display only dislikes for our Prime Minister. So happy that you are in the MINORITY with SERPENT , KNIGHT et AL. Go and disperse your DISLIKES in other areas and leave PROGRESS alone. Antigua is developing rapidly and that is what have you Guys pulling at straws. You are an ANGRY Person.

    • @TRUE ANTIGUAN. How can you be so sure?? By the way I do not have to call myself ‘True Amtiguan” to be just that. Now I do not have a great dislike for the PM but do not worship him, or any one else, like many of you seem to be doing to the point where you cannot call him out when he is in the wrong. I however do not like ABLP/ALP and have been saying so for years. Throughout my many years on this earth, I just never see them as anything more than grabbing from the poor people to make themselves rich. I am still of that view even, and perhaps especially, with Gaston at the helm. If that puts me in the category of ‘Angry persons’ then I am honoured.

  12. on the move December 12, 2019 at 3:07 pm

    There is a Serpent among us.” Those were the words uttered by an Adventist pastor, when a young man from Potters, a server, decided to pilfer the church offering.
    When you are cursed; nothing good shall follow thee. I am from Potters and I would like to know that Person.

    • Nothing “classy” about taking our country to the IMF, Romantic Rhythms report or a spanking new Power Plant.

  13. @ GASTON ADM

    Hon. Gaston Browne will be PRIME MINISTER of Antigua and Barbuda for all of our LIFETIME. I am 32 years old and so far I DO NOT see the alternative. My Friends and I are attending University and We start campaigning for Hon. Gaston Browne for 2023. This man is a TRUE Leader. Where in the World you can talk to your Prime Minister on the radio on Saturdays for at least three hours. PRAGMATIC LEADER …Hon. Gaston Browne.

  14. UNIVERSITY STUDENTS December 30, 2019 at 11:17 am
    Hon. Gaston Browne
    We are Students attending University . We would like to let you know how We much appreciate the wonderful work you are doing for Antigua and Barbuda. In the next couple of months We shall reach out to you to let you know our support and plans We have outlined for ELECTION 2023 . Although We are out of Island at the moment attending University We are following all the news and media outlets in Antigua and Barbuda. We have come to the conclusion that You are the best Person together with the ABLP to move Antigua forward. We are following all the other Media outlets and all what We are hearing is NON SENSE / RHETORIC. There is NO political alternative in Antigua . Sir, You will be the Prime Minister for many many more years if you so desire. We have developed a MOVEMENT called ” UNIVERSITY STUDENTS FOR HON.GASTON BROWNE 2023.”


  15. @UNIVERSITY STUDENTS. Your first statement is extremely unfortunate and as a UWI grad of many years myself, I am disappointed. That is so because you have shown that you intend to have a closed mind, which is the very thing a university education seeks to correct. What do you want for Antigua and Barbuda? Is that something you and your colleagues discuss? And, are you satisfied that this government is providing the type of atmosphere in which you want your children to grow and live? What about the Crime? What about an always empty treasury? The perennial problem of no water? Infrastructure Etc.?
    Perhaps what you and your colleagues should be discussing is what constitutes good governance, measure it against what we have now, and see how in the future you could bring such to Antigua and Barbuda. When you talk to the PM ask him the hard questions and make meaningful contributions and see if you are still satisfied after doing so.
    A UWI education is a good thing because it encourages you to challenge what you are being taught, as well as the general status quo. Don’t sell yourself short.

  16. @ZACKIE
    You will hear more about Us in the near future . We shall answer All your questions which You outlined.


    • @UNIVERSITY STUDENTS. Thought you said you were students, now you are professionals? Make up your minds. I give my advice out of experience and love for country. Of course you are free to toss it aside.

  18. @ ZACKIE…I trust that someday You will understand where our Prime Minister is taking Anigua . I have spoken to several Persons outside Antigua and They are saying that We should be proud of Hon. Gaston Browne. He is a Man onto His own. He does Not follow the masses. I hope with time, you will see as the others. Just open your mind and see the developments taking place in Antigua. You strike me like a very honest Person . I hope We can meet on common ground. Happy New Year.
    Looking forward to more of your POSTINGS in 2020.

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