PM Browne responds after his brother is convicted of rape


In a comment on Antigua Newsroom Prime Minister Gaston Browne said:

“The ABLP and its leadership abhors the abuse of our women and girls and insist that those who violate should face the full force of the law.

Unlike the UPP, we do shield these perverts from the law, irrespective of relations by consanguinity.

There are two rapists candidates within the UPP who are unfit to govern and should be punished for their abuse of our women and children.

The irony is the leadership of the UPP is of aware of their abuse, but continue to shield them.” CLICK HERE TO JOIN OUR WHATS APP GROUP FOR MORE UPDATES 

The brother of Antigua and Barbuda Prime Minister, Gaston Browne has been found guilty of raping an underaged girl.

Addison Browne, 43, was found guilty of raping a 13-year-old girl in the Antigua High Court of Justice today, after a week-long trial.

According to reports, in April 2019 Browne tied up the girl, trapping her in his vehicle and proceeded to rape her in the car that was parked under a tree.

The girl told the court that Addison Browne was not a stranger to her, she knew him as a bus driver who worked in the area.

She said that on the day of the incident, she was with her aunt and the accused was giving them a ride to town, however, her aunt realised she had misplaced her phone and asked that he take her  (the girl) back home.

The 13-year-old girl told police she was drowsy because of medication that was prescribed for her after an unrelated accident, and fell asleep.

She said she woke up to find that her hands and feet were tied with rope. The accused, Addison Browne, then removed her underwear and raped her in the vehicle that was parked under a tree.

When he was finished, the young girl said he drove her home and only untied her when she got there, threatening to kill her and her mother if she told anyone what had happened.

Browne refuted the girls claims, saying he was set up.

He said the mother of the alleged victim had asked him for $10,000 the week prior to the alleged incident and insinuated that the rape allegations were made because he refused to pay her.

Browne was found guilty and is scheduled to return to court for sentencing on July 15.

This story will be updated when more information becomes available.


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  1. Who wrote this drivel, the senator who forged your signature?
    Call the names if you have evidence to support your nonsense, I remind you that woman beating in Villa park, was also an abuse of women.

  2. Gaston you are a f’king idiot. Anybody who knows of a crime and says nothing, are just as guilty as you and your brother. If you know something, say something. Tell the damn police. You brother guilty , luckily you didn’t get caught . Go siddung blasted fleas. Call the election so Dave Ray can come wipe your batty.

  3. No empathy for the victim and her family but he goes straight to accuse the UPP candidates. It was 3 candidates but now it is now two. He is mentally unfit to lead this country.

  4. Gaston did you or any of your goons report your brother to the police, if so great if not shut the hell up. Like you guilty ⛽️ton

  5. Tried and convicted is your brother, not any candidate of any other political entity. The conversation will not be shifted. Your brother raped a child and was found guilty and that is what you needed to address. However, yet again you are attempting to wiggle out of the immediate conversation and cast aspersions on others while the conviction is against your close family member (your brother.) What I see here seems to be a pattern of questionable behavior, a pattern of deviance in one particular family. Maybe it’s time for an intervention. Time to clean ones own yard. The more stones you throw the more glass get broken in your own home. Let us now pray for healing for the child and her family as this is now a life long mission for her mental health. What was needed here from the ratchet PM was comforting words for the victim and for the nation but my soul know this would be too much for him as he is tactless and has no humility.

  6. Gaston Browne: “The ABLP and it’s leadership abhors the abuse of our women and girls and insist that those who violate should face the full force of the law …”

    Where was our Prime Minister weeks and months ago when there was an OUTCRY for him to respond to the rise in rapes and abuse of women in Antigua?

    Very strange and COINCIDENTAL that he’s talking about it now?!


    • The PM did respond to the outcry a few weeks ago on his radio show. Why is all this vitriol in a case so egregious? The convicted is a private citizen and faced to the full extent of the law. What turns on blaming the PM for his brother’s actions? Let’s not make everything a political issue. He was convicted by a jury of his peers and so the judicial system works. No power were able to obstruct the course of justice.

      • @Dave Ray… you are an idiot beyond compare. It is the prime minister who is making it political by bringing up un-named UPP candidates. You are such a useful idiot; why not say he empathized with the victim and leave it there? Why bring up UPP in this?

        • Lol, it didn’t start with him. Knight started it before a ruling was made. It’s funny you want to dictate what others should say but you choose to hide behind an alias. Cowardice is deafening.

          • Lol, it didn’t start with him. Knight started it before a ruling was made. It’s funny you want to dictate what others should say but you choose to hide behind an alias. Cowardice is deafening.

          • @Dave Ray
            You are popping up every day on this medium defending Gaston Browne. Are you hoping to get a job if he is re-elected?
            Now I listen to Knight almost every night and I must be deaf as I never hear night say anything. Could you please tell us what knight said?

      • Come on Dave man-up, you are defending the indefensible here.

        You well and know that this has backfired on Gaston Browne big time. He’s always the one to start throwing mud at others to deflect (also well known in political circles as ‘dead cat’ narratives).

        Gaston is at a crossroad now with his GUTTURAL and provocative words, does he continue to denigrate others and risk the rising VEXATION from the citizens, or get on with running the country?

        You know the answer Dave, but you seem to be in constant denial about the PM’s behaviour.

  7. Here’s where I question the mental state of the so called top dog. How dare him trying to shift the blame on a group of people who had nothing at all to do with what happened on that sad day his brother committed such an heinous crime. This guy has proven to the nation that his reasoning power is extremely limited leaving him to be nothing but a one sided idiot

  8. This has absolutely nothing to do with Gaston Browne. The type of gutter politics we are playing in Antigua is disgraceful. Gastón you are guilty of same – the name calling on your radio.
    It’s nation building and proper democratic politics and let the gauntlet drop where it may.

    • Rather than address his brothers conviction, Gaston chooses to try and divert attention by accusing others who have not been charged with anything at all, of rape. I guess he is a gaslighter, like the letter stated.

  9. The Alp has a history of beating women and abusing them. Now that the prime minister’s brother has been convicted of rape listen to his rhetoric responce a real idiot. When the public was questioning the PM about the age of his wife and how long he has been dating her for the society became dumb. The seed you sow shall deffinitely grow gaston. If you live in glass house nar throw no stone its time for you to dimitt office you all are a bunch of failures leave office now. ALP Antigua lieard party

  10. I’m sooooo tired of this rhetoric in my country… Somebody say, somebody reply and it goes on and on… Everybody loves their party and most times we don’t vote for love of country, but for party… That is what it mostly has always been… We need to stop bickering amongst ourselves and pray more for the betterment of our society and on a whole our country… Too much bitterness from way back since before Noah was a boy and this has stagnated our country somewhat… We need to start growing our consciences and stop the game blame… We all have the power to effect the change we believe is best for our country… Tired much!!

      • Nit-picking again Dave … are you some sort of grammar policeman?

        If you want a grammarian take down I’m your man!

      • Mr Ray It’s actually effect change…look at you…so smart that you make yourself look dull. A quick google search could have deterred that

    • Lol, it didn’t start with him. Knight started it before a ruling was made. It’s funny you want to dictate what others should say but you choose to hide behind an alias. Cowardice is deafening.

    • Your wish is panacea and utopian. That will never happen in Antigua and Barbuda, and by extension, the Caribbean. As you notice, I have not yet chided anyone on here as that is not my style. Calling people by discouraging adjectives is not becoming in my view, from any side. How does translate into votes?

  11. He could be telling the truth…. Jamaican mother’s are famous of doing this. They not easy at all. Smh… It had a incident where they were good friends and neighbours. They got any and everything they wanted. The moment they stop giving… The daughter came up with lies say that the girl brother tried to rape her and everything. When questioned by lawyer she couldn’t answer such questions when the case was adjourned a few times after they never showed up again. I hate them scunt. Them Jamaican women…. Wicked nf. Only a few good ones out there but good lord they will do anything for money

  12. What about the one we know about on your side .. the same one that says he have no confidence in the police force

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