PM Browne put his colleagues on notice that ‘this year is an election year’


Prime Minister Gaston Browne says his ABLP is going for all 17 seats this election.

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  1. You is one funny fella!! Here is a scenario for you and it has happened before. It was 18 to 18 and it came to one man that the incumbent PM cussed out royally to form the next Government. If you no your Caribbean history. You will know what I am referencing.Now as I see it. This will play out when you call the election. It will be 8 to 8 evenly split between the ABLP and UPP. One man will have the power to form the next government. If you can read context clues. Then you will know who that will be.

  2. The worst PM of all time:

    Enrich himself causing his people to suffer

    Sell out the Country to yida, global port, and have the heart and filthy mustache to talk about independence.

    Send home government workers because they don’t want to be part of an experiment. (If you don’t take a vax stay home and starve to death is what he told you in his mandate)

    A man that cares only for his members in Parliament when they say yes for everything he desires.

    Most corruption ever transpired under this government:
    Execution of officer
    Passport scandal
    Land swap
    Obitrect scandal

    Citizens of Antigua!(G.L.P)Grabston labour Party is not the right choice for us, during the covid we see the evil within them, they have been exposed no compassion, no stimulus only draconian measures put in place as alot of us suffer. Now they are claiming they are looking out for the people, where was the love all the time

  3. For a man with such a funny looking mouth cover, receding hairline and nerd glasses, this PM always ah criticize how somebody look. Suppose he was even half way handsome. SMDH

  4. No more dictator from Labour.
    Gaston Browne must drown.
    Good to see his party done wid he.
    Fling him down a well and let he rot in hell.
    No more dictator from Labour.
    Vote he out that dutty kraut.

  5. UPP just wasting time. Election will be MARCH 2023.UPP had a LAUNCH in January 2022. UPP you have just how stupid you are…

  6. Gaston you are a clown , this is why nobody defending you in the party, Asot is owed by many and they will not forget ,including you. Badmind you have and badmind you go get. You think people stupid.

  7. Ingram I bet you came from a broken household like Gassy , cause no right thinking individual who was raised as a deastant human could accept this behavior but then again you supporting the party that gave you a leg up , to hell with those who suffer , as long as you can catch the breeze on the hill.

  8. Somebody referred to the Gaston led political party as G.L.P. (Gaston Labour Party).

    That was very enlightening to me and it got me thinking.

    Some members of the party that Gaston heads complain that ‘turn-coats from the U.P.P.”, to name a few Collin O’Neal, Lamin Newton, Kem, have come into the party and ‘jumped the line’ right to the front.

    Gaston response have been, you can’t be in ‘the party and not work’.

    What does he mean by that?

    Does work mean ‘kissing his butt and walking around with a brown mouth’?

    I notice that the people who he claims ‘is working’ are those who walk around with a ‘brown circle’ around their lips.

    It appears to me as if ‘a true labourite’ will tell Gaston where to get off but the ‘turn-coats from the U.P.P.’ can never tell Gaston when he has gone wrong.

    I tend to agree with the person who said, the political party that Gaston leads is the Gaston Labour Party.

    Who will re-organize the Antigua Labour Party?

    Stan Richards have seen the light and sounded the call.

    Will the ‘weak Labourites’ come out of the Gaston Labour Party and reconstitute their Antigua Labour Party?

  9. Good! I will encourage the diaspora (those who are entitled to participate) to vote for the UPP, after the ABLP EXILED ANTIGUANS from our homes, our businesses and our LOVED ONES … bring on the election Gaston Browne.

    • You in exile or just your brain? You guys are so desperate that you now sound ignorant. This is why GB will continue to lead ABLP to victory because he always gets under you all skini, making the public see how ugly you guys reallly are

      • Tenman still singing for your supper I see. It’s like you completing with comrade washie and the flip flop fake dread, to see who can kiss Gastons ass the most.

        • Tenman still singing for your supper I see. It’s like you competing with comrade washie and the flip flop fake dread, to see who can kiss Gastons ass the most.

  10. Me just hope dem dey nah get back into power. Me see two teachers in my family and more who a suffer for December and January because dem nah get paid while Me daughter who is another civil servant get paid. All ah dem nah tek no vaccine all now so but ONLY the teachers suffered the blunt of the sword. The A&BUT full of it too for allowing this to happen. SHAME!!!!
    Pay the teachers and dem man and pay those who are waiting on upgrade after teacher training how lang now. Give them their money man. Are you hab money for hire 109 new teachers but nar pay who in dey Lang time? Wickedness dis ya be. Where is that compassion and mercy now Gaston Browne!!!!!!

  11. Listening to the BROWNE and BROWNE on POINTE FM yesterday and I learned of the following which was shocking.

    FRANZ , PEARL QUINN, ALISTER THOMAS are all secondary school DROP OUTS ? They Guys expect to be elected to run Antigua. What a shame.

    Gladys Potter everything is the worst. It was ashame to listen to Her on the UPP LAUNCH.


    Harold Lovell knew that there was NO TAXES on FOOD ITEMS and He still come on the stage and promised to remove the taxes on food items. HAROLD is a BIG LYAD.

    JONATHAN JOSEPH fully endored the ABLP. Jonathan spoke from the heart.

    • @Monica Do-Do: Gaston Browne also endorsed Pringle. Did you not hear that? What University did Gaston Browne graduated from? I have been trying to find that info and could not find anything.

      • @ BLACK MAN


  12. Robert Di Niro is a high school drop out yet I don’t see Gaston Browne announcing that or refusing his money. How about doing some independent research for yourself? What you are saying is not correct.

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