PM Browne presents proof that economy grew by 5.27 percent in 2021


Prime Minister Gaston Browne said:

“Trevor claims that we published bogus growth figures and that he verified with ECCB, that the growth for 2021 was 1.67 percent.Who is the notorious Liar peddling fabrications:

Cabinet Notes said:

“The Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB) has published a letter indicating that the estimated GDP Growth of the Antiguan and Barbudan Economy stands at 5.3% in 2021.

This is precisely the percentage growth published at year end by the ECCB.

The Representative of Barbuda in the Parliament, made reference to a lower estimated growth rate published in June of 2021.”

MP Trevor Walker said:


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  1. Walker cannot help himself. He was misled by the outdated article on the ECCB Website. One could argue if indeed he was misled, or he deliberately tried to mislead. In anyway, if he wants his credibility to remain, he should go back on the radio to Darren’s show and apologize for this.
    Lesson learned as well for the Central Bank. Please ensure that information on your website is always up to date. People are depending on it.

    • I hear you….but Walker also said that he spoke with someone from the central bank. Question then are as follows: Did he really speak with someone? Did the person he spoke with aint got a clue about what precisely the estimated figure for 2021 is or Walker is a plain lyadddddd as we know?

    • @From The Sideline…Asot’s #Numbers #Matter! He should run as an INDEPENDENT in St. Peter’s, since, he has nothing to lose at this point. Yes, he might be implicated in several of the INDEPENDENT FORENSIC AUDITS, which the entire government desperately needs, but it would be a sacrifice which will help to put Our Nation on a much, much, much better accountability path; especially, when it comes to the commingling of Parliamentarians personal assets/funds with the public assets.
      I, am even praying to the gud god which many of you claim to pray to for everything and anything.

      Gud God, drap de hammer and lightning pan fu me, fu me, fu me head fuss, den drap it blurnclath pan all dem crooks, criminals, robbers draining our treasury! Me dun kno, r u fraid to rass!

  2. . The reality is that in 2021, Trevor Walker and the UPP wanted the country to remain closed which would have meant 0% (ZERO PERCENT) economic growth. To hear Trevor Walker trying to grandstand in parliament about whether growth was 1.76% or 5.3% is downright hypocritical, it is down right deceiving and shows that they care nothing about this country but want to see us as a people fail for them to then gain political power. When the budget debate wraps up today he should be placed on a dingy with one oar and let him row to Barbuda. And this dingy should depart from Old Road.

    Whether growth was 1.76% or 5.3%, it is still way better than 0% that they wanted!!!

  3. well well well have mercy on us Lord. Trevor is a baptized ANGLICAN who brags about going to church every Sunday. ………

  4. This makes no sense. How is it there is a report of growth for 2022 and we are only in February. This is BULLSHIT. I can guarantee that there is deception in this article.

    • Boss man or ooman obviously this is not your field. Countries, companies, individuals do what is called a forecast. The figure for 2022 is the forecasted amount.

  5. As Asot say, if the economy is down 25% one year and it is down 20% the next year you can say there is growth. But the economy is still down 20%. Now what is needed is growth of 20% plus and then we can talk. We see numbers for growth rate but not how they arrived at. Some of us not too bright so we don’t understand the chart.

  6. What is the base year for this growth calculation? If it’s 2020, then it’s all smoke and mirrors. But, I guess that we’ve all come to expect that.

    • Growth is always calculated in comparison to the previous year. How can you compare it to a couple years ago. Very stupid wouldn’t you say. Would you want to compare it to 1981?

    • They don’t care about country. Like desperate ravishing political werewolves, they will swipe at this nation. As dem say, “UPP a bite arf dem nose fu spite dem fierce”

  7. Walker is as low as they come. When it was his turn to speak, he said to the PM to explain to him how he came to the 5.3% growth when the Central Bank had on their website 1.76%. Well, the PM did just that. And where was Walker? He didn’t even have the decency to advise the speaker that he was going to be absent from parliament today. But we have seen his behavior before. Nothing new. It is just sad that a person like that is a representative of the Barbudan people. Shame on him, and shame on those that voted for him. At least Pringle was man enough to show up and sit throughout the entire day.

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