PM Browne Pledges Affordable Broadband for All


Prime Minister Gaston Browne has pledged to make broadband services accessible and affordable for all citizens.

At the 5th Industrial Revolution Artificial Intelligence conference, hosted by the University of the West Indies Five Islands Campus, he announced the government’s investment in a sub-sea cable to ensure affordable broadband policies.

PM Browne emphasized the importance of this initiative in bridging the digital divide and enhancing data use in sectors like education. He criticized current broadband providers for prioritizing profits over policy alignment, stressing that broadband should be a public good.

If the private sector fails to provide affordable services, the government will intervene to ensure universal access, likening broadband to essential utilities like water and electricity.

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  1. I hope you do that. And make it affordable for poor people. Internet in Antigua is too expensive. 199.00 and over is too expensive for low income families that have children that is still in School.

  2. I was very happy to hear this from the Prime Minister and I agree that affordable internet must be made available to everyone. The cost of broadband is too high not just in Antigua and Barbuda, but throughout the Caribbean. Internet access isn’t a luxury anymore – it is a necessity. Internet service is critical for students to access quality education and training in order to be globally competitive. Students without good internet access at home can easily fall behind. Today, with the rise of artificial intelligence, internet access is no longer just a convenience, it is a necessity for full participation in society. Many of our citizens are falling behind because they simply cannot afford the cost of paying for the internet. It’s either food or internet for most. If we are truly gonna unlock economic and educational opportunities for our citizens, especially the youths, we must make the internet affordable to all.

  3. If the pm was serious about this and not the lying joke that he is he would end all telecoms monopolies in Antigua. Join the Eastern Caribbean Telecommunications Authority and allow fiber and starlink.

  4. All that is good and well, however, all it will take is one stray meteorite, one unexpected solar flare or one rogue satellite and that will be the end of modern communication.

    We were spared hurricane Beryl and are playing Russian Roulette. Take a drive in our communities and it is obvious many are living below the poverty line and the homes they live in are not fit for habitation not will they able to withstand a CAT 5 hurricane. Antigua & Barbuda appears to be marching in place with regards to socioeconomics, education for not only the academically but the technically inclined, skilled and unskilled workers, healthcare, prison reform, local career opportunities, infrastructure upgrades, STEM (where are our Scientists? Not Doctors, Scientists) etcetera.

    What good is technology if we as a people cannot harvest its full potential? This should have already been an accomplished objective since the days of dialup, since the days of Ross University’s Computer Science Degree and when Benjies offered computer classes. I have come a long way since using a Commodore IBM PC and it amazes me that people my age and younger who utilize a computer daily still do not know how one works.

  5. And the promises just keep coming! No doubt about it election is around the corner. This all sounds well and good, but coming from this man, I seriously have my doubts. The Labourites and Gastonites can cuss all they want, but this man has a long list of promises that never come to fruition. Only the piglets and ALP supporters that are incapable of rational thought will believe anything this Browne DAWG says.
    Just mention ONE thing he has promised and it came to fruition where EVERY Antiguan and Barbudan benefits. ONE.


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