PM Browne: Partisan thugs posing as freedom fighters


Prime Minister Gaston Browne has responded to Sunday’s protest led by the Antigua and Barbuda Freedom Fighters.

Police used teargas and fired rubber bullets to disperse the crowd.

Below is the Prime Minister’s response:

“Your deceptive, demonic agendas to fuel chaos and confusion will not be allowed to take root in this country.

We will resist your violent aggression and lawlessness to maintain peace and tranquility in our country.

Antigua & Barbuda will remain a safe and prosperous nation for all its citizens and residents.

We will not surrender to partisan thugs, posing as freedom fighters.”

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  1. THUGS for sure. They are bunch of UPP OPERATIVES
    All UPP CANDIDATES were in attendance. Also former Baldwin Spencer. VERY DECEITFUL BUNCH OF PEOPLE.

    • And you are one of ALP supporter singing for his supper and still na have nothing to show.

    • Wait..r u always a say UPP this UPP that wen a mostly the dangerous ALP ppl them a tan up fu them right all u so fuckin trupit

    • You’re a big liar like the Top Dawg. A lot of ABLP Supporters were among the protest yesterday. We as citizens have the right to protest. We are not a communist country, so we have that right given by our constitution. Anyone that supports tear-gassing the people of this Antigua and Barbuda is all mentally sick. We are human and God-given us rights and choices that supersede earthly laws once we use them in the right order.

      • So all of those Rastas at the picket yesterday are Thugs? The Rastas from Creek Side and other areas.There were many young women and young men and children at the picket.Are they Thugs,Sidelines.

    • Why you nah shut your f in pie hole…..a f ry them dey pan there is no way to put it and I don’t give a f about who went to protest what I want to know is what the f you all have to say or your prime minister a go do about the ppl that got hurt during yall nonsense that you think is f ing right. My child in her bed in her room and still had this sht done to her. You and your can’t keep he hand off of You continue to follow the criminal, I wonder if you realise a years he a line he pocket for this same reason. Boss a go get vote tf out and he go smile cause he done set for life. And qey you go dey??

  2. Lovell walked right into this. He has never distanced himself from anything that has been said and continues to practice poor leadership.

    • Well said. Lovell is “hoping against hope” that by not speaking out against bad behavior, somehow the people will usher him in as the next PM. He has
      -no vision
      -no strategy
      -no leadership

      His “plan” is the stale old “oppose for opposing sake”

  3. This man has to be a joke .. cutie already said they was gonna take what comes to them .. smh .. can you just be fair for once… this wasn’t about politics it was about antigua … both upo and alp was marching .. you guys do not have a heart . Your pockets already filled

  4. I’m here what will happen next,as a non national living here,I always have concerns about the welfare of Antigua and Barbuda…

    • I agree the same partisan thugs that are fighting for there safety but remember Gaston karma is a bitch

  5. Partisan Thugs ?? Really Gaston Browne !! It takes one Thug to know one. Are you a Thug,Gaston Browne? Your own behavior determines whether you are a thug or not. Based on what I saw yesterday. The people were standing around peacefully. The Police came and overreacted. They were the aggressors against the people. They abused their positions by the over use of tear gas. While your fat arse was on the Beach in St.Lucia with others. Having fun with the likes of Tenman. You went to St.Lucia you say to witness the swearing in of their Cabinet. When that was done you stayed on. Now you are calling the people who voted for your Political Party,thugs.Many of those you are referring to as thugs.They were there to protect their rights.I hope in the next elections.They would vote yours and the others fat arses out of Office.

  6. Be more responsible

    Someone sent me a video of a social media persona from Parham antigua name JTr*** …who seems to be nice and comfortable here in the City asking his supporters to send their hard earned money via Paypal or Cashapp as he said he was in a desperate situation. The same person in another video was encouraging his supporters NOT to light fire trash in the streets but rather “OTHER PLACES FLAT” which he was very careful not to specify. This guy LOOKS SO HAPPY spewing all this hate and violence and wants more it seems all while he sits behind his computer trying to get views as is the goal of ALL these social media opportunists.

    Something is definitely wrong with a man who sees nothing wrong with fathering children with people but can’t or refuses to support himself much less your children before he goes and find employment like every other decent able-bodied man . Yet he takes to social media with strength begging and inciting violence. You don’t love Antigua and Barbuda can’t be. IT seems like his mission is to see how bad things can get.

    I DO NOT agree with forcing anyone to do anything. But this guy seems to be capitalizing on the love ugly and drama side of people it is very alarming. He knows that DRAMA ,HATE , EMOTIONS is what his supports seem to love . He is asking his supporter to bully a host of people on social media the MOST hurtful part is the young man is claiming to be doing GOD’s work. It is clear love and peace is not your motive your agenda is POPULARITY, MONEY and HATE (SCREEN SHOT THIS ). Its funny to him.

    Nothing is wrong with voicing your opinion on any topic on your platform but don’t try to make a business out of tearing down people and spewing HATE. Another thing is clear he doesn’t want anyone to challenge his views or get you get BLOCKED and CUSSED OUT about your mother and all sorts of profane disgusting things and have the nerve to associate your agenda with a loving forgiving GOD no sir you should be ashamed of yourself.

    Open your eyes people form your own opinions beware of these false prophets speaking half-truths. 2 Peter 2:1-3

    • Listen stop associate Parham people with “Jtruth” please jack!!!!!! He terrorize the village for years all down to mongrel dog fraid that boy….Ask anybody!!!!

    • Jtruth a look money! That’s why he keep going on social media. He said he was going to quit and seek help, yet he has not

      • Facts!!! JTruth is using his sheeple for his personal gain that’s obvious “bout look at my empty wallet” Psychological begging. Go look some work big man and tap use poor people !!!! I can never respect or support a LAZY Capable MAN. Couple of them in jail right now …While Jtruth laughs , smokes good, hiding behind a PC real social media revolutionist living life.

        He can never get another dime from me again. I peeped his shot when he was asking for baby clothes donations.

  7. JTruth has nothing to do with what we the people are standing for. It has Nothing to do with Politics. This is not about who n who a friends etc. How dare u Gaston call ppl protesting as ‘Partisan thugs’ for standing for their rights? So wa u say a u a da real ‘Thug?’
    U goin get what coming to u Rass…. U n Cutie patchy face Rashole n da rest a ga get wa a come!!! If u a “WORLD BOSS” a wa we be “SUBORDINATES?” WELL NOT I!!!


    All u CHRISTIANS out there war is a part of makin peace. Go read over ur Bible fools. Stop quote the Bible with Parciality.

  8. Lol. Does this guy realize that he’s just the hired help? are the public servant, Gaston… we have no masters. Listen to your bosses or find yourself out of a job.

  9. Those were not thugs Mr PM. Some of your ABLP people were with others trying to exercise the right due by democracy to them. You have shown how much you care about this nation and you are responsible for the nations response.

  10. people protesting for their are thugs. hmm . next election the thugs will vote u out of office. while some like to sing for supper the thugs will vote you out. remember you are a public servant. sorr

  11. I saw elderly men and women and children amongst the peaceful picketers. They were not committing any crime. So why did the police interfered with them. Those people would have stayed there until they’re ready to go their homes. But, the ALP politicians and Police commissioner needed a practice drill with their guns and ammunitions. They wanted to confirm the fact that there is no love in their hearts. I am still waiting to hear even one minister of the ruling ALP admin condemn this foolish response by the police force. They used tear gas, rubber bullets and live rounds into the night. Furthermore, the police commissioner said they could have used even greater force.
    Don’t they have families. People rise up, get up and stand up for your rights. Down with evil leaders

  12. You cannot condemn the wicked acts on Hitler over 200 years ago, and condone a government who pretend to care about the people who insist to take away all your rights stating it is for your own good. Wrong could never be right if the people that make law and are lawless it must be a time when the people have to act accordingly for victory. Slavery was lawful for one party to benefit, the only way to end it was to revolt not to stay in slavery till death. It is better to die fighting for your rights than to sit and let dictators keep you in bondage

  13. All I am telling them ABLP candidates don’t come to my door or in my yard during your campaign for the next election. I will be putting a TV on my veranda showing how you ordered the police to tear-gassing my family and peaceful protestors. It will remind you’ll ABLP Candidates what you had done to the people of Antigua and Barbuda. August 8th, 2021 will be very fresh in my mind next election.

    • Oh please! So you are in fact politicizing the issue? I thought it was just about the vaccine and mask wearing. Hmmmm

  14. The funny thing is the wicked PM no have no problem with people being sent home without pay and couldn’t even give persons an option as if a company doesn’t want me because I am not vaccinated then pay me off anybody who a follow this ABLP party a sing for the supper smh. Nothing to help the poor as all the policies are leading to ABLP fattening themselves

  15. This was a unreasonable use of force by the police. The incident commander on sight had orders to carryout the directive as issued to him or her by the Commissioner of Police or his designee. Teargas! Rubber Bullets! No one was destroying property, disrupting the free movement of people and vehicles. No one was disrupting the normal operation of the function of society.

    Thugs! Really. You are referring to the citizens of Antigua and Barbuda who do not agree with your mental processing as calling them THUGS! Your ability to administer the government. This Use of Force by the Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda on the citizens of Antigua and Barbuda: who have the constitutional right to peacefully assemble at any time. I will say that you have to obey and respect an order given by a Police officer.

    The force used by the police should be commensurate with the force that they are met with. There was no aggression by the protesters.

    Remember people. When they call the election. Dip your finger in the ink and vote them out.
    The political culture in Antigua and Barbuda needs to be overhauled. It needs a cleansing! A DEEP CLEANSING!

  16. Where are you dictator traitor tyrant liar HT Gaston Browne? Why did you run like the coward you are? You ran to St. Lucia like a dog with its tail between its legs.

    And from there you want to make your bullshit comments as usual. You don’t have the balls to come back and face the nation. All you have done is take take take and take from we the people and here is the result. You and your cesspool gang are done with being power. This govt has never represented the people only creative enrichment schemes at our expense. Certain members of this govt have have stolen lands from us and turned around and sold it for millions financing their bank accounts. We will bring every last one of you to justice and we will get the funds back no matter where you are hiding it.

    Dictator traitor tyrant liar HT Gaston Browne come back to Antigua and face the music. “Your deceptive, demonic agendas” have taken root here and we the people are chopping them off. You and your cesspool gang have lied, stolen and used we the people as your slaves and we are doing something about it.

    Up to now Nigel Christian’s murderers and the high ups behind it all are still walking freely. So are the kidnappers, abductors and human traffickers (HT) of Mehul Choksi. They all need to be brought to justice and that includes Gaston Browne, Skerrit from Dominica, the woman from Bulgaria that they hired and the Indian mercenaries.

    Call us what you like dictator traitor tyrant liar HT Gaston Browne, you and your cesspool gang of complete corruption is done. Now come back and face the music you coward. You have your good friends on this forum to help try and protect you. They too will jump ship when they realise they kissing your ass for nothing. Their time soon done too.

  17. This is so sad old ppl children sick ppl in their house tear gas
    People letting their voice be hear tear gas
    Am a shame of my country
    Tears from my eye cause of Gaston
    —— ——

  18. Certainly anyone who condone such dispicable behavior by lawless people are fitting to be thugs. Which Cabal introduce the public order act? You fool’s couldn’t have behave like that under the PLM or UPP. You couldn’t even criticize their decisions if you are a government employee, you will be fired. These good fu nothing scrundrels took government lands back from Antiguans if they think you didn’t support them. Let not forget the Friday night massacre when decimated the police leadership, the closure of ZDK cause they weren’t pushing their propaganda. This so called peaceful gathering was orchestrated by known elements of the UPP. In modern times in Wadadli history the most violent reactions is due to the UPPITES. That is their Modus operandi. The PM is 200% correct for calling them out. If they so concerned about nonviolence let them condemned poor behavior by these Morons.

  19. Yall need to stop this nonsense bout upp this an that, the ppl them came out for freedom rights not for UPP nuh ALP, Some ALP supporters were also there protesting, they dont think there child should be vaccinated and shouldn’t be forcing ppl to take it, let it be there choice, you take the vaccine yes or no you still will catch covid, you still will die someday so what’s the sense in taking it, it doesn’t protect you from catching covid….. some yall are so stupid your body already build up to fight disease, so why injecting things in the body that doing nothing bout harm, was there any vaccine in modern days? NO! They all used natural Bush to cure illness that’s why they’re ppl living till they 100 years old ( Herb is the healing of the nation) but yall want them to have yall like animals to be test on.

  20. When the 1st November come we Antiguan shouldn’t support independence day because if we can’t stand up for Rights as independent ppl
    There’s no freedom in us

  21. Why don’t we all just follow the advice of experts who spend years in university to qualify as a virologist or epidemiologist?

  22. Gaston you not tired cussing like a brawling woman? You cuss every Saturday on Point fm and now cussing Antiguans for marching for their rights. Just in case you don’t read the news, people are protesting all over the world against the vaccines. You need to be voted out of office and sent back to pointe where you belong, to start a brawlers club. We need a real leader with humility.

  23. The March application was denied!! Why not abide by the law and not March?? Couldn’t they apply again? If the organizers accepted their denial letter we wouldn’t be having this conversation…I’m just saying.

  24. ERIC (THE RED) some of the people he is calling UPP thugs are some of his own ALP supporters (perhaps former supporters since perhaps they have seen the light). The tide is turning and more and more of his supporters will wake up and see the sunshine.

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