PM BROWNE: Observer Media Group and their UPP Allies are going insane


.Prime Minister the Hon. Gaston Browne has commented for the first time on the issue of him being accused of giving handouts for votes.  The issue has led to the resignation of a journalist affiliated with the opposition aligned Observer Radio.

Prime Minister Browne was scheduled to appear on the opposition aligned radio station as a guest to discuss the issue, however the owners and affiliates of the radio station objected to his appearance which led to the host of the Sunday programme posting on social media his resignation from the station.

On his Facebook page and on messaging service, Prime Minister Browne accused the Opposition United Progressive Party (UPP) of dumbing down its supporters and not discussing the real issues that affect the electorate and people of Antigua and Barbuda.

The Prime Minister’s statement is posted below:    

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

Observer Media Group and their UPP Allies are going insane.

They are hell bent on keeping their blind loyalists and unsuspecting supporters/followers in ignorance, even through censorhip of discourse.

He who seeks to undermine, or hide the truth has no moral integrity.

My political opponents have tried for over two decades to break me without success. As a consequence, they have now resorted to hatred.

Their hatred is so egregious, that they have become desperate; accentuating every mole hill, or articulation of humor into a mountain of immorality and illegality, without any supporting facts, or evidence.

I will never allow the limited perceptions of my opponents and the mercenaries who they co-opt from time to time, to define me.

I know who I am.

I am a man of faith; I believe in doing good for the benefit of all. I am realist, not a perfectionists. I do not practice falsities and fakery. What you see is what you get.

I believe in and practice honesty and integrity uncompromisingly. And I am empathetic to the needs of all, especially the poor and vulnerable.

Any guilt surrounding my conduct, is for doing what is right and saying what is true, without malice or ill-will.

The Truth is not always beautiful and it may be offensive, but inviolable.

I stand anyways on the truth.

Notwithstanding their like, or dislike; no one could justifiably condemn me for incompetence, any act of unintegrity, or malevolence towards anyone.

My philanthropy, empathy and kindness are well known and acknowledged.

I do not have to have a motive, or reason to be kind and generous. It is engrained in my psyche, in my being, to be kind and generous, even to those have ridiculed me.

UPP’s misleading and dumbing down rhetoric about Gaston Browne & ABLP, is nothing but cheap, unenlightened, valueless politics.

UPP supporters need to take responsibility to seek other views and information to find the truth. PFM is a great source of information and truth, especially the Browne & Browne show on a Saturday.

It is frightful to see the amount of people who lack integrity; competence, many of them functionally literate, with past criminal convictions, who are dominating the UPP’s hierarchy and exerting a crudely dumb influence on the institution its supporters.

As a consequence of their low level discourse, issues of national, hemispheric and global interests are ignored.

The UPP has failed to join the ABLP in discussing:

Global issues such as climate change, the war on Ukraine, nuclear disarmament, multi-dimensional vulnerability index, reform of UN and the International Financial architecture; hemispheric issues including US policy on Cuba and Venezuela; Domestic policy issues including; green and blue economies, digitalization, regional integration, reliable air and sea transportation, stem cells therapy, block chain/cryptocurrency, cannabis, and overall economic diversification.

The subject of their choice, which has now grown to obsessive proportions, is the demonization of Gaston Browne, using lies, half truths and innuendos.

The various polls including theirs, confirmed that they are losing and losing badly. The demonization of Gaston Browne is evidently not working.

Please circulate the above as a reminder to the UPP leadership that: The definition of insanity, is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.


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  1. What a pile of horse poop. Gaston Browne braying on about how virtuous and honest and kind he is. Narcissist much? Anyone who has to keep talking up their own alleged good characteristics only does so because they know they do not possess them. Time enough.

  2. Why the 🐍 🐍 🐍 🐍 can’t tek de heat??? Ban max. Control the radio hosts like puppets.

    DARREN MATTHEW WARD tek note!!!!

  3. The definition of insanity if you Google it is “the state of being seriously mentally ill; madness”…. At least be factually correct Mr Browne.

    Now please understand, I am not a UPP supporter. Nor an ablp supporter. I don’t like either of you. You’re all spent.

    “No one could justifiably condemn me for any act of unintegrity”…. Well, this is the biggest lie out there. You ridiculed a man on your social media calling him SHIM, because he appears to be homosexual. I do not know if he is or not. You suggested to Prince Harry he could come here to do badness. Harry took his pretty English Pennies and donated them elsewhere. You lack any class. Literally, entirely. Lack. Not an ounce of it do you have.

    You have sold our country out to the chinese. Green economy? Agriculture has never been so important as it is in the world now and yet agriculture in Antigua is worse than it ever has been.

    I could go on and on and on. But I won’t bother. You are not worth it. Neither is Harold Lovell. I don’t know what the answer is. I still would prefer Lovell, if it means you are expelled from governing this country.

    You gave away all rights to China in exchange for them funding your first election. YOU SOLD US OUT. We got nothing from it. Where’s the CIP money?

    Oh, but one more thing. While you are self obsessing two more people are fighting for their lives in hospital in ANOTHER hit and run on friars hill road. Why don’t you and your enriched son personally pay for some lights and cameras to go up on that road?

    Stop running your mouth. You are an embarrassment to our country and to yourself

  4. Are these his “barking” points that he had prepared for his appearance on the Big Issues? Gaston really start to sound like Trump. What the hell is he saying really? He’s barking at the moon.
    Somebody please give the dog a bone!

  5. SERPENT is representation of His name. Serpent is afraid of Missa KNIGHT. Knight wants to turn OBSERVER in a UPP station. Mr. Murdoch is gone.Next to go is DARREN MATTHEW WARD. Observer will be bankrupt before next election.

    ABLP still controls the MEDIA POINTE FM , WPT FM ,PLATINUM ABS.Q

  6. Red is dead!
    A deceptive man who wishes to stay in power to enrich himself, oppressing the poor daily. Only because election is near he pretends to care for the people but we realize he only care for his pocket.

  7. At least you looked up insanity in the dictionary. Now go forth and seek redemption of your wicked ways, questionable decision making, lies, half-truths and down right dutti behavior in public office.

    Just one example. Many more can be written. Renting out your private home to a potential investor for an insane amount of US Dollars.

    I for one will not listen to any gabage on RUM SHOP RADIO. It is a media house for the insane who chat rubbish and spew lies.

    Who want vote for you and your cast of DEPLORABLES. So be it.
    History will record your government’s failures and successes.

    Future generations will have to determine what level of governance did you bring to The Office of The Prime Minister,
    The Cabinet and by enlarge the social and economic advances of the twin island State of Antigua and Barbuda.

    Let me remind you. God nar sleep. He no own nar wear pajamas.

  8. Them people running behind you in Pointe and Villa have time for world issues? Some of them have no jobs and living in squalid conditions. The pensioners have time to think of world problems when a lot of them hungry because they can’t get their pensions on Time? If you really want to be generous, start looking after the people who elected you by providing them with decent paying jobs, a clean environment and paying their pensions on time. You seem to like being on the world stage more than running the country. You are looking for fame, but Antiguans just want a properly run country. Giving people a thousand dollars that can buy food for only two weeks , what will they do for the rest of the month? Millionaires can meet and greet to talk about climate warming and all such things and you are right at home with them because you are one of them.

  9. Pm let me tell you straight up a few of the nonsensical things you have done.
    Your opponent having a simple small business stop . In a constituency I believe you will win hands down. However, seeking confrontation you went out there in the middle of their campaign and made yourself a fool . This could have ended up in violence because of you silly actions. The video clearly showed your bad behavior .
    On your radio station and on Facebook you ridicule citizens of Antigua & Barbuda every Weekly.
    At the opening of the new airport terminal Hon.B. Spencer was invited as a dignitary. As his successor you insulted him in front of the Chinese.
    The land swapping and self-enrichment is criminal, especially using state assets and information to do so. Same thing you did with the Western imperial and the rental of your home. Similarly you sell of Devil Bridge and Indian Towns lands to a company that a government minister is a major share holder and ripped off the state. Is there a kick back Maria ? Political prostitution all over every deal , including Jolly Beach to the same group.
    The only Antiguan you seek to enrich is yourself, your son and your in-laws , with the waterfront lands down point.
    You fail to pay our nurses, our police , teachers, our prison officers, Clareview workers and civil servants what is rightly theirs and now using it as a political football before elections.
    People suffered during the Pandemic for relief now you are using relief as a political football.
    Your behavior in public office and representation and actions locally is unbelievably and shockingly so disrespectful and so often that I have to shade my children from listening to you.
    You refuse to pay local contractors and suppliers as the Minister of finance. Giving directives to the Accountant general office- who to pay and who not to pay. The local picky head Antiguan contractors and their families suffer because of these actions. You said that collecting monthly from the treasury 30k by your son is peanuts, so imagine what you all is doing to this country.
    I can go on for ever to list your act and actions is tantamount to treason and am sure if forensic auditing is done to this country Finances many of you and your colleagues will end up in 1735, so fix the toilets quickly. If you try to play crazy the same thing , concrete toilets and as Max recently and so lightly started just the flies laying their eggs and the maggots hatching. Then if this lead to your unfortunate demise- We will place you and your love one as you did to ours at Sir Lester Bird Mt. St.John’s to rot with bed sores and then on to the Morgue to decompose.
    Yes your decomposed Bodies will be granted a state funeral. Hmmmmmmmmm.

  10. Gaston Browne and the ABLP have devoted their time to try to silence Observer. How many times have they attacked Observer. Gaston Browne himself said that the ABLP would not give any interviews on OBSERVER until Max Hurst is reinstated in his Monday morning slot with Darren Matthew Ward.
    Well, Max Hurst was not reinstated so why would you, Gaston want to go on OBSERVER!
    Is it because you know that OBSERVER is the leading radio station in Antigua and Barbuda so you want to give yourself some credibility?
    The UPP members are NOT allowed to go on ABS yet you want to go on OBSERVER.
    You have reaped the consequences of you action.
    Now, go back to your hole on POINTE FM

    • Gaston Browne aka Landy Bozo move your SCU*T you and your A** licking poodles, like the fake hair doctor, the LGBTQI Lake, the Flip Flop wife beater and all the other hypocrites. If are you want democracy open up ABS to all Politicians. GET RID OF THEM!

  11. I do not see this as censorship. As a matter of fact, I believe that this decision should have been made long long long time ago.

    Stevie Wonder can see that Newsco/Observer is aligned with forces opposite to the government and I do not see anything wrong with the ownership of the radio station seeking to use its entity to its advantage.

    The Station Manger of Point FM publicly states all the time that Point FM is aligned to the ruling Labour Party Administration.

    It is a matter of public record that one of the host there (Beef) had to leave or was relieved of his duties when his views did not align with the radio station/administration views regarding the C.C.J. referendum.

    I did not remember gaston saying “point fm is hell bent on keeping their blind loyalists and unsuspecting supporters/followers in ignorance, even through censorship of discourse”.

    Let gaston talk on Point FM, W.T.P., Z.D.K. & A.B.S. but let him listen to Newsco/Observer.

    Congratulations to the ownership of Newsco/Observer.

  12. Nuff Respect to News Co. Management . Congratulations!!
    The host of the Big Issues walked off his job, because he was not allowed to bring on the Clown.
    Kid in a candy store. 🍬. mentality.
    Let us be serious!! Serious minds discuss serious issues, Water, Electricty , Roads. Health Care, Jobs, Debt ,
    Jolly Beach workers , Liat , Prison , Fiennes (bed bugs a bite the ole ppl) and more. Come on talk about these issues affecting the country.

    The money done pass, Gaston had fun doing this, watched him doing his hallelujah 🕺 dance. Just Ga lang. What else he has 45 mins to talk about, cuss people on our radio station. Hell No.

    ABLP will be defeated this time around.
    The United Progressive Party with Harold Lovell , The Prosperity Government is ready to lead this Country of
    Antigua and Barbuda .

    Gaston Browne and his Renegade s are hanging out on the departure lounge. The plane soon come, please load them like luggage and take them away.

    UPP All the Way. Country Tunn Blue. Red wash out!!

  13. As much as you useful idiots speak badly of Gaston he is the best person to run the country right now and can do so way better than any of these UPP candidates who by majority don’t even have a clue.

    Harold you will never be Prime Minister just give up and enjoy your pension.

  14. Red!! Red what Planet are you on ?
    You need Help if you feel Gaston Browne is the best person to run this Country.

    You are the usefull Idiot.

    Red wash Out !!

  15. Makes perfect sense to me. Why give this liar a forum to continue his lying? Do it on the Rumshop radio. This man stood in parliament and stated that Observer is a threat. If the station is such a threat (whatever that means) why the backwash if he is denied air time on this imagined “threat?” And the “reporter,” who resigned, exemplifies the lack of loyalty that runs rampant in our country. Observer’s greatest challenges are from within.

  16. “Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freeness of speech.”

    I remember when the PM tried to tell social media users to STOP posting anything he deemed negative about the experimental gene therapy aka ‘vaccines.’ We are now seeing some of what the “antivaxxers” postulated coming to fruition, ie sudden, unexpected, unexplained deaths and I’m sure there are some disabilities that may not be as obvious to the public. If the PM stated to his parliamentarians that a radio station is a ‘threat’ then lovers of freedom should take NOTICE.
    The curtailing of free speech has begun specifically in the big tech forums — The dissenters of the public narrative ‘vaccines’ being the topic of contention have been censored, suspended, some permanently banned without any due process. History teaches us that this is how authoritarian rule begins — I see but sincerely hope I’m wrong, that the PM of A&B has these tendencies.

  17. All of this noise about DEMOCRACY and PRESS FREEDOM needs to be voiced against what goes on at ABS TV and RADIO STATION both of which are for the PUBLIC, funded and paid for by taxpayers monies. Aryu mek noise about what happens there and has worsened for almost 10 years. Serpent and Dave are the owners of Observer Radio station so they are FREE to make choices for their business entity. Arwe own ABS RADIO AND TV and don’t have a say in the running of those entities. Again hypocrites, please let it make sense.

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