PM Browne meets with Miss Jaycees Contestants (+PHOTOS)

All photos by the Office of the Prime Minister

OPM: On Monday 25th July 2022, the seven (7) Caribbean contestants vying for the Ms. Jaycees Queen title paid Prime Minister Gaston Browne a courtesy visit at his office on Queen Elizabeth Highway. CLICK HERE TO JOIN OUR WHATS APP GROUP FOR MORE UPDATES

Prime Minister Browne wished each delegate every success as they seek to represent their respective countries to the best of their abilities and reminded the contestants that this pageant represents Caribbean Unity.

The Caribbean pageant, a product of JCI Antigua, has been a staple in Antigua and Barbuda’s Carnival festivities over the last 59 years.CLICK HERE TO JOIN OUR WHATS APP GROUP FOR MORE UPDATES

Under the theme, “Unleashing the potential within, through resilience and determination”, the highly anticipated pageant will see crown contenders from Antigua and Barbuda, British Virgin Islands, Haiti, Montserrat, Saint Kitts, and Nevis, Saint Lucia, and Trinidad and Tobago competing at the ARG on Wednesday 27th July from 8 pm.

Ms. Briana Anthony is representing Antigua and Barbuda.CLICK HERE TO JOIN OUR WHATS APP GROUP FOR MORE UPDATES



  1. Alphonso leaving me and roam. Leaving me at home. But now a tell him something flat. I’m not putting up with anymore a dat. A go follow you right outside the door. When Jaycees Competition show come up on the schedule.

    A go follow you. Me a go follow you. Just wait and see what happen dat night. Even if both a we have to fight.

    A go follow you. A go follow you….

    The neighbors think I’m a mice because a act too nice. Alphonso, a go follow you. Yes Jack. A go follow you. All the way when you up on stage. When you crown the one that get first place. A following you. Me a go follow you. Ah ha!!!

    The neighbors reminding me. Yes, all dem agree. Anytime we reach the court. They go come to my full support. They coming too. Yes they coming too. When the Judge ask if he’s a pain. We go call his name.

  2. Good morning , why are not the contractors getting paid from the treasury. Talking about all contractors, service contractors, cleaning contractors, schools meals, Trucking. Everyone except a chosen few. Locals work hard in this country and them Serían come here and get rich by the help of PWD , the treasury and our government. We empower them , then we go begging them for sponsorship for everything and they now showing off with our own money. This goes on while our local contractor goes bankrupt. The local contractors have to pay for our fuel , , maintenance of equipment , pay workmen, and we cannot get paid.

  3. @Frankly Speaking
    Why you think some people get paid and some don’t? Because it is highly likely that the paid ones are fronting for some politicians and their family. Years ago a middle eastern family came to Antigua selling clothes from a bicycle. Today they are one of the wealthiest families in Antigua. They say VC Bird was always at their house. Our government like to see black people poor. They only love us for votes at election time.

  4. Think about it : what you are saying is the truth, stated better than I did. Notice one middle eastern car dealer was ambassador under ALP, the next year he was under UPP. The black Middle that like to be called by their name was big under UPP , same switch to ABLP now turn big contractor and cannot read a 12 inch rule. Same got the school west of Yasco to turn into a hospital. Same building Bolands police station. Next one midday Eastern Cool – building, bridge by Yarks and Antiguan black builder working as their builder. It’s so cool selling chicken to school meal. Next the brothers on Old Paraham road now supplying government with everything- equipment, tyres , parts the local contractor got knocked out. Lots of these deals are aided by Civil Servants. That make I don’t care when they don’t get paid because lot of them are as corrupt as the politicians. The one that UPP fired is now a PS and Ambassador. These guys are rich over night. Then we local fools patronize their business and leave our own. These people get paid in a timely manner. Then the only road construction contractor CO – do not even hire a ground cart from a local.
    Also why our governments give duty free to the hoteliers snd other investors- I thought it suppose to be to create Jobs for our locals. Instead they bring in workers and I am not talking about specialist- every and anything. Front desk , laundry, maintenance, pools and if they are giving out contractors which are very few, they find none Nationals . Anyone I am going to vote for Must address these topics without being afraid. Upp had the opportunity to put into law constitutional and election finance regulations and failed. Now they are catching hell for the same reasons to win a seat.

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