PM Browne is a liar and a coward, UPP says


Prime Minister Gaston Browne is a liar and a coward, hiding behind unsubstantiated rhetoric.


This is the United Progressive Party’s opinion of the diatribe that he has chosen to call a National Address in response to the disgust that has greeted the incident of Sunday, August 8, when the Police responded to a peaceful protest with unrestrained violence.


Prime Minister Browne, Attorney-General Steadroy Benjamin, Police Commissioner Atlee Rodney and the Riot Squad of the Police Force have all come in for condemnation, criticism, and rejection by nationals and residents on island; members of the diaspora; and Caribbean neighbours, since defenseless children, women and men were tear-gassed and rubber-bulleted.


In a shocking contrast to the peaceful demonstrations that have taken place across the region and further abroad, the world has seen – firsthand, through live recordings by many ordinary citizens – the brutality that was meted out to the people of this country by those who are sworn to protect and serve – with the blessing of the Antigua Labour Party Administration.


To cover their shame, Prime Minister Browne has resorted to naked lies, trying to link the brutalization of Antiguans and Barbudans to some spurious conspiracy between the United Progressive Party, the Freedom Fighters of Antigua & Barbuda, and unnamed criminals.


When was this conspiracy uncovered and by whom? When the Freedom Fighters group staged one, two, three pickets ahead of Sunday’s protest – with numbers above the previous limit of 25 persons – did Mr. Browne think, then, that the group was aligned to this Party?


When he told the public he was confident that no permission to march on August 8 would be given, was he already conspiring with the Police?  And when, on Saturday, the day before the event, the Minister with responsibility for the Police declared that the protesters “had another think coming,” because it would not be like St. Vincent, what exactly, was Mr. Benjamin plotting?


No matter how many times Mr. Browne repeats the untruth, it remains a LIE: There was no illegal march.  The Freedom Fighters, on Friday, informed the public that no permission had been granted (with an answer withheld by the Commissioner until 48 hours before) and that the event would be converted to a peaceful and orderly gathering, instead.


Nowhere on any recording of the event is there any evidence of provocation, threat, or defiance by the protestors or by those standing on the sides in support.  None!  And, not being able to find justification for the police violence – including in the Rural West and South communities – the Prime Minister has resorted to conspiracy theories.


The United Progressive Party challenges Mr. Browne and Mr. Benjamin not only to produce evidencethat the Police reacted to provocation by the protesters, but to show any collaboration between the Freedom Fighters and the Party, and to name the criminals that he claims instigated unrest.


Until they can do that, their accusations are nothing but the whistling in the dark of two frightened men who stand condemned in the public’s view and disgraced among world citizens who recognize and respect the democratic rights of everyone, regardless of their personal views.


This is not about vaccination, which our leaders – unlike Prime Minister Browne – have undergone in public, sharing the very same drug to which the masses had access.  This is about the ALP’s crashing approval rates and the very real specter of rejection at the next polls.

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  1. Gentlemen – please both of you stop the politricking.
    This is about a CHEMICAL WEAPON that is banned for use in International warfare, being unleashed on A&B CITIZENS in a pandemic, in peacetime.
    Is this OK?
    My guess is the majority of civilians would say no, irrespective of the political back and forth.

    I’ve been unfortunate enough to have experienced tear gas overseas as an innocent passerby, not a protagonist or protestor.
    It rips your eyes, nose & throat.
    It burns like hell.
    It takes hours to get physical relief.
    & far far longer to emotionally process the unprovoked attack on you, knowing there is no recourse or recompense.

    Tear gas is vile deadly stuff.

    Do we the people really want tear gas to
    a) be in the Police storerooms
    b) be at risk of its random or influenced use

    I for one say No No No.

    • It’s about our freedoms which the dictatorship govt wants to rid us of.

      That’s what it is all about.

    • You belong to the Gaston Scrotum Sack Gang

  2. I am fully aware that members of the UPP have been vaccinated. I have been in communications with Members ad supporters who have been vaccinated. There main reason for being there was to protest against the so-called “State of emergency”. The rally is not about 1 main thing. It has no political alignment.

    Gaston, if u didn’t know this before… it has been a topic everywhere I have been that the people are tired of your bully rag way of doing things. Not mich people like u very much anymore. You have decieved us in many ways while u grab at every straw that blows your way. Yoir a coward so u turn everything into a political display to play as if it’s a level playing field but you’re thief and a liar full of self benefits in every move you make saying or implying that it is for the people.

    What have you really done to comfort Antiguans and Barbudans? Do you think we are stupid? Do you think that all of us are cowards like you? Do you really think that all of us are scaredy cats???
    You’re a “World Boss?” Well WE TOO!!

    • Well said. Greed is his motto, pretending to marry into the Bird family for political gain. We all know the truth, your so called dolly house wife use to be your daughter in law and she is not of the Bird blood line, but adopted by her mother’s ex-husband. The truth must be revealed. Is it safe to say that he is not only a corrupt, greedy, bullying, grabbing pig, but a pedophile? Antigua WAKE UP.

  3. Tell him Harry. Antigua is not China, Russia, Belarus or Syria. Antigua is a, and will always be a democracy. The people rule. Maybe he’s taking orders from our new economic masters. The CCP Not one man call the shots. ABLP/ALP whatever they call themselves are a bunch of Deplorables.

    Gaston! I’m calling on you to resign and let a more steady mind guide the country through this difficult time. Which you and your yes men have made worse.

    I suggest that Sir Joseph take your place until a new election is called.

    You’re a polarizing figure. Your time is up!

  4. This is not over by any means. We are taking back our country from dictator traitor tyrant liar HT thief Gaston Browne and his cesspool gang.

    They have consistently taken, stolen and used us for their creative enrichment schemes AND NOW THEY WANT TO TAKE OUR FREEDOMS. I will live free or die fighting to live free.

    Bring all the teargas and bullets you want, you will run out at some point. Your time in the office abusing your power is over and done with. Scum like you Gaston will never be in office again.

    Now bring all those involved with Nigel Christian’s abduction, kidnapping and murder execution style to justice. He was murdered because he found the truth behind the “forged” signatures at the Port. High up govt ministers are involved with this and all need to be brought to justice and face the full extent of the law including being hung.

    The abductors, kidnappers and human traffickers (HT) of Mehul Choksi also need to be brought to justice. Again high up ministers involved with this too. They are all walking around freely. The police hasn’t even bothered to get the woman from Bulgaria back here for questioning or the Indian people who assisted in Choksi’s kidnapping. They are all under Gaston’s thumb.

    We the people are done with all the crimes, injustices, stealing of our lands and taxes, nepotism and the list goes on and on from dictator traitor tyrant liar HT thief Gaston Browne and his cesspool gang. We taking back our country and putting people in who will represent us and work for us, not their pockets and creative enrichment schemes. And we will bring all of your buddies to justice.

  5. Harold Lovell you’re the.BIGGEST LIAR in Antigua Political History. Harold and the UPP CANDIDATES are behind the scenes with.this SO CALLED ( FREEDOM MARCH). ALL UPP OPERATIVES will do anything for POLITICAL EXPEDIENCY. This would not work LYAD HAROLD. I hope the Police will arrest a few more Persons.

  6. Elections are TWO years away. UPP will be completely DEMOLISHED foe next election. All these will be behind Us shortly . CHARLESWORTH TABOR , KNIGHT and the Others who are working very for ATTORNEY GENERAL and SENATE positions will totally disappointed.

    ABLP. 17. SEATS



    BPM ( BARBUDA ) 00 SEAT.

  7. Mr. Brown ( the little KFC man/ Hitler), can you please to show us the paperwork you signed to kill us off.

  8. I haven’t heard any UPP official condemn the threats via social media on the Prime Minister’s life and that of his Family. Lovell wants power by any mean necessary.

  9. Folks it’s the Modus operandi of the UPPITES is to be violent and caused hostility in Wadadli. Check their history from PlM to UPP that’s in their play books to decieve and bamboozled blind followers. They have done it before and they’ll do it again and again until they into power. The Cabal is deceitful and dishonest. Ironically, they were there at the so called peaceful gathering fully well aware that this event may caused the Virus to spread rapidly. In addition knowing that some of the people were disrespect lawful order and demanding to march up into St.Johns. Maybe the PM should called them Ruffians instead of Thugs…when it’s a half dozen of the same. Harry and his Cabals should never ever comes close to governance in Wadadli.

    • Gaston Brown must go. The people na warn he no mo. Take off u Hitler moustatch because u government a go crash. You economic powerhouse is to suck the people’s blood like a louse. You glad for Covid to blame for u failure and shame. You run from the island, after making your plans final. To Teargas and Rubber bullet our people. The young the old and the feable. For freedom of expression, we are subjected to suppression. This is not the end. Our rights we will defend. Remove the State of emergency in place. Let us march so you can see our face. The Labor Party is consumed and they will be doomed .

  10. The PM is a liar not one canister of tear gas, or rubber rounds could have been fired without direct permission from Cutie, not one.

    They are liars before the police discharge their weaponry, a call must be made to Cutie asking for permission to use that level of force.

    No officer who is under no eminent danger or threat can make such decisions. They are lying and we know it this time.

  11. Yet the party has not condone any of the vile threats made against his family or for the most part his infant child… The UPP must realise that not all Antiguans are gullible ….. PM Browne may be a liar but so to are the manipulative members of the UPP…

  12. I do not want to come here to this island ever again.
    This is inhumane and brutal.
    And I for one am not in support of this administration in this brutal attack on its own people.
    This was a direct attack to lame people for no tangible reason, what did they do?
    What’s the crime?
    Are we really free?
    I will continue to fight for my rights as a human being until my last breath.

    • I hope you don’t live in the USA.. where Trump tear-gas marchers for a photo in front of a church.

  13. Numbers and science go hand in hand. At the start of this pandemic, before the vaccine hundreds of thousands of people were dying, then came the vaccine and the numbers declined tremendously. To all the naysayers….what caused the decline? Now some will say ‘now the numbers are climbing again’ and the medical fraternity is saying the majority of those getting sick are those that are NOT vaccinated also they never said it was 100% effective, and most remedies are not. Can it be determined that since countries started easing some of these restrictions, we now see the climbing of infections. Since when ‘CHOICES’ becomes ‘FOURCED’? One chooses not to take the vaccine that’s their choice, however it’s the government’s responsibility to implement best practices to minimize the spread of this virus the world have never seen before. to govern the country and protect its citizens so if you are a government employee and you do not take the vaccine, then you also have the choice to be tested periodically and pay for it or do not report for work without pay. Most people wants to get back to work but until there is a remedy globally to curtail this virus, what should the GOVERNMENTS do, but to use all resources necessary to bring about some normalcy to the citizenry. Citizens we are not hurting or harming no one but ourselves. Is common sense NOT common anymore?

  14. Is like the UPP I try use the covid pandemic to score political points is the UPP candidate vaccinated a question that should be answered on air on media so the people can hear an update the answer for your choice

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