PM BROWNE: Here is my response to Harold Lovell et al on their claim of political victimization


The ABLP administration did not initiate any investigation, or influenced law enforcement in the bus litigation.

The information was discovered during a routine audit of the NY Mission.

Below is the information on the yellow school buses that were donated by the Government of South Korea to the Government of Antigua & Barbuda for the benefit of our school children.

Also, included is the evidence that the busses were shipped consigned to the Min of Foreign Affairs, which is the focal point for these diplomatic exchanges.

These are routine gifts extended to the Government of Antigua & Barbuda from the Government of South Korea since we achieved independence in 1981.

Korean officials cannot utilize their tax money to give personal gifts to individuals in any country. Neither can any official authorize the gifting of those assets of the receiving state to any private individual.

In addition, the use of these busses to transport constituents during political rallies and motorcades provided a political gain for these politicians.

Without the use of these busses, they would have incurred thousands of dollars in transportation costs, to rent busses, and other motor vehicles to transport their constituents.

Having deprived the school children of the use of these busses, there is definitely a case for restitution.

We will continue to watch the developments.

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  2. Tell me about the customs broker who defrauded somebody of over $3000000.00…i don’t want to hear about three old buses… chupse. The government should not accept old buses from a rich country like Korea to transport school children. Tell the COC and COP to lock up the fraudster

  3. You lost! You lost twice! First in the Magistrate’s Court – the Magistrate threw out the case for lack of evidence. Then in the High Court. The judge threw out the case for lack of evidence.
    Perhaps now that the police officers will not trying to persecute the opposition, they can concentrate on finding the person or persons who shot Cornel Benjamin. Or who forged your signature or what really happened to the Three million at Customs

    • The ONLY true evidence is whether or not the Korean government gave these buses to the Government of Antigua or to the individuals named. Ask the government of South Korea. Their answer will settle this once and for all. Do it now!


      • CErmle the buses were given to the government of Antigua and Barbuda under a program with South Korea. It was always a part of the negotiations between Baldwin Spencer as Minister of Foreign Affairs and his South Korean counterpart as well as our UN Ambassador Dr. John Ashe that the buses would be provided to certain parliamentary representatives to facilitate transportation of senior citizens in their constituency. The buses were not the property of the parliamentarians, however, they had to insure and license the buses in order for them to be removed from the Transport Board. If the buses are presently roadworthy they can be used by existing parliamentarians in their constituencies. Why is this so difficult for people to understand?

        • So then based on your logic, why did Justin tell Wilmoth he can now go and pick up his bus? I am hearing that Simon crazily argued MP’s are not pubic opffcilas and the nutty judge agreed

          • TENMAN MP’s are public officials so perhaps Justin misspoke. However, the issue in the case is not about whether they are public officials, but rather whether they are employed in the Public Service. Please read section 127 (2) (a) of the Constitution and you will see that MP ‘s are not employed in the Public Service since they are not hired by the Public Service Commission. Two of the charges against the defendants were seriously defective because the implied that they were public servants. By the way, I know you are a Gaston Browne acolyte so please tell him that the 2 other buses he talk about also came from South Korea under the KOICA programme. These buses came in 2006 and was allocated by Dr. John Ashe to Trevor Walker for use in Barbuda and the other to Dr. Errol Court which was used by the Hope Institute. The Barbuda bus was insured and licensed by the BPM and Hope Institute did the same because they are legal entities. There was no difference between the process for those buses and the 3 that came in 2008 and allocated by Dr. John Ashe. The buses were to be used in the constituencies and they were insured and licensed by the defendants personally because they had no legal entity to do it. Whether done personally or by legal entity the whole process was legitimate. Please tell your Boss Gaston Browne to get all the facts before running off his mouth about the bus case. Yesterday on his Pointe FM show he is dropping hints to the DPP about an appeal. Tell him to bring it on in his stupidity.

          • Charles would the argument be not a civill servant? Justin deliberately stated what he did (Said he instructed WD to go for the bus via a bs tv interview) hence truly belives it. You and I can agree that MP’s clearlly are public servants. My brethen already answered re the others buses and John Ashe’s involvement. If this judgement (what I have heard) is allowed to stand, i going for a bus and other such things

          • @Faith: Before heading to college my plan was to be a lawyer. However Information Tech classes changed that and became my focus. Though not a lawyer, I dated a few. Recall giving serios thought to marying atleast two. Have quite a few friends who are lawyers. My job calls for me to often get legal opinions

  4. Gaston, God nar sleep. The fires of hell are waiting for you because God nar sleep!
    You are a wicked, wicked smug man. Hitler is your brother.

  5. What hypocrisy! The Prime Minister just discovered that smart countries don’t give away their tax money as gifts but for the past years, he has been giving everything we have to PLH, YIDA ,Global Port and just recently, Western Imperial. Is he sane?

    • Rovi the PM rightly stated country offcials cannot selectively give tax payers moneys to inividuals as gift. In our country (like alll others) there are laws on the books that allow persons (not simply an individuall) once they qualify to get the tax incentives the entities you listed got. Incetives are not gifts, they expect a action that resullts in economic benefits. You want to get the YIDA incetives then qualify under the SEZ act; The PLH incentives then qualifty under the tourism and special incetives act, first passsed under the UPP Admin. No doubt in Korea there are similar laws that offer incentives to whaatever group of persons who meet the criteria.

  6. The top dawg should not talk about corruption, he have a lot of yes man in top position in the public sector that he controls that carry out his duties.

    What is the latest on the unforged signature?

    This man does everything for cheap political points, the biggest hypocrite of all time, the wrong he does is right in his own eyes

  7. Gaston boy, it appears as if your game have been exposed.

    People are seeing who you are.

    You have gall to be talking about Asot when you and him was ‘bongo friends’.

    With all the bad tendencies Asot may have, IN MY EYES, YOU ARE NO WHERE BETTER.

    As a matter of fact, to me, you are worst.

    Give me a break.

    As far as I am concerned, only those who are looking something from you are around you presently but Lester Bird told us about those type. You will find out soon enough.

  8. Most of you on this site are to young to remember what the Labour Party did to George Walter and the PLM.

    This is the Modus Operandi of the Labour Party ! It goes like this.:

    Charge the Leader of the Opposition/ Party with a bogus charge.
    Throw him in prison
    Then hound and arrest the leading members of the Party.

    George Walter was completely exonerated. However, his exoneration was held back and was not made public until after the election. An election which of course the Labour Party won.

    This is what Gaston was trying this time.

    Sorry Gaston, not this time!!!!

  9. TENMAN perhaps you have miswritten but again MPs are not public servants. They are public officials. I know Wilmoth Daniel has argued that the bus was given to him by Ambassador Ashe. However, I do not agree with that and therefore cannot see any restitution of the bus to Wilmoth Daniel.

  10. CH who calls himself TENMAN. A wannabe lawyer is still not a lawyer. I dated a few millionaires, one was even a part of a tech start-up. Does that make me a millionaire by association?
    My friend CH, you know, and most of Antigua knows why you have to defend Gaston and the ABLP. You might be fooling yourself thinking you are hiding under cover but you are not fooling anyone else. Continue to pretend.

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