PM Browne hails Rawdon Turner as “a representative they deserve”


Prime Minister Gaston Browne said:

St Peter finally getting a representative that they deserve in Rawdon Turner, to replace the rotten element Asot Michael, who was arrested and is still being pursued for bribery by the UK Crime Agency.

Asot is ungovernable, has a propensity to abuse power and has no place in the contemporary governance of our country.

Let’s preserve the integrity of our country and its people, by keeping that rotten element and his UPP Losers, Laggards and Charlatans (LLC’s) out of public office.

Support Team Labour’s next level development of progress and prosperity.

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  1. Good to see his Mr. Turner’s Business Hub actually come to fruition. All the best to the young upcoming entrepreneurs in St. Peters


  2. My leader, Comrade Gaston

    This is not 2014. Times have changed. You are not going to win this one. Comrade Asot will tie you up in the courts if you win and do you the same thing that Labour did to UPP in 2010.

    So listen to this. Don’t fight him. Let him run on Labour ticket. If he wins it will be a seat for you. If Labour wins, you don’t have to give him a ministry.

    Turner can wait. You already gave him a quarry. He is young. He can wait. Be smart and forget your personal feelings.

    But you won’t listen to this, would you? You so want to dun Asot. Careful that he does not dun you.

  3. Blackie from parham put on hurricane shotters on Asot Michael house and when he get the price Asot refuse to pay the man

  4. However you want to play it Prime Minister Browne, there is without a shadow of a doubt that Asot Michael is the LAWFUL representative for his constituency.

    Remember, you are not in any way shape or form have any LEGAL jurisprudence to circumvent this. Simple really!

    More popcorn 🍿 anyone who understands the legalese and its terminology?

    Because Gassy certainly doesn’t …

  5. Yea study this JTruth and stop watch man and them things.

    First you a watch man a wear hoochie shorts, now a watch what a millionaire has on when all you do a beg and solicit ya kunt.

    you deh a England and na bathe everyday punk!!

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