PM Browne fixes gaze on magic number — 80,000


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  1. I am not sure if Antigua really does have just 100k people, but that aside, the threshold for herd immunity is a function of the vacccines’ effectiveness, which is of course itself a function of the vaccine evasive properties of the then-dominant variant. Given Delta’s high transmissibility, it is now generally agreed that previous estimates for the threshold have to be revised upwards. We may now need 90% of the population vaccinated to achieve herd immunity. PM Brown should consult with the epidemiological experts about this. He should not blithely assume that the 80% figure still holds.

  2. The moment you thought you could defeat to the coronavirus was the moment you were already defeated.

    The virus was a Pandora’s box…once we let it spread by not restricting travel, there was no stopping it. Believe it or not, the worst is yet to come. The virus mutates constantly in both the unvaccinated and vaccinated by virtue of its constant replication all year long., It’s never going to be like the common flu because it spreads by aerosols that land deep inside your lungs instead of just in the back of your throat like the flu. The antibodies created against it fade in mere months and virus covering its spike proteins with sugar molecules just like HIV does to evade the immune system.. Soon people will start to die from catching the flu and COVID-19 at the same time. And then covid will eventually undergo hybridization with an animal coronavirus by jumping into another animal (probably a cat) and this will create a far worse coronavirus than we’ve seen. And then there’s the fact that coronaviruses have been jumping out of animals such as bats every ten years since the start of the century. There are more coronaviruses coming. And we’re still expecting a brand new flu virus to appear at any time.

    The future will not look like the past. There’s no return to normal. The days of us pretending that we are separate and apart from the rest of the natural world are over. We are not invulnerable to extinction.

  3. What is worse is to listen to this nut compare antigua to Africa. The 3% of Africa that can be vaccinated is 5 times the antigua population you damn fool. You bragging about having enough vaccines to cover the antigua population, and Africa doesn’t gas really removed all doubts about …… God what an idiot.

  4. And the pandemic continues raging on as it has continued in every other highly vaccinated country, then what?

  5. One thought or two.
    HEALTH CRISIS! Yesterday, today, and tomorrow. It’s time for all of us to act to improve our health and strengthen our human immune system. EAT BETTER and EXERCISE MORE so that we can all, especially the youths, TAKE CONTROL OF OUR HEALTH and be BETTER together.
    Plant, Eat, and Trade (PET action) fresh Fruits and Vegetables.
    Grow Herbs in the garden and use them.
    “…….a diet rich in vegetables and fruit, exercise (physical activity), avoiding alcohol (moderation in all things), controlling weight, proper rest and avoiding stress are ESSENTIAL FOR THE HUMAN IMMUNE SYSTEM TO BE STRENGTHENED………to deal with viruses, bacteria, parasites and other micro-organisms that can enter the body and alter the normal functioning of the human organism.”
    “You are what you eat.”
    “Health is Wealth. Wealth is not Health.”


  6. …and then, next in line will be the dogs, cats, horses, donkeys, sheep, goats and #OneMonkey! Now, once all the #Animals to include the MADD HUEmans have being #Tagged with their vaccines and boosters, then we can truly say, ⛄️☃️❄️⛈🌧☃️Damn, when did snow start falling in Antigua!?
    Please, please excuse me folks, I though the PM was referring to snow falling on Antigua, because #HERD IMMUNITY against these mutating viruses are on the same speed, as #Snow #Falling on Antigua, and sticking around for a couple of days!

    …the PM #HEARD the word IMMUNITY, and is using the word IMMUNITY as his campaign slogan, to keep the judiciary at bay and not investigating, bringing charges where and when appropriate for the mismanagement, of #PUBLIC FUNDS!

  7. The Country known as Sweden started that which is now known by all as Herd Immunity. They never reached that Immunity. Now all leaders are jumping on the bandwagon of Herd Immunity. Gaston Browne is using 80,000 as that threshold. How does Gaston Browne know that figure is correct to reach Herd Immunity. In my opinion Herd Immunity is nothing more than a fallacy.Covid-19 would be around for a long time. Vaccinated and Un-Vaccinated,we need to continue wearing our masks,wash hands,used disinfecting wipes,physical distancing. The Tourists coming into Antigua and Barbuda need to do the same,no exceptions.

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