PM Browne fires back at George Wehner of “Wehner Reports” fame


PM Browne fires back at George Wehner of “Wehner Reports” fame


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  1. George Wehner is a joke! When u can state on radio that you chose to “step aside” to allow the 🐍 to run in St. George……

    • Where's the GUN that killed NIGEL CHRITIAN and when will shortie be charged for forging the PM signature?? Where's the GUN that killed NIGEL CHRITIAN and when will shortie be charged for forging the PM signature??




    • Hmmmmm, now the UPP well has run dry it is evident the reason for their desperate behavior .

      Clearly they are really missing something ……
      Limpy Joe missing the frequent trips
      The hog with lip stick missing the many salary cheques
      Georgie Porgie missing the monopolies of Security companies
      Of course the list can go on & on….

      • Grabston Browne, why don’t you tell us about the government lands that you have given away in settlement of your debts instead of talking foolishness about wehner and Allister

    • You’re a complete joke. Serpent is way more popular than George and serpent is from potters so that seat is a guaranteed win for the upp. Deen Judas gone ah gwasah

    • Don’t write things for just writing sake – the time you take to write nonsense understand the objective of what this guy is doing. He may not be right all the time but atkeast he is doing something good. I read alot of comments on issues and far to often we miss the point because we are blinded by our biased perception on who we support or dont support. Weather we agree or disagree, this guy is pointing out things that society want and need to know to make our own judgement. Why not try to have an open mind to things….. gosh man! So bitter

  2. George Wehner is a joke! When u can state on radio that you chose to “step aside” to allow the 🐍 to run in St. George…… then you take your camera to record The Pitbull collecting his Wilmoth Daniel STRIPPER POLE BUS 🚌

    Georgie Porgie whack whack

    • Where's the GUN that killed NIGEL CHRITIAN and when will shortie be charged for forging the PM signature?? Where's the GUN that killed NIGEL CHRITIAN and when will shortie be charged for forging the PM signature??



  3. You are a nincom poop Gaston. You have the nerve to be saying people violating people’s privacy when you put people personal banking information etc out there . Man go talk to your useful idiots . ANR I beg you to please forgive my language cause this article not worth proof reading.

  4. Is the PM suggesting that Wehner is not entitled or qualified to work in this country?
    Why does he have to wait on UPP to be in power to get a job? It’s this type of victimization that keeps our country down. If non nationals can come here and make a living why can’t nationals who were born, raised and in Wehner’s case served in our armed forces, find respectable employment. The PM needs to change that mindset.

  5. This doesn’t surprise me at all from the Prime Minister. I said recently that George Wehner had to watch his back with this man and the ABLP.

    Gassy 🥸 HATES scrutiny, but he LOVE politics?

    An OXYMORON if ever I heard one.

    Keep up the good work George … 👏 YOU’VE RATTLED HIS CAGE. NICE ONE!

    • Santa Claus looking for a wife and a good water spring to stay hydrated, water his garden and wash fu he Kin, fu she kin, they picknee kin, granny and of course dear old Grampa Claus!!!

      Wehner, stay on you back foot and keep on keeping exposing these political Marauders and Deplorables that occupy the Cabinet of Antigua and Barbuda.

      Knock dem for 6.

    • … Gassy 🥸 say you looking for santa clause 🎅, but remember this same Prime Minister find a magic money 💰 tree 🌳 from out of nowhere …

  6. Who is this Wehrner guy anyway? Is he some guy who thinks he is somebody, or is he just a wannabe?

    • @Kristi

      He is obviously a thorn in the flesh of the minions like you and your Top Dawg 👍👍👍

      He’s very effective.

      He has received world-wide fame for his reporting. A Pulitzer prize is on he way.

  7. What Grabston Clown needs to tell us is whether or not what Whener is showing is a lie. I wonder why he’s not going to the summit in the USA. Keep up the work Whener.

  8. What was his claim for not attending the summit in NORTH AMERICA again? Seems like He and Astaphan don’t like aeroplanes anymore.

    • TENMAN do you really believe that Gaston Browne is staying away from the USA because Fahie calling names. TENMAN I cannot believe that you would even think that about your great leader. Gaston not involve in any drug trafficking or money laundering. Gaston is just fine.

      • Wadadli Man -The UPP fakers at it again. May be time to join them in using established monikers and create the same confusion, since ANR makes no attempt to fix this problem

        • @tenman aka #de Chameleon aka Cornell Hues…
          All a r u dutty and lub ugly to rass.

          Many of us can discern what the fuck is happening, from both side of the House of Hyram Abiff.
          Word! Sound! Power! They don’t change simply, because one individual has many aliases like #Chameleons! Once, they write and say something, especially if they’re trying to be persuasive, the real and true spirit of the faker, just like a thief or liar.

          All a r u lie, tief, Cong-Kang-Sah, hypocritical, lub ugly and #NASTINESS(kum een Ivena) to blurnclath!

          • Ras Smood aka Vere Edwards your inability to take responsibility for your failures makes you just like the UPP. Watch you invest peanut money yet think you are entitled to the same incentives as someone who invested 100 million. Oh yes and then there was your beleif that beleive you and the PM related you can get extra, Then instead of giving the biz attention, you busy chasing skirt, biz mussa close in 3 months. Probably Guinness world record for ANU shortest biz attempt

        • @tenman…😆😆😆you wished, that you know who Vere Cornwall Edwards is Cornell Hughes!
          Keep searching!
          You can solicit the MOSSAD, INTERPOL, KGB, NSA, CIA, FBI, DEA and even the RPAB and see what you can come up!
          Put your twisted words up with say US 100K, as a bet, and I guarantee you have more failures than Vere Cornwall Edwards. Just put your money where your twisted, forked tongue is, let the professionals do the forensic auditing to involve criminal misconduct and let the World know, who the real criminal is.

          I travel the World hassle free! Hassle Free! And spend what I want hassle free!

          I only look over my shoulders for #crooks and liars like you!

        • @Wadadli Man…😂😂😂❌, blame Papa Elegba, and de #SWASTIKA dat lib de ah, #Parham #CrossRoad and wuk Obeah gee me!😆

    • Maybe huh? You funny bro!. Asd an independent I can tell you George is making a dent. HERE IS WHY: He is telling truth. With truth MOTIVE do not matter. The last report got work done and exposed much wrong. That’s important even if he maybe one sided. He is becoming a very good reporter in his own style and very culturally competent. Disclaimer: I have never met George and don’t know him BUT what he is doing is a good thing. The ABLP’s job is to not give him any thing to report on but until we are PERFECT both sides will vie for “SANTA’S LOVE”

  9. Once again, the actions of a drowning man!! Are there any independent thinking ABLP supporters who would take a critical and honest look at what was produced over the last 8+ years and determine NOTHING but greed and self-enrichment for the PM and MPs? Gaston has made a mockery of our island nation and divulged peoples private information. He knows he has lost the electorate so he’s afraid to call the election. He thinks spreading slander and gossip still works as a political tactic; only for those who drink his koolaid!!!

  10. CORRUPTION CORRUPTION ..I heard on POINTE FM the amount of money Wehner made at the Port during UPP.
    Also TANNY ROSE read a letter written by WILMOTH DANIEL during UPP…LOOK A CORRUPTION. We shall hearTanny later today, ON WTP FM and ZDK Radio.. Look a CORRUPTION under UPL.

  11. All me a say is that our local contractors catching hell to get paid from the treasury. Calling on the local contractors to make this a voting issue. No pay no vote !

    • Is there ANYBODY out there who takes this Wherner guy seriously? He’s a wannabee trying to make alittle credibility but he’s falling flat on his face. So sad. He seems to have some potential, but needs guidance.

      • Yes thieving government’s land at $2 per sq ft is not a problem for you. Falling flat on his face for exposing the corruption you say. I am very sorry for retards like you. Antiguan Politicians will continue to get rich off the people’s patrimony because a lot of people like you refuse to hold them accountable.

      • I take him seriously sir. He has videos and last week he made the government clean up a major mess. He is also exposing all the unpaid bills and salaries. Look if not George who? and why not? When you catch him in a lie then cook him but for now …OH GOSH JACK! All I want to know is if the man is lying…..Is he?

  12. Yeah lmaooo Gaston nuh like when ppl expose he and scrutinize he for his bull, but when anyone else he ready to say how incompetent and low talent they are lol lol. You sound like a little girl crying for foul play Lmaoo Lmaoo don’t want whenner stop expose u lmaoo

  13. Look how people ah take up fuh “want fuh be/politicians”. All dem want ah fuh de party dem support get inna power ar stay inna governance an enrich demself. Some pan yah fu secure dem pickney future inna politics cause ah dey ah way de money dey, an oddas want dem party fuh be in governance so dem can continue fuh fleece de country’s finances. The current party in governance is more experience with Policies, Politics and Corruption however a lot of the opposition members are taking note and are readying themselves to perfect the artof corruption. We are doomed by Politrickans.

    • @ Alex, this is why I believe one party politics doesn’t work for citizens globally anymore.

      They are too busy looking out for themselves, and not the people that elected them to office.

      But as a visionary, I believe party coalitions will benefit citizens in the long-term, because the main parties have to work for the betterment of Antigua and the population at large.

      And more importantly, all of them will have to ensure that budgets are FISCALLY SOUND and used in the correct manner, so we all grow together as a country – whatever your party colours!

  14. Wow! What is very notable is the ABLP supporters everything that they are acusing the UPP candidates of are exactly what is presently happening so they are very conscious of those renegades are doing.
    My questions are: What can they gain from following and supporting corruption?
    Will they be paying back in taxes as the UPP supporters will be paying or will they be exempt? Are the rules differ between both parties? Do Antiguans really love good? The easiest thing to for Antiguans to absorb is propergander, lies and deceitfulness. When will we wake up? Are we going to awake when all are taken away from us?
    Do remember what is given away will never returned.
    Antigua has way too much Useful Idiots!

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