PM Browne Fears Alleged Fraudster Choksi May Compromise The Integrity Of CIP


Prime Minister Gaston Browne says Indian banker and fugitive businessman Mehul Choksi must leave Antigua as the reputation of the Citizenship by Investment Programme (CIP) is being compromised.

Mehul Choksi is set to go head to head with the government of Antigua and Barbuda in February 2020 to fight for his right to remain a citizen.

Choksi is wanted by the Enforcement Directorate and the CBI for allegedly defrauding the Punjab National Bank in India of US two billion dollars in collusion with a few employees of the state-run lender.

“We have said to Mehul Choksi, leave voluntarily, failing which he will be legally expatriated or repatriated to India,” the PM told Parliament on Thursday.

“We have said to him you have to leave when we have exhausted all the legal actions that will make sure that he is actually repatriated from whence he came.” Browne added.

According to Browne, the quality and integrity of the CIP is too valuable to the economy, and the well-being of residents, to do anything but uphold and implement the highest possible standards.

During Thursday’s budget presentation, the PM revealed that the CIP programme added $98.9 million to public coffers in 2019. That was a significant jump on 2018’s CIP revenue of $59.7 million.

Last year Choksi filed an appeal against the ruling of a High Court judge in Antigua after he was denied permission to bring in an expert to challenge the validity of an extradition request from India.

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  1. This guy still here? I haven’t talked to anybody who wants him to stay. The word on the street is this dude should return to India voluntarily. Otherwise the Indian authorities should be invited to take him home with them. This whole episode is giving the nation a black eye. Go. Just go.

  2. If the Antigua CIP program is to have any integrity, then the policy/law should be that once you are a citizen, you are always a citizen. This idea that the Antigua government can revoke anybody’s citizenship after it has been granted is ridiculous. If an Antigua citizen is charged or even convicted of a crime, then that person should still be an Antigua citizen. We can’t be revoking citizenship after it is granted just because it is convenient or politically expedient.

    Don’t offer a CIP program if people cannot rely on lifelong citizenship! What’s next, maybe the government will revoke citizenship if you have too many parking tickets?

    People who are looking for citizenship-by-investment should now stay far away from Antigua and focus on other options where the government won’t revoke citizenship on a whim. Who want’s to live in constant fear that the PM will one day target you and say your citizenship too should be revoked because of accusations (perhaps even false accusations) made against you?

    In addition, at this point, Choksi is 100% innocent. There hasn’t been any trial for him yet and everybody is presumed innocent under law based on UN Charter and Antigua’s constitution. In fact, there is strong evidence pointing the fact that Choski is being politically persecuted in India because he supported opposition parties there. So we are going to convict a guy in the political realm instead?

    Who will want to become a citizen via CIP in Antigua if the citizenship can be revoked just because the government (or any person that happens to be PM) doesn’t want you in the country anymore?

    • Canada, the USA, and other countries do this all the time. The citizenship of former NAZIs has been revoked numerous times once the truth of who or what they were surfaced. Nothing new. Let this guy go through his trail as long as he pays all the bills. Then India can make the next move. (By the way, you aren’t one his lawyers, are you? Just askin’.)

    • Guy its stated cleary in the CIP act that if you lied in your application or get found guilty of a crime after attaining conditional citizenship, it will be revoked. There is a 5 year period for conditional citizenship. We are not the only country with those restrictions, Fact is similar also applied to persons who garnered citizenship here under a UPP program which made persons in Antigua legally before 2000, citizens

  3. To: Choksi is innocent…..and….nobody’s citizenship should never be revoked!
    He is not a natural born citizen other countries do it too so your point is not valid


    The two most important aspects of ‘…Public Administration,’ have always been ‘…National and Economic Health.’

    If one believes that is only ‘…Unemployment or Under employment’ that is bad, ‘…Sickness’ equally impacts on ‘…health’ as much as it impacts on ‘…productivity and the economic well-being of all nations.

    Thus, while ‘…Health and Wellness’ are given priority considerations, both ‘…health and the economy’ drive each other.

    Firstly, a ‘…Warning’ came from ‘…Health Minister Molwyn Joseph’ about the ‘…Coronavirus,’ that has been wreaking havoc on the health of the Chinese people.’

    He has spoken of ‘…initiatives to mitigate’ its impact on the ‘…health and wellness of the nation.’

    Now another ‘Warning’ has come from Prime Minister Gaston Browne about the possible impact on the ‘…Citizenship By Investment Programme (CIP).

    Speaking to these ‘…Viruses -Corona and Choksi,’ each could have debilitating effects on ‘…Health and Wellness of the people,’ and ‘…devastating effects on the Economic Health of the Nation.’

    Hell work if this Coronavirus spreads among the people; and still hell work if the ‘…Choksivirus is allowed to spread among the community of nations that have concerns about the ‘…economic-based bestowed status.’

    According to late social commentator and former Member of Parliament, ‘…Lynwall Joseph’ Mighty Zero,’ who ‘…Warned’ all a sundry about ‘…another deadly Virus-

    ‘…Protect yourself.’

    The sad and darn bad thing about this ‘…Coronavirus,’ is that the ‘…once prominent Family Physician,’ Sir Prince Ramsey, is not even around to give anyone a darn injection.

    So two things are bound to happen;

    (i) ‘…Sick out; and

    (ii) …Kick out.’

    Now, ‘…Smelling’ is one thing, but ‘…Seeing’ is another.

    Prime Minister Gaston Browne has now ‘…Seen more than the Light, and more than ‘…Smelling the Rat.’

    In fact, he has now ‘…Seen the Rat.’

    Now he must ‘…exterminate or cause this ‘…alleged Fraudulent Rodent,’ nibbling away his administration’s patience and utmost tolerance and the nation’s sovereignty in;

    (i) …Enforcing national laws [Extradition Act: No. 12 of 1993]; and

    (ii) …Fulfilling its International obligations.’

    Sure the Indian authorities have the resources;

    (a) ‘…Plenty Specialist Doctors; and

    (b) …The rest of the money remaining at the ‘…Punjab National Bank (PNB),’ enough to exterminate this particular ‘Virus.’

    The ‘…Choksivirus’ is not only bad for the ‘…Economic Health’ of the nation, but also bad for ‘…Foreign Relations with India and the rest of the International community.’

    There are lots of other places where the ‘…Choksivirus’ may be spread.’

    Know that it would be’… hard for some practicing attorneys and their Associates,’ but ‘…Pleas let Mehul Choksi go back with it back to the Indian Continent.’

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