PM Browne explains how Cabinet skilfully orchestrated Esworth Martin’s exit from APUA


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  1. PURE NONSENSE. when are we going to stop calling nonsense, sense? They say removing Samantha and using another muscle man was strategic. Yet he get blow and no one commented on his so called strategy. Now, here we go again. This man is getting to much of a pass.

  2. Wait! Which party has been in power for the pass 9 years ? Who has been the PM during this period? Which administration minister has been running public works for the same 9 years ? These people really thinks we are stupid . All a ar u must go! A bunch of non – performers . The PM has knighted three incompetent parliamentarians in the last 3 years. . And all three have scandals waving over them . Give me a break . Antiguans need to fired ABLP.

    • you are mostly correct. only thing i disagree with is that they dont just think we are stupid they know for a fact that certain sections of our society are stupid.granted not all of us but enough to keep them in office . for now but that is changing.
      if some among us weren’t so stupid we would not be in this predicament today. i can’t blame the stupid ones though after all they say red is bread and some people can only eat if they vote red.

  3. Per Gaston’s statements, he, himself, should’ve been fired years ago. Is he going to retrench the numerous ‘Ghost-workers’ who are employed by his party?I have never heard of any plans for Potworks from him, as though he never knew of that storage, because all he ever talked about was the RO Plants that cost millions of dollars to CONSTRUCT but he found someone to blame for the leak so he’s now vocal on the issue. This is Governance by Radio, similar to what obtained in the format Soviet Republics.

  4. The Water truck business is big money for alot of high ranking persons in this 2×4 country so they don’t care to have the issue fixed they just want a scapegoat and excuses for their outright incompetence

  5. This really highlights the nature of politics in the Caribbean. In Antigua and in Barbuda we take it to extremes.
    Ghost Workers for life, without any performance or evaluation standards, fuels the ABLP.

    “Ghost-Workers” and “Nepo Babies” are the backbone of the ABLP, whp consists of a large proportion of the public workforce. I often wonder how do they keep the lights on.
    When Gaston feels the heat, he always find someone elase to blame.

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