PM Browne dismisses UPP’s plan to abolish the ‘fete tax’


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  1. Gaston “Cant do nothing” Brown running his mouth once again. No other leader in the history of the world has spent as much time trying to convince the public why they must get NO stimulus, relief or tax reductions.

    Time for meaningful change to reduce the cost of living and reduce unemployment.

  2. Like how the ABLP dismissed the CIP when the ABLP was in opposition. Remember Max Hurst walking up and down saying: ” My passport not for sale”

    Remember Molwyn Joseph say: ” Over my dead body”.

    It is the same CIP that save this government.

    So when you hear the ABLP dismissing the UPP policies, DON’T bother with them.
    The ABLP IS JUST JEALOUS because they have no vision.

    But the question is: From the 2 billion collected from CIP:

  3. Everyone knows this is all part of the UPP gasping at straws. It was so comical to see they published it on Fete Tracker.

    Fete Tax Relief coming. Rather than paying $200 get your fete ticket at $199.99. You can use that extra dime to get a longer Brazilian weave or make those broom sweeper eye lash extensions longer.

  4. This was just a dunce statement… I say tax them… Treasury need the money so pensioners and public servants can get pay…

    • @ Shocked: Perhaps you should ask Gaston Browne what happened to the 2 billion in CIP money. Then the pensioners, LIAT workers, CASS workers, Clare VU workers. Jolly Beach Workers can get pay

      • My dear sir… That’s why we need the fete tax… There I said it… I don’t need to ask Gaston nutten… That was not my concern when I made the statement… My thought was for people who carn get pay and get dem pension money… As soon as people talk aryou come up bout Gaston… Can you find the CIP money? I don’t think so… Did you see Gaston take it? I don’t think so either… When God ready for all of us we will be dealt with accordingly because RETRIBUTION is a debt that has to be paid… All you do… Study fu you bar…

  5. JUST SAYING your comment that the UPP grasping at straws is more appropriate to describe Gaston Browne. He comments on every damn thing. He should spend more time trying to run the country properly and providing needed assistance to the suffering people. He sounds and looks rather desperate and that might be the reason for his comment of every damn thing under the sun. Your days are numbered Gaston Browne.

    • Oh and the men can use the few pennies for thirty hoochy short pants. According to Truth they love them ok Wadadli Man.

  6. “Get rid of personal income tax “they campaign for . Alot of persons was not paying. The wealthy should help build the country not just the poor, but we live in a society the person that don’t have must pay and he who have must not pay. The income tax was like a local investors without bringing in investors.

    Look at the hypocrisy to fund the university I heard they mention a tax from the wealthy. We need to stop being one sided.

    People are seriously struggling in this country it is a high possibility the suicidal rate has increased this government has nothing in place to assist the needy only the greedy, but when election is near they want to bring relief only to stay in power. They must go !

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