PM Browne denies that CIP made billions under his administration


Prime Minister Gaston Browne is denying opposition reports that the Citizenship by Investment Programme has made in excess of 3 billion dollars under his government.

Browne addressed the issue over the weekend saying it is under 1 billion. Listen to him here:

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  1. Gaston, where all the money gone? We know in 2017, $1billion was reported for 3 years. How come you only received less than a billion after 14 years? You really have no credibility and think Antigua people are dumb and foolish. Please Gaston, tell us if somebody thief the money?
    I want Tenman to confirm the CIP proceeds as he knows everything government.

    • “As a direct result of the funds acquired from these investments, more than EC $1 Billion across all investment options has been yielded. The earnings of the Programme have been utilized to service the International Monetary Fund (IMF) loan; meet monthly Social Security and pension shortfalls; support the Solid Waste cleanup programme; contribute to the project to provide affordable homes for Antiguans and Barbudans; support the Barbuda Council in meeting its expenses; aiding the Ministry of Social Transformation, particularly persons who would have lost their homes & personal effects to fire; the Ministry of Health (the Cancer Center) and the Ministry of Culture (Carnival)” Mrs. Charmaine Quinland–Donovan Oct 04, 2017

      Stop lie, no one ever stated 1 billon was received by government. What was said was the economic activity, created by CIP, was valued at over 1 billion. This would include the value of the properties purchased (at the time each at at least 400K usd per property) under the real estate option and the biz invested in under the biz investment option. In terms of moneys to government, by the end of 2017, it was no more than 400 million (from inception)

      • Tenman tap trying to deceive. If more than $1billion from all investments options have been yielded, then more than $1billion was received. You “useful idiots” for Gaston Browne have no shame. Stop thinking all of us are fools. The CIP reports were filled. Have they now disappeared?

  2. They are not dumb and foolish some of them are politically blind but people will be enlighten soon and take him off his high horse.

    Citizens of Antigua you cannot believe what this man says he has no credibility.
    A so called vaccine that is suppose to be safe he took behind the back of his people.
    What else would he do behind of our backs.

    He that is faithful in simple things is faithful in great things

  3. The people are “enlightened” and that is why we have a centre/left government (ABLP). They vote them in. More to come.

    • @Betty’s Hope
      Let me ask you one of the enlightened people how much money the government collected to date from the CIP. Do you know or even bother to read the statements? Anyway, I am waiting on Tenman as he knows all things government.

  4. 1 billion, 2 billion, 3 billion…whats the difference? Everybody knows the money is with the finders fees when deals are brokered. And its totally legal.

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