PM Browne denies family interest in WIOC


Prime Minister Gaston Browne has penned a firm denial to a letter published in ANR about speculation that his son might be interested in WIOC.


This is a total fabrication.

At no point anyone in my family expressed, or haboured any interest in the Friars Hill Service Station.

The fictitious author, evidently one of the UPP’s propagandists, George Whenner, a known UPP operative, and other evil elements in the UPP hierarchy, continue to peddle the lie to injure the character of me and my family members.

Those who continue to peddle lies, misinformation and disinformation will certainly self-destruct.

All your evil efforts to undermine and destroy Gaston Browne and his family for political gain shall fail.

The more you hate and envy us, the more we advance.

Who God bless, no man curse.

We are blessed.

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  1. I don’t think the people hate the PM is the lies that he speaks and try to decieve the people with the self enrichment scheme. A pathological liar tend to believe his own lies

      • You’re still under the contract to suck up Gaston’s shit like toilet paper plus collect his sperm with your mouth and throat like a condom. You must constantly smell like Gaston’s fart.

    • Hadee indeed hold riches but i hear no talk about them , their new plant will set up them for years and years to come . Foundation funding for LIFE Times.

  2. Yes Gaston! Only you one to advance?! Only your family to advance?! Eh Mr Buyum??? So much poor people in the country but you’re not doing anything to help them and empower them! You’re such a hypocrite, talking about how poor you were growing up but you’re NOT helping them besides giving out a few dollars here and there. How about teaching a man to fish? You are utterly selfish and greedy!

    • I concur, and endorsed the veracity of the statement so eloquent l and profoundly proffered by this astute writer of conscience seeking divestiture and transparency in the private dealings of The Top Dog and all clique and cronies affiliations as per interactions concerning investment in publicly traded enterprise devoid of insider-trading for gainful profiteering at the expense of the subjugated masses of Antiguans 🇦🇬 Barbudans.

  3. If it was really false he would have threatened legal action as he knows the news service requires all contributors to identify themselves, even if the piece is published anonymously. Just fluff and distraction tactics. Release the doccisments! Why would he not have interest in WIOC? If it’s one thing nobody can accuse the World boss of being, it’s a fool.

  4. Matthew 25: The parable of the talents.

    There is no limit to the creation of legal wealth.

    Continue to sit on your lazy backsides, hate and envy those who multiply their talents and lets see where that gets you.

    • You would do well to use POSITIVE words to motivate and inspire your fellow Antiguans Prime Minister Browne – difficult for you, I know.

      Here’s a well known (but little used) Antiguan proverb:

      “A [GOOD] word betta than a blink to a blind horse …”

    • I have warn them many times about their hatred and envious behavior towards others.

      “Let us not become conceited, provoking one another, envying one another.” Galatians 5:26. “But if you have bitter envy and self-seeking in your hearts, do not boast and lie against the truth.” James 3:14. “For where envy and self-seeking exist, confusion and every evil thing are there.” James 3:16.

    • So, wait Gaston!
      Everything else that they said about you are actually facts?

    • @Gaston Browne…
      …and, according to the Nature, of #OBEAH!
      …through, the powers of sexy #Mami_Wata
      …teamed up, with powers of #Papa_Legba
      …what, sweet at G.O.A.T. mouth Papa
      …can be sour, where he releases his #kookah!
      …while, toking on a well stuffed #Hookah
      …and, according to the People from #Jam_Dung!
      ..,plus, some from Antigua & Barbuda!
      …that’s worst, than eating a #Hairy_Burger!
      …but, please don’t blame me!
      …’cause, according to school #Picknee
      …I’m just a #Jumbee_Crab_Picknee!
      …yet, I can still understand
      …and, so too can #Raycan
      …with the Red Herring in his hand
      …causing, all sorts of controversy
      …just like you, Mr. PM; all over this fair land.

      Ras Smood aka Jumbee_Picknee
      De ‘ole Dutty Peg🦶🏿Garrat_Bastard
      Son of Mami_Wata & Papa_Legba

      Vere C. Edwards

    • @Gaston Browne
      Is it possible that you have only one talent and if you were not in government you would not be able to use it? Every person has some talents. Some use them for good, some for bad and some to take what is not theirs.

  5. That man has never seen a business or land that he does not like or want. He want everything! Greedy. The word has been out for a while that Gaston wants to take over Larry’s gas station.

  6. Gaston Browne is ambitious and a hard clever winner, I know him and I was in class at PMS with him. I admire his determination, and propaganda does not budge him, and people only envy him. Peace to Gaston Browne

    • @ Gordon C, do you by any chance, or the stretch of the imagination know the difference between ” being envious” and “broken manifesto promises” to the citizens of Antigua & Barbuda?


      • Shouldn’t he be making himself busy running the country!
        My pm does protest too much!!
        Perhaps he’s taking a break from giving away the country🤔

  7. When people come with allegations and do not present any proof it is not worth responding to their allegations. Cause their goal was for you to take them on. And not everyone you should bother with. Unless they defame your character. And then you just sue them. And it’s about time we go to Parliament to pass laws that will hold those that let their website be used for defamation accountable for encouraging Defamation. And that has nothing to do with Free Speech.


      Maybe the country should take the Prime Minister to task for not fulfilling his manifesto promises as well.

      Works both ways Sidey. Seems like your nerve dem ah JINGLE JANGLE boss. Steady now, hold fast … 😁

      • Do you know why we have elections. It is to make your case to the people that you deserve another term in office. All that chat about broken manisfesto, I guess didn’t work on January 18, 2023. So why are you holding on to that. I guess you cannot accept yourt defeat at the last polls. Guess what. That is what they call a sore loser. But a democracy is build on the rule of the majority. And since that is something you cannot live with, I guess you are in the wrong country. See you at the next poll due in 2028. And better luck next time.

        • What you do not realise my dear ADVERSARIAL friend (and I’m very surprised that you don’t) is that the tide is turning against the ABLP and particularly Gaston Browne.

          It was a good thing that he called the last General Election when he did, because any call later in the year the ABLP would have been trounced.

          His timing/call of the election was just pure luck, but we’ll put up with another 4 years of suffering – though it’ll be very difficult -; because unlike previously, the citizens of Antigua & Barbuda have had enough of all the broken promises; lies; dishonesty and self-enrichments.


          • Brix whether it was luck or not, in the end Labour Party won again. And yes, you guys and girls gained lots of room compared to the 2018 election, when you only had one member in parliament. And of course, Trevor Walker your Barbuda alignment. But maybe it is a comfort to you that you almost won. But as one song goes, “Almost doesn’t count”. There is only one winner, and the winner takes it all. I have not seen in our system of parliament that we share the executive with the opposition, based on how many seats they won. Once again learn to live within a democracy and learn to accept your loss. Even if it were only six votes. A loss is a loss, and a win is a win.

        • @Sideline
          You like to talk about democracy. Have you ever posted anything about the fraud Gaston said he perpetrated to win the election? The military of Gabon just overthrow the president after he was charged with election fraud. He and his father were in power for over fifty years. In addition to his multimillion dollar properties overseas, they found billions of money in different currencies in his house. I guess he created all his wealth by using his talents. The sad part is that most of the people in his country are poor. There has to be a special place in hell for these black leaders.

  8. Gaston Browne speaking of hate,is like the pot telling the kettle ee black. I for one do not believed one damn word of which you speak.For you are a diabolical liar.You cannot bring any of your worldly goods with you into that box.For if thou art rich,thou art poor.For like an ass whose backs with ingots bows. Thou bears thy heavy riches but a journey and death unloads thee.

  9. Satan can give a man power and riches as well, but there is no blessings until it’s God himself who bless you, so I don’t know what blessings this Author is talking about.

    If you check history of the blessings of righteous leaders in the past, God directly had his people in mind to be blessed even more than the leader himself.
    God will only use a man to enhance his people and cause them not to suffer, that’s the blessing of God to any leader that he gave the wisdom of leading, to bring his people prosperity and joy.
    So when I look at Antigua and the suffering of the Nation, I don’t know what blessings that this Author is talking about, because Antigua will soon come like Haiti and the likes of Jamaica because of its greedy leaders and self entertainment leaders over the years.

    So don’t sit here and tell me that Gatson brown is blessed, when Antigua is a curse Nation and the leaders are seeking corrupt swindling Nigerians as their suitors to take Antigua forward.

    Who you think you fooling Mr Author ” bout who God bless no man curse”. God has not blessed Gatson, because if he had, the entire Nation would prosper.

    Gatson Browne has not killed in any Goliath on before of the people of Antigua, so he’s no hero, and that’s what real blessed leaders do, they slaughter any Goliath that comes before them to kill his people.

    So go sit down somewhere Author with your nonsense.

  10. WIOC Stock is some cents per share, however, the minimum investment is $3500. 00, why not tokenize these assets?

    Create a coin on the blockchain technology rail that is backed by fuel, petroleum products will be be the use case of the coin.

    Then people like me who can not afford to invest $3500.00 will be able buy $20.00 worth of this coin that is backed by petroleum.

    I know that our Government look at how the USA treat certain industry and follow in their footsteps, however, remember the internet gaming Industry and how Sir Lester fought the US and won.

    Antiguans and Barbudans where in high paying jobs in the gaming industry, and this industry brought in huge tax revenue to the Government.

    While the USA are killing innovation in the US, developers are moving out of the US, and the rest of the world are moving ahead of the US in this new Financial innovative system.

    There are work going on behind the scene right now in the US, and they will be able to catch up in quick time and surpass the rest of the world , do not be fooled, our young innovators need to wake up and get creative.

      • Ok, I probably got how much per shares wrong, however, the bottom line is, the minimum you can invest is $3500.00, it is set out of the reach of the ordinary man, only the upper echelons are invited 😆

  11. I am asking if the HIM IN HIGH PLACE has interest in an agriculture project up Pares Village area ? I am asking if the said farm will be opening a restaurant up Betty’s Hope estate? I am asking if it’s true that the said farm is in the process of taking over Diamond’s estate or part there of ???
    Asking him in HIGH PLACE to please explain what is CONFLICT OF INTEREST OR INTEGRITY iN PUBLIC OFFICE ???
    Is there a law for conflict of interest or integrity in public office? If so our politicians and Public officials will make the known criminals look small.
    This is where good governance starts. This is how you build an economic power house. This is how you build a sustainable economy. HONESTY AND INTEGRITY MUST BE A HALLMARK !!!

    • Have you being following what is taking place in Africa, the African children are now waking up, the west was preaching to the people, democracy is good governance and prosperity for the people, while they keep corrupt politicians in place that assist them plundering the resources of Africa to the detriment of the most.

      That is how most politicians in the west are programmed, do not be fooled by what they say, watch what they do, they are lying to you, the true meaning of democracy are, corruption, lies, plundering, scheming etc, name me a democratic government in the west and their close associates who are not these things, especially those who defend them in these forum. 😂 some leaders act as communist while true Democracy is at work 😆

  12. I am curious to ask, but what education and business achievements have Gaston’s son obtained to be able to buy this or have his interest in anything. Did he attend UWI or does he have legit businesses prior to his father becoming the PM. I mean I can say what I hear on the streets of his dealings but that may be allegations, but what real accolades and hard work have his son obtained to be considered a business man or to say his money came from hard work? Just curious if someone has the answers.

  13. OMG, Gaston has no shame! He actually tried to find a chapter in the Bible to justify his greed, selfishness and hoarding tendencies! The parable of the talents has nothing to do with you, Gaston Browne! Youuuuu manipulated, sidelined and aggressively took what you wanted! The man actually had the nerve to say above “There is no limit to the creation of legal wealth. Continue to sit on your lazy backsides…” People out there working 2 jobs to survive in your economic poor house but we Lazy?!! Try again, stop taking Antigua’s wealth for yourself and family. Remember you will have God to answer to.

  14. The devil sights scriptures for his own purposes. It’s a burning shame to hear a political leader clearly stating his appetite for personal wealth while in public office.
    I have absolutely no problem with anyone using his ability to become as wealthy as he can. That is for the common citizens .
    It is wrong when the leaders of a country use their office of PM to become wealth or wealthier. It is an unfair advantage. This is what I have seen with lots of these politicians and public servants. Let me give a few examples.
    The land swap down dredge bay was done because of inside knowledge and abuse of power. The land acquired in Point is the same thing. The excavator that worked in the Deep water harbour same thing. The backhoes that work for central housing and PWD same thing. The accountant general falls under your ministry and it is a known fact that you get paid in a more timely manner that others. Your farm was the first to get free lights , your farm had APUA drilling for Wells. Even to reduce the cost of water to farmers is viewed because you are operating a farm. What about concessions ? Who signs duty free concessions. Remember the rental of your Jolly Harbour house to the investor during negotiations. Inside information e na look good.
    The comptroller of customs falls under your ministry also- say no more.
    So it is the right snd honorable thing to do is not to be involved in business if you want to serve as a prime minister. What is happening here is that our leaders are grabbing for wealth and has lost the interest of serving people.
    Robin of the land grab is misuse of political power and greed. The competition between the ministers of government to see who is wealthier is causing abuse in public office and corruption.
    The civil servants are also joined the greedy mentality. They too are grabbing and using public offices and knowledge and making deals with contractors and suppliers.
    Antigua is becoming one of the most corrupt nation on planet earth because of greedy leadership.

    • Well said @ Frankly Speaking, I can bet your bottom – Antiguan – Dollar that the likes of @ tenman and From The Sideline will NOT respond to what you’ve correctly highlighted.

      Topics like this they just go into hiding – as per usual.

      We await with baited breath …

  15. *The worse people to deal with are people who are fond of giving excuses.*

    *Yes, ask them to give you a business idea, they will say no idea*.

    *Tell them you have a business opportunity, they will tell you that its a scam*.

    *Tell them to start a small business, they will say that the profit is very little*.

    *Tell them to invest they will say they don’t have money*

    *They don’t know that excuses are the materials one uses in building the house of failure*.

    *Show me a poor man and i will show you a man who is full of excuses*.

    *A man that gives excuses will do nothing, have nothing and later become nothing.*

  16. Lol. Gaston Browne quoting scriptures. Absolute blasphemy. Lest we forget,the devil quoted scriptures to Jesus. When a man goes from abject poverty to 30 million in 8 years, as PM, chances are there is nothing legal about it. Use your position to enrich yourself is corruption at its best.
    I believe nothing this idiot says. The man is a pathological liar and has done absolutely nothing for this country. I repeat, NOTHING. He calls himself King Suit,remember? If there was no truth to this,he would be talking lawsuit.
    Time, Gaston Browne, time. When you are ousted from power, you will have nowhere to hide.

  17. You zany jester,

    You are perpetrating exactly what you falsely accuse others of. “I AM GEORGE WEHNER, and for the record, I do not hide behind aliases, monikers nor pseudonyms. Figuratively, whenever I want to tear into your political backside apart I do so at will and with consummate ease. Why? Because you’re slack. Slack concerning your utterances, slack concerning your personal conduct, slack in discharging your duties as Prime Minister in the interest of the nation, especially Barbudans.

    Do you go to sleep with me on your mind? Are you having difficulty shaking off the “Boboy Traits” that were inculcated in your youth? Why are you calling my name in your foul mouth? Go brush your teeth and make sure you use mouthwash.

    This is now the second time you have falsely accused me publicly. I strongly advise that you execute a smart 180 degree about turn, stand down, and go attend to your kennel -as your actions and that or your cabinet colleagues have shown that the interest of the nation is not your individual nor collective priority. Are you and your cabinet colleagues still in hot pursuit of your creative enrichment policy?

    Anyway, have to go now and mobilize in the St. Mary’s South constituency to ensure that my candidate, Mr. Kelvin “Shugy” Simon, defeat your candidate by a larger margin he defeated Samantha Marshall in the January 18 polls. Stop scratching yourself and chasing your tail and go announce the date of by-election so that the people can move on with their lives. Why do you continue to hold us hostage? Call the date, man!

    So, until we engage In The Trenches…

    Fix Your Helmet! Adjust Your Body Armor!

  18. You think the people forget Porkston Browne’s lies? Remember when she said Pointe FM was not her radio station back then? What is Pointe FM refered to as now? Porkston Browne’s radio station.

    She is now playing down that her daughter, also named her has no interest in WIOC. Just another lie in the making. In the future you will see Porkston Browne’s daughter owning it.

    If and when that happens, which it will, I will have no respect for Gregory Georges and especially for forcing out Larry Gonsalves. The reason I go there is because of both him and his wife.

    Your Porkson Browne thanks all her ass kissers and slaves on this forum. Keep on voting her in.

    I hope this comment remains on this site. I will refer to it when we see her daughter GBatty takes ownership of WIOC.

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