PM Browne defends decision to reduce gas prices by 93 cents


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  1. With all the high increases in Gas, Taxes, Cost Of Work Permits, Traffic Accident Reports etc. Government still can’t pay small contractors and equipment operators months now. Where all the extra money gone? Oh yeah they pay the big wigs every month. #auditthetreasurynow

  2. I didn’t even realise gas went down. Simply going about my business. My beef though is with UPP and their continued pie in the sky promises. The latest gaffe came on Friday when amidst all the planned expenditure of the UPP Tabor said they will reduce corporate income tax from 25% to 12%. As silly as that is Tabor and his UPP folks seems not mindful of BEPS and the potential for Antigua to be blacklisted from such actions by the EU. I just have to laugh at the folly these guys come up with in trying to win votes.

    • @Just Saying your ignorance of economics is laughable. Reducing corporate income tax has been proven to increase economic output and attract more foreign direct investment. Simply put, it would create a more developed Antigua and Barbuda. But don’t let the facts guide your judgement you are welcomed to stay ignorant. Additionally it would not be far removed from the proposed global tax agreement of a 15% corporate tax. UPP is clearly on the right track and i am eager to work with them towards taking Antigua and Barbuda from a Developing country to a Developed country.

      • @economist TL you are so smart that your brain did not even give you the opportunity to comprehend the most basic of questions I was asking. Foreign direct investment don’t happen over night hence the basis of my question is simple this for smart people like you. When government reduce the tax WHEN would we expect them to implement all the measures that clearly come with some major cost. Answer that please as you know economics when during a UPP tenure should one expect all those give aways. I await your response eCONomist.

        • There us no amount of imperical data that would convince any ABLP useless idiot that it is a tried and proven economic policy that enables growth. What you lot fail to understand is that the key word in what Tabor said was “gradually” which is an excellent way of implementing any policy. But alas if it was the ABLP who made this proclamation it would be the best thing since slice bread for you useless ABLP supporters.

    • @ Just Saying: PEOPLE are suffering with high gas prices, sky-high cost of living, crime increase under the ABLP and you are concerned about the party that brought you the school-meal programmes, the school uniforms programme, the seniors programme, dollar barrel etc.
      Just saying, Comrade Max got $ 6 million for Deluxe Cinema and you are not bothered
      $76 million was wasted on ebooks- and you are not bothered.
      The ABLP took over $20 million from MEDICAL Benefits and you are not bothered.
      ABLP wasted the 2 billion from CIP and you are not bothered
      You get paid to blog on ANR and you are not bother.
      However, most Antiguans and Barbudans are bawling and suffereing and they are bothered.
      That is why we are going to vote out the ABLP.

  3. Ask yourself one question about Gassy’s recent reduction in gas ⛽️ would he have done so if there wasn’t a general election imminent?

    All critical thinkers know the answer to this pertinent question.


  4. It’s difficult for me to understand that real people in this country don’t see that Antigua needs a change of administration

    • Alot of them don’t want change because they are either oblivious to what is going on in the country due to their literacy level or general lack of concern. While others are benefiting from the corruption and mismanagement thus making them unlikely to desire change. Either way the eventual outcome will be economic stagnation, which has already started.

  5. The MINIMUM tax rate under BEPS is 15%…note the word MINIMUM yet some brilliant economist saying that a UPP proposal of 12% is close to the BEPS requirement. You see how dem #UPPnearga deceitful.

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