PM Browne declares that Antigua is almost back to normalcy from COVID-19


Prime Minister Gaston Browne has said that Antigua and Barbuda is on the cusp of retuning to normalcy despite COVID-19.

Browne was speaking on POINTE FM over the weekend.

1:36 LISTEN:

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  1. “almost” is a loaded word conveying much promise while actually saying nothing in reality.

    In my opinion, the real reason they are “returning to normality” is because their agenda is falling apart.
    By May or June there will be two distinct groups – the un-vaccinated and the vaccinated.
    TESTING will show that it’s the VACCINATED who are testing positive for covid-19.
    The un-vaxxed will be clean or only have a cold or the flu.

    ENTER the NEXT distraction…. Another pandemic like hemorrhagic fever?

  2. There is no #”back to normalcy.” Period!
    The PM is simply using words to treat the effects, side effects and symptoms which were caused and is still being caused by the COVID-19 #planDEMIC.

    Unless he, the PM has being gifted a #TIME #Machine which will take us, ‘Back To The Future,’ the “NORMALCY” going forward into the future is packed like a buckshot for a shotgun with MENTAL DISORDERS, PHYSICAL PAIN/HARDSHIP, powered by those draconian policies and mandates which the government have instituted against the PEOPLE #who’re running around like wet rats.

      • @Angel…outside of my grandmothers, I have no mentors! However, #Comedians are great examples of #real #people even when they’re cross-dressing! They keep it #live, #legit and #real.

        #Flip Wilson!
        #Redd Foxx
        #George Carlin
        #Auntee Roachie
        #Eddie Murphy
        #Dave Chapelle
        …etc! etc! etc!

        Laughter is still ‘food for the soul’ especially when watching these bumbling bureaucrats, nattering nabobs, bobbing heads and ass kissers behaving like a snake cornered by a mongoose!

          • @SWR…☢️😆😆’cause, it’s a 00000OOOOOoh! Oh! Oh! Zero! Zero! Zero! Naught! Naught! Naught. Point👉🏽👈🏽👉🏽4 per scent, that I’ll survive Covid after eating #Bat-Guana pudding but will die from #ALL of the phuckery which they have me surrounded by👀😎

  3. Just look at the hypocrite G-ass-ton Browne again without mask again. Everything normal for him but not for the rest of us. Antigua’s Putin.

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