PM Browne cuts short vacation. Addresses Nation this evening

Digital photos by Office of the Prime Minister

Prime Minister the Hon. Gaston Browne has cut short his vacation in Saint Lucia and has returned to Antigua and Barbuda following a violation of the laws of Antigua and Barbuda by politically motivated individuals.

“I could not remain away from home and on vacation when political trouble-makers and known criminals are trying to subvert, undermine and destroy our country and the interests of our people, by misleading innocent people,” said the Prime Minister upon arrival at the V.C. Bird International Airport.

He said that Sunday’s politically organized incident, in which protestors deliberately violated the laws of the land, applicable to all citizens; defied the instructions of law enforcement, who were seeking to protect the welfare of the population.

The Prime Minister will address the nation via Television this evening.

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  1. He shouldn’t have been on vacation in the first place because there was a threat of two storms brewing in the Atlantic. Now a Hurricane is threatening the island.

    Lame excuse for cutting his vacation short. He was briefed by both the Chief of Police and Defense Force before his departure for St.Lucia. What lawless behavior he’s chatting about?

    The unlawful action that took place was the abuse of power and excessive use of force on protesters who did nothing wrong. You can gather anywhere for a peaceful assembly.

    There was no one destroying property, harming any person, disrupting the normal function of society.

    Antigua is not China. Where public decent of politicians and there decisions are violently quelled. Antigua and Barbuda is a free and Democratic society where anyone who does not agree with a decision whether it is a government or private decision are free to make their opinions be known.

    Didn’t Caribbean Union Bank shut down because the workers want more pay and benefits? Pay the people. Your a multi millionaire as you say. Looking forward to seeing on the Forbes List. You should be approaching billionaire status by now. It has been seven long years.

    Hope you had a negative PCR test before entering the country. Don’t forget to quarantine before moving about the country. The Delta variant is deadly!

  2. Cut short what Vacation? He went to St.Lucia at the invitation of the new Prime Minister for the swearing in Ceremony. It is about time they bring their lazy arses back to do the people work. Tenman,baggage handler, you are included eating at the trough of the ABLP.

  3. So the Top Dawg calling his Labour Party supporters criminals like Megatron and Sagayfu……Wow how things has change.

  4. In the midst of chaos and confusion lies the true heart of man. Gaston left Cutie in charge thinking nothing was going to happen and something did. Now instead of condemning the action taken, hes making it political….. perfect plot of failing ministers. Just remember to give SIR Lester B Bird his just due after leaving him to desolation.

  5. Will the PM support the use of CHEMICAL WEAPONRY on citizens of this country?
    A chemical weapon BANNED from use in international wars by Geneva treaty.
    To quote a well known politician “SMDH”

  6. World dictator traitor tyrant liar HT thief Gaston Browne had no choice but to go on vacation because he ran like a dog with his tail between his legs to St. Lucia.

    Now he had to come back and face the music. Your time in office done and we bringing you and your cesspool gang to justice.

    Your nasty piece of shit ass is done.

  7. So the leader of the country abandoned it’s people in a state of emergency and go on vacation, AND POSTING PICTURES OF HIMSELF ON A BEACH?

    While the people is under a state of emergency?

    How dare you Mr PM how dare you….

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