PM Browne could announce election date next Monday Evening


An announcement of the date of general elections could be made by Prime Minister Hon. Gaston Browne within days.

That’s according to Information Minister, Hon. Melford Nicholas as he responded to a question Thursday morning on whether the announcement could come at the ABLP’s campaign launch next Monday.

Hon. Melford Nicholas said:

“I think it is fair to say anybody who studies politics would know that at such an auspicious event, it is more than likely that the Prime Minister will announce the date that he has indicated to the Governor General by which he will wish to prorogue the parliament.

A couple of things will follow from that which will have to be issued and a proclamation from the Governor General is needed and, of course, the nominee nation date and of course, ultimately, the date for the elections.”


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  1. Today marked 19 years since Tessa was shot:

    By The Associated Press
    Dec. 25, 2003
    ST. JOHN’S, Antigua, Dec. 24 — A magistrate on Wednesday charged an opposition legislator with murder in connection with a scuffle that led to the shooting death of a woman, the legislator’s lawyer said.

    The legislator, Sherfield Bowen, was formally charged with murdering Tessa Barthley, said his lawyer, Dane Hamilton. Mr. Bowen was not required to enter a plea.

    Ms. Barthley, 22, was shot in the neck on Dec. 16 at Mr. Bowen’s office. The police said Mr. Bowen’s gun went off during a scuffle. Ms. Barthley was put on life support but died Tuesday of a heart attack, hospital officials said.

    Mr. Bowen was a member of Parliament and a former member of Antigua’s governing party.

    • Dude… No magistrate on Antigua has the power to charge anyone!

      Please drop the 🐮 💩, and print proper and accurate things

      • @Wadadli Man…. Errrrmmmmmmm……. You are exposing your ignorance of how the justice system works. A magistrate CAN charge a person. Why do you think a magistrate has the power to issue and sign warrants? What do you think a warrant is? If you don’t know, I will tell you. A warrant is a type of charge!

  2. You want um, you get um
    You get um, you lub um
    You lub um, you run lef’ um
    Gwarn go tell all you fren bout um.

    Plenty people hab big chat before. Now the Big Red Machine go really crank up, mek arwe see who hab chat now!

    Me and me neghbour voting Labour!! ABLP me say!

  3. On this day 19 years ago, our beloved daughter, sister, niece, friend and classmate TESSA BARTHLEY was SHOT IN HER NECK by UPP candidate SHERFIELD BOWEN. He robbed not only us, but an entire community and nation of two patriots. Our hearts continue to grieve and break at the senseless death of our loved one by an officer of the court. Justice was miscarried, but we know that a day is coming. He robbed us of our kind, fun, caring and hardworking princess, but he cannot rob us of the beautiful memories we shared. ❤️

  4. Hurry up and call the General Election then. Antiguans are so looking forward to ending 50 years of Birdism and Browneism.


  5. Women of the Caribbean and all over the world are bettering themselves, while men are steady killing each other. Black men of hold are gone, while black young men a of today are disappearing. Look at yourself young black men, just take a little time and look.

  6. Can’t wait to hear the date. These government ministers have no respect for the citizens of this country. Listeners were disgusted to hear Lionel Hurst say this morning on radio that the Opposition were not qualified because they have had “no real jobs” and some had no degrees. This is an absolute lie! All the young persons running have way more experience than the current Minister of Lands. Does Hurst think we are stupid when we live here and have seen these people working for years? Please hurry up and name the date.

    • Hurst can’t help himself. He is a born natural liar.
      Outside of chasing women all his life. What’s his contribution? Jackshit.

  7. That is a red herring. Melford said that to get everyone to come out to the campaign launch. No election date calling on Monday.

    • @ Red Herring

      You are right on target man.

      This is just a ploy to bring out a lot of people to the meeting!!!

      Just to make mockery of people.

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