PM Browne congratulates PM Mottley and People of Barbados on becoming a Republic


Prime Minister Gaston Browne has written to the Prime Minister of Barbados, Mia Mottley congratulating the Government, and people of Barbados, on their 55th Anniversary of Independence, in what he has described as a historic leap forward to becoming a Republic.

In a letter to Prime Minister Mottley, Prime Minister Browne said, “the Government and people of Antigua and Barbuda applaud your administration and the people of Barbados for taking the historic and bold step forward in choosing to move Barbados to a Republic.

“As Chairman of the CARICOM, I take this opportunity to reaffirm my commitment to strengthening regional collaboration, integration, and development for which we stride in order to safeguard a more sustainable future for our people. I pledge our continued engagement in this noble endeavor as Barbados remains an esteemed partner.”

“Prime Minister, congratulations on the historic leap forward to becoming a Republic, and please accept the assurances of my highest consideration and continued wishes for outstanding success,” PM Browne concluded.

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  1. Will Antigua and Barbuda be next? It seems the People (Red and Blue) want it so. Long Live the People’s Republic of Antigua and Barbuda (PRAB), totally free and independent, friend of all nations, enemy of none. May God grant it to be so. We can do this together. In the words of the late Maurice Bishop, “FORWARD EVER! BACKWARD NEVER!”

  2. Congratulations to Barbados .
    Mia Mottley you’ve shown again and again to be the greatest and most admired Caribbean leader hands down.
    Many are called few are chosen
    With your stellar leadership Barbados will continue to achieve heights some can only talk about .

    • @Steady she goes. OK JACKIE QUINN-LEANDRO, but when are you going to pay back Medical Benefits for the money you got to pay for your cancer treatment???? Are you going to collaborate with Wilmoth Daniel and use his stripper bus to raise money to payback MBS??? Teacher Mary must be turning over in her grave.

      • While you’re at it Really, ask how Gaston Browne son got an education grant, went to college and after graduating, he turn millionaire overnight. Soon after he was buying all those high end vehicles and watercraft? Ask why up to now Nigel Christian’s murderers still have not been found. Ask how Gaston Browne acquired so much money on a PM’s salary. Ask why pensioners aren’t being paid on time. Ask why after all the promises we will no long have water shortages, we still have water shortages. Ask how Gaston Browne all of a sudden own all that crown land. Ask how Gaston Browne own Barnacle Point. Ask Gaston Browne, Darwin Telemaque, Bodu about the so called forged signatures that up to now no one “knows” who forged the signatures.

        Yes Really, ask all those questions too.

        • @ OK Really : thank you we’ll said no need for me to add anything more .@ Really got all worked up as they always do soon you praise another Prime Minister instead of the 2 bit Dictator.

  3. The Big Lie: This is not their 55th Anniversary of Independence, this is the beginning and the first year. Unlike Antigua they now have no White Queen, ANYMORE. Becoming a Republic is the only way you can be independent. OR someone needs to correct WEBSTER who claims on the same day Antigua declared its independence; Elizabeth declared herself Antigua’s queen.

    • I agree Skyewill, there should be a reset of the Independence yearly numbers. Starting from the beginning again is a good start, and a reminder that the ties were cut this year from the treacherous UK.

    • If kicking out the monarch is the only way to be really independent, then what are big countries like Canada, Australia and New Zealand. They share our Queen,too, but they certainly ARE “independent” nations.

      • PS: I, too, am all for replacing the Queen with a President, but let’s do it when Elizabeth II passes. Nobody wants Charlie as their King. Nobody.

      • That’s because the countries that you have mentioned are more economically sound and there’s no real reliance on anything the UK has to offer. To them the Queen is now just a figure head that the ‘baby boomers’ still look up to.


  4. Much admiration for the Honourable Mia Mottley. Ever since she took office, she has always put her people first, and, then letting the world know that Barbados means business, taking care of their own interests on the global stage, and insisting that they WILL be taken seriously.

    She has reminded the Western leaders that they must keep to their previous promises and pledges to the Caribbean region of a few years ago, so that there’s some sort of level playing field.

    The Honourable Mia Mottley has done more in the few year she’s been in office, than Gaston Browne’s constant ‘gas-lighting’ of his people. He’s seems more interested in settling scores with people who disagree with him, instead of settling Antigua’s economic woes, and calling the UK out for their ugly past to our island’s people.

    Let’s hope he follows Barbados’ example and stands up for his people (at home and abroad), and starts to dismantle the UK’s hold – that they still think they have on Antigua.

    I may not live to see a President of Antigua, but I would hope my children or grandchildren would – COME ON GASTON, START THE BALL ROLLING … IF YOU CAN’T; LET A MORE EDUCATED ANTIGUAN WOMAN SHOW YOU HOW TO DO IT!

  5. Perhaps Gaston could ask Mia for lessons about how to behave with dignity. Mia is so well-loved and respected while Gaston is despised.

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