PM Browne confirms 200 Africans arriving on Air Peace in a matter of days

Prime minister Gaston Browne in Parliament on July 27, 2023

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  1. Saint Mary South be vigilant, they will do anything to try and steal this one. A man that love power will try anything to keep power not for the love of people but for the love of himself

  2. Lol..I just have to laugh. Here we go again with the “business people” talk.

    You can see the lie emminating from this man, just look at his posture. He is trying to stay as calm as possible so not to give away his disdain for this type of questioning.

    He has a bridge to sell the people of Antigua, but it’s certainly not a bridge to Africa.. 😂😆.
    This man is a pure con artist..he comes to your house in a 3 piece suit, and when he finish with you, your bank account is empty.

    Smdh. He is not authentic at all..wolf in sheep’s clothing.

    Antigua people be warned, again!!!

  3. Hear nah Pinocchio, that nose yuh hiding under that Hitler mustache already ten times longer than your d*ck! You ain’t fooling us again…you ain’t letting no black man do business in this Syrian controlled country, except if they take the fall for getting caught clearing the drugs and firearms from the port!
    We are not stupid!

  4. Again, don’t worry yourselves fellow CRITICAL THINKING Antiguans. I said it before, and I’ll say it again; Gaston Browne’s STUBBORNNESS will be his downfall.

    Remember, when others can see your faults/weaknesses, and you can’t, then you are on a downward spiral.

    The Prime Minister is surrounded by ‘YES’ MEN AND WOMEN who are afraid to challenge him … that’s why Charles ‘Max’ Fernández soon step and gone!

    • What is the point of these 200 Africans descending on Antigua and Barbuda? We are being force-fed with Africans all of a sudden. It seemssomeone in the Ministry Of Agriculture is pulling the strings in the background who thinks Antigua and Barbuda is underpopulated. How about diverting these people to other African counties? If we are really underpopulated as he ihas been repotedly claimed and which is unfounded then we can increase our population by inviting people from our region to our shores. Of course our less than bright leader is also party to this nefarious plot. He and his close friend could of course fly off to Nigeria in Air Peace Airways but it won’t happen.

  5. People on this forum are getting wiser and aware of Hitlers devices. ” I move people out of my constituency to win the election” Samantha lost by 199 votes. Lovely lost by 1vote. Since 200 Africans are coming here will they be in the constituency of Samantha to enable the ABLP candidate to win by 1 vote by stealing the election again. The love of power really corrupts leaders with bad intentions. For some reason I believe some ABLP workers are working for ANR and not posting and editing what been typed.

  6. The ABLP is Lead by a dictator. He already destroyed the ABLP institution. Maryclare Hurst you came up in ABLP party from youth. You kelp created monster. You need to cage this monster. Chet all of you are going down with this monster. Robin you too old a soldier to stand by and allow the Monster to destroy VC Bird legacy. Maria your monster will destroy your Grandfather legacy, you were placed there for a time like this.
    If ABLP do not get rid of the monster ABLP will be reduced to the dust bin of History.

  7. This dunce will not learn. His stupidity is causing Antigua and Barbuda all kinds of problems internationally and the greedy, traitors continue to kiss his a$$. Another set of African con artists descending on us with the US in mind. How long before the US takes steps to protect its borders?
    We must rid ourselves of this scourge.

  8. People min anna vote dem Africans come to vote in the by election and he touting dem as TOURISTS…….

    SMS…. Ur the hottest constituency so me ah beg aru STAY VIGILANT BCOS HASTON THRISTY NAD TO STAY IN POWER…

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