PM Browne commits to improving facilities in Parham


Prime Minister the Hon. Gaston Browne, on Thursday during a tour of a number of facilities in Parham Town, St. Peter Constituency has committed his government to making significant improvements to the community.

Prime Minister Browne accompanied by a community activist, Robert “Bubbla” Young, said that the area has deteriorated badly and his government will focus its attention on renewing the infrastructure in the community.

Prime Minister Browne along with community activist Bob “Bubbla” Young during a tour on Thursday in the Parham Community. The Prime Minister visited the clinic, police station, fisheries complex and a number of roads needing urgent repairs.

“There are a number of roads that need to be addressed and a number of public buildings to include the Parham police station.  We have made arrangements to lease the building that the late Quartz Frederick occupied at north sound and use that as the temporary police station.  We will also move immediately to demolish the current police station and a building adjacent and reconstruct the facility into a more modern structure,” PM Browne said.

The country’s leader also visited the community clinic and made a commitment to retrofitting the facility with a suitable waiting area to accommodate patients visiting the community clinic from surrounding areas to include Willikies.

Prime Minister Browne also visited the fisheries complex and the market area in the community and outlined that the area is in need of major clean up.   “I was surprised of the condition of the fisheries complex in particular.  There is a significant quantity of garbage at the facility, so we will ask National Solid Waste to do a significant clean- up of the area soonest,” he said.

Prime Minister Browne, during his visit, also took time out to speak to members of the community who spoke of their concerns.

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  1. Well done comrade Prime Minister. The honourable gentleman is a hands-on leader, right down there with the people he serves. Keep up the good work.

  2. Could this be the reason, why Asot Michael – MP ended up in the emergency room, at MSJMC, and got treated like a dog, after the Top Dawg, roamed his turf?
    Asot must have went into a tirade causing his pressure to rise from his to to his eyes.

    The Browne Bomber vs The Disco Dumplin Saga continues…

  3. Community Clinic- clarification please…
    Doesn’t the new chinese building complex in Glanvilles include a large health centre for Glanvilles, Pares, Parham, Seatons & Willikies?
    Are the community clinics in Parham and Willikies offering a different service to the Glanvilles facility?

  4. Really?!
    Only now they realize that the community is in a bad state?!

    I wonder if this sudden interest has anything to do with the fact that the parliamentary representation might be in jeopardy? 🤔

    Is it a fact that, for the first time in at least 5 decades, perhaps since the creation of the constituency, that the Labour Party stronghold is in serious question?
    Could it be that the Labour Party’s SURE SEAT is no longer so sure?
    Enquiring minds want to know!

    And why is the PM committing to improving the waiting area in the Parham Clinic to accommodate patients and patrons from Willikies and Pares? Isn’t the massive Chinese-sponsored complex at Seatons supposed to have a poly-clinic to serve that area, including Willikies?
    Is this an indication that his government has decided that the clinic at Pares will NOT be rebuilt?

    Interestingly, the PM noted that “a number of roads need to be addressed and…. public buildings including the police station”.
    We’ll come back to the police station….

    One has to wonder if the Minister of Works still resides in the constituency and if so whether he has created an alternative access road(s) to his property!!!
    Does he utilize these deplorable roads particularly those in the New Extension?
    Or is it just that he really does not care because he is of the view that Parham people rejected his bid to be the representative way back when and so whatever they get they deserve?!
    Don’t the people who live in St. Peter’s constituency pay taxes too? If not property tax, which I’m sure they do, then at least road taxes on account of the many vehicles which the residents own. Parham, Vernon’s, Pares, Gunthropes, may not be Fitches Creek but they deserve attention too!!

    It is heartening to hear of the plans to rebuild the police station; hopefully the district courthouse which once occupied the now decrepit building next door will also be rebuilt and put back into use.
    Mr. Prime Minister, we hope that the station and courthouse will not only be rebuilt as ‘state of the art facilities’, but also that the men and women who are placed there to serve the community will be of like calibre – state of the art.
    The community is crying out for quality policing! … We need officers who are not afraid to WALK through the community – not sit and wait for transport; to get off their derrières and go to residents when they come or call to make a report of a crime; properly record incidents when reports are made – don’t ‘jot down notes on scrap paper’ and then do God knows what with it afterwards; set proper examples of lawful behaviour – we ALL must adhere to the laws of the land, including those laws which govern the use of public roads – the police ought to drive like they have sense!! Not go tearing through the streets like jackasses, then they will be able to stop others from doing the same thing without appearing hypocritical.

    Anyway, this comment is way too long; suffice it to say – WE’LL BELIEVE IT WHEN WE SEE IT!!

  5. I have visited Parham on all of my trips into Antigua.Parham looked like when I visited there many, many, decades ago.It has been overly neglected.That Town has always been a Labor Party strong hold.Since the times of the late Joseph Meyers.The roads are like Warri boards,with many deep holes. The people do not want a photo ops. They want upgrades and Investments in that Town.No promises,let us see things being done now in Parham.

  6. The dawg should be ashamed to be walking around St. Peter’s another ALP ghetto. Another failed experiment, just a photo Op! Remember I said so nothing will be done in St. Peter’s. Asot get well you have more dirt to spit out on the dawg.
    Just look at that poor ass poodle Bubbler….Smh

    • “Just a photo op”??? Maybe you have this mixed up with Fan Donation Saga involving a snake and New Winthropes Primary school

      • Wait Dean forget about Amerill’s Hotel, he better keep out the news. Dean why you not at the hotel anymore enquirer’s want to know. Look Antigua newspapers need to follow this drama.

  7. Can this be the PM Gaston Browne saying in effect to MP Asot Michael: ‘It’s not personal…..It’s just business’ (politics)? The Godfather movie.

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