PM Browne Calls Police Welfare Association’s Short Notice Summon ‘Disrespectful’

Prime Minister Gaston Browne

Following yesterday’s request for a meeting with the Police Welfare Association, Prime Minister Gaston Browne has referred to their “summoning” of his presence as “irrational” and “disrespectful,” in light of his late invitation to their gathering.

In a letter addressed to Roosevelt Browne, the Chairman of the Association, the Prime Minister advises that he received his letter of invitation to a 1:30 p.m. meeting on Tuesday only at 1:36 p.m., and calls it “an impossible period of time.”

The short notice aside, PM Browne tells the Association that “it is inopportune for any organization to be making additional demands on the Government at this time.”

The demands to which he refers include a discussion on the poor working conditions that Police face daily; the absence of risk allowance and medical insurance; and the fact that there is “no viable access to lands and housing.”

As has become usual, Browne, who is also the Finance Minister, cites the COVID-19 pandemic and its negative impact on the public purse as reasons for the officers to be more considerate of the Government.

While he makes no commitment to meeting with the Association at another time, Browne does recommend that the disgruntled officers first discuss their issues with the Minister of National Security, Steadroy “Cutie” Benjamin.

He also says that he would request of Benjamin that he meet with the Executive of the Welfare Association “to discuss possible solutions and a timeline” to resolve the concerns cited.

Meanwhile, sources revealed that over 120 officers were in attendance at the meeting when the Prime Minister’s letter was read out, and they have resolved to write him a second letter to inform him they are still awaiting his attendance.

The officers – both Police and Fire – are said to be offended that Browne has taken the time to meet with Ministry of Agriculture workers and even to sack then Minister Dean Jonas, but is avoiding a meeting with them

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  1. PM Browne you trending on dangerous waters. Last thing you would want to do is piss off the security forces. If police go on strike well the whole session spoil. Just go here what the coppers got to say and the beg your pals the Chinese or Clavin Ayre ( hope I spelt his name right) to build a few station in exchange for some prime lands but help them out jack. Maybe a few new station would actual motivate them to acyual go do some work and not drive up and down in government vehicle.

  2. A man who does not respect anyone.Is now referring to others as being “Disrespectful”.No one could be Disrespectful to you Gaston Browne.You would reap what you sow.

  3. Chooooopsss. When exactly did he meet with the Ministry of Agriculture? Was it in the heat of Covid times? The man said it was disrespectful and it was. You cannot summon the Prime Minister of any country on such short notice. Is too much bad habits he give you’ll the people of Antigua already just showing up whenever you’ll call. He has other ministers to deal with issues. Like he said,the honourable Steadroy Cutie Benjamin will deal with it!

    • Them r*hole nah lub work. All them r*hole want do ah drive up and down in government vehicle. Ah only now dem see them had poor working condition when police headquarters look so for the past 15 years. Ah well as you say Gaston spoil them because as soon as them start men noise he dip in instead of letting the minister deal with it. Gaston boi things is only going to get worst from this point.

    • On numerous occasions meetings have been held with Qutie still Police are still working under crappy conditions, washed out uniforms and most importantly risking their lives to take guns, criminals and drugs off the street. The fact that he received the letter at 1:36pm doesn’t mean that is the time it was sent. Talking about disrectful. Everything, every pandemic police are called to duty some even work 12 hrs in a 24 hrs period just to go to work again the next day. They are human beings too

      • Oh so police are humans now? Is not the other day you people were crying them down calling them murders rapist and theives. You people just sickening. What they get they richly deserve. Some of them glad for this so them nah have fi go do government work.

  4. If they go on strike we don’t care. Right now they are meaningless to us. We are afraid of them, remember they just killed one of us and we won’t forget. It seems they don’t know protocol.

  5. Hon. Gaston Browne, stand your ground. If this bunch of criminals parading as police officers are signalling their intention of adding to the impetous of the UPP attempts to derail this government they’d better wheel and come again.. in fact just wheel…..don’t bother to come again.

    • Oh so all of a sudden you love police now? Oh yeah I forgot as long as anyone or anything is aganist PM Browne you will jump on the bandwagon. The hate is real.

  6. Bruce, I hope you are NOT sending a veiled threat to our PM! Watch you language bwoy!!!!! ‘Nough said.

  7. All dem police ah comment say ah you real
    name.the police force has been that way from since time memorial so it’s nothing has or ever will get done but a few promotions to the welfare body to hush them up. Deputy Commissioner Wade only spoke on behalf of the police because he thought he would have been the Commissioner🤭🤣🤣🤣 but they gave it to the Rodney…

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